How Much CBD Should You Give Your Cat?

How Much CBD Should You Give Your Cat?

Cats love catnip, but sometimes Fluffy needs something a little stronger to live his best life. That’s where CBD comes in! This substance has incredible benefits for sick or anxious cats, and catnip just can’t compete.

But how much CBD should you give your cat, and what exactly does it do? The answer will depend on several factors that you can read about below. Keep reading to learn why CBD is the key to calm and comfortable kitties. 

Why Are You Giving CBD to a Cat? 

Cats are complex organisms, just like humans. CBD can benefit their body systems in the same way it helps humans. That all starts with the endocannabinoid system. 

This is a body system responsible for delivering instructions throughout the body. They do this using endocannabinoids, which attach to cells. These are much like the substances found in cannabis, which also help the body know when and how to react. 

Sometimes, even animals get stressed, and cats are no exception. Under stress conditions, the endocannabinoid system might not work as it should. When we give CBD to cats, the cannabinoids in cannabis can do the job that a stressed cat’s body cannot. 

CBD oil for cats can help with anxiety, pain, inflammation, and more. The benefits of CBD are similar in humans, which is why it’s great for both aging humans and aging cats. 

How Much CBD Should You Give a Cat?

CBD products for cats usually come in the form of oils. The best CBD for cats is mixed with sardine oil, which cats find delicious. It’s also easy for a cat’s body to process.

To determine a cat’s CBD dosage, you’ll first want to know how much your cat weighs. A petite cat and a Maine Coon will have different needs.

The average cat weighs about ten pounds. For a ten-pound cat 2-4 mg of CBD oil is appropriate.

This may seem like a lot, but that is because cats have different biological needs than humans or even other animals. They have fewer cannabinoid receptors, and therefore need more CBD to get the same effect. Cats with medical challenges may need even more but always consult with your vet to get the most accurate information. 

It may take up to forty-five minutes to see the effects of the CBD oil kick in, but they could last for as long as six hours. That’s a lot of relief for an anxious or arthritic feline friend!

Cats and Cannabis

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats are a beloved part of the family. They deserve to live a comfortable life free from anxiety, stress, and pain. While CBD oil doesn’t work for every pet, it has improved the lives of many felines and provided much relief for their owners!

How much CBD oil you give your cat will depend on several factors, but odds are good that any amount will make them feel great!

Have more questions about CBD? Whether you’re looking for your cat or yourself, the blog probably has the answers. Check out the rest of the posts for more information that can help you chill out.