How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog? A Simple Guide

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog? A Simple Guide

Is your dog getting older or suffering from a medical condition that could be helped with CBD? Giving your pet CBD can help reduce pain and allow them to lead a happier life in spite of certain ailments. Therefore, many pet owners prefer CBD for dogs and their other furry friends. But you have to consider how much CBD to give your pet. 

There are several considerations when it comes to giving your dog CBD. Be sure to review these before tossing them some treats so you don’t give them the wrong amount for their condition.

What’s Wrong

Depending on what your dog is suffering from, you may need to change the range of your dosage. CBD for dogs can help with osteoporosis, arthritis, even epilepsy, but you can’t offer the same amount for all problems. If your dog is dealing with minor pains, less is more, whereas arthritis might need a higher dose.

Consider the kind of pain their dealing with, and also what kind of pain relief might work best. Not all CBD products are made equally.

Type of Product

The kind of product will also impact how high of a CBD dosage you give out. Are you buying CBD treats, using oil, or making your own CBD-infused food? When a dog takes it in a treat, it might have a different impact than straight as an oil.

You might also find that your dog only wants to take certain types of CBD. It may jump at the treats but refuse to open for the oil alone. You have to find the kind your pet enjoys and also work on the dosage from there.

CBD Potency

Different types of CBD products will have different amounts and different dosage levels. The amount of that specific product will depend on its potency.

With some products, you may have given your dog two treats, but with another stronger brand, you may only need to give them one for the same amount of CBD. You’ve got lots of options, including these pet CBD products, which can help your pet live a happier, more pain-free life. 

Size of Your Pet 

How much CBD you can give to your pet depends on their size and how active they are. If you have a big husky, it will obviously be able to handle more and may need more to handle the pain than a small pug. There are good charts that specifically calculate how much is a good amount per how many pounds, so be sure to check those out before dropping a handful of treats into their bowl.

How Much CBD for Your Dog?

Your pet is often a member of the family and very loved, and that’s likely why you’re looking into using CBD in the first place. Making sure you know how much CBD is the right amount. It’s a key part of keeping them feeling good.

This list should help you get started in knowing what kind of product, and how high of potency is okay for your pooch. And if you found this helpful, check out the rest of our site for more good tips.