Everything You Need to Know About CBD For Pets

With its popularity among pet owners increasing only recently, CBD is everywhere. Mental health problems of pets are a common phenomenon nowadays. Pet owners are trying their best to aid this in their pets.

However, to understand if CBD is a real thing for your pet or not, or you should purchase it or not, you need to know precisely what it is and all its pros and cons. Reading further, you will find necessary information about the substance and how it is helpful or harmful for your furry friend.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid that is derived from cannabis or hemp. The substance is in-use by humans, so it only makes sense to manufacture it for pets. The benefits generally associated with it are pain relief, reduction of anxiety, and even treatment of epileptic seizures.

One myth about the product is that it is derived mainly from cannabis, which also contains anywhere near 10% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the substance that makes people high and gives similar effects. In reality, many CBD products originate from hemp, which contains less than 1% of THC, hence does not have that effect on users.

How did CBD for Pets come into being?

How did CBD for Pets come into being?

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CBD for humans has been researched and developed for a long time and has various positive effects on users. The use of CBD has led to reduced pain, alleviation of anxiety, induction of sleep, etc.

Due to its success, the research for CBD for Pets has also started, though only recently. Various researches have shown it to be effective in reducing pain and act as an anti-inflammatory medicine for pets. At Cornell University in 2018, in the study, CBD was proven to be helpful for dogs with Osteoarthritis. Consequently, various CBD products for pets in various forms are now available for sale all over the internet.

What are the pros and Cons of CBD for Pets?

Like any other medicine, the substance has some positive and adverse effects on the pet that it is being provided to, though the positive effects far outweigh the negative ones. The Baylor College of Medicine conducted an experiment on dogs with Osteoarthritis. Dogs given doses of CBD became more active and faced lesser pain during movement.

  • Though the products still don’t have as much attention and verification from major research institutions, some researches and personal records show that they can have certain benefits for animals, such as:
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety in pets
  • Reduction of anxiety caused by loud noises (Since fireworks and other unpleasant sounds cause much discomfort, especially to dogs, this is another excellent benefit)
  • Alleviation of pain, especially joint pain
  • Reduction of epileptic seizures in pets

Though these benefits are not necessarily backed by significant research and studies, various pet owners still swear by it as a good aid for such issues.

With all the benefits though, come some minor problems that your pet might face, and though they are not extreme, you should still keep them in mind, they are:

  • Lethargy and lack of activity in pets
  • Less salivation which causes more thirst
  • Reduced blood pressure levels
  • Bowel-related problems such as loose motion, etc.

However, CBD can be a harmful substance if your pet has certain problems, such as liver failure. In such cases, CBD does more harm than good, so make sure not to use it in such conditions. Otherwise, small amounts with meals or by themselves will be of help.

All about CBD for Pets Products

All about CBD for Pets Products

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Currently, you can find an abundance of CBD products on sale on the internet or pet stores by manufacturers. However, none of the products has been certified by the FDA, so you will have to dig deep to get all the necessary information about the product you wish to purchase.

The products often have data about the amount of THC present in the products, if pathogens are present or not, the number and amount of metals present in the soil where the plant was raised, etc. A careful read of this information is essential on your side to ensure the optimum quality of products.

CBD capsules, topical ointments/lotions, oil, treats, etc. are some forms available of CBD for pets. The most preferable method would be the oil since you can easily regulate the amount consumed by your pet and mix it with their meals or water conveniently. Moreover, CBD oil for dogs comes among the highly recommended and the most used CBD products for the pets.

What to Keep in Mind While Selecting the Products and Giving it to Your Pet?

You can visit the website or a store that sells the substance and select your preferred form for your pet. Make sure to read the details thoroughly and check the legal limit of these ingredients to ensure that they are below such levels.

The best way is to give your pet a consumable CBD product directly or mix it in their meal (topical products have lighter effects than the consumable ones). Treats are also a good option if your companion is particularly picky. The dosage depends on the type of issue, i.e. if the problem is persistent or chronic, you can provide it once or twice daily. And if it is for short durations caused by issues like fireworks, etc., you can give a dose a few hours ago and during or after it happens as well.

Final Thoughts

Like every other medicine, CBD, if given in regulated and controlled amounts, works wonders for pets and deals with rather common problems such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc. CBD is still not a much certified or promoted product by vets and institutions, but we can hope that research and development will bring forth various products.

Until that time, you can do thorough research and provide the substance to your pet as per their requirements to expect positive results.