How to Find The Right Dose of CBD For my Dog ​​or Cat?

We often ask ourselves this question, concerned about finding the most appropriate dosage of cannabis extract and noticing the benefits as soon as possible. If you have already researched some products, you will see that the way to specify the dosage and the amount of CBD vary from one brand to another and it is not easy to establish a standard dose for different products, so here are some “tricks” to better understand how Dosage the hemp oil to our pets.

The first thing to do is to understand that, as a 100% natural product, the dosage can vary according to the weight and metabolism of the animal that consumes it. Normally, at lower weight, lower dose. I say normally because here the energies come into play. For example, Kima weighs 35kg, so it would correspond 2 drops per shot. Kima is a quiet and sleepy bitch, so I look for a maintenance dose for her. Dallas, however, weighs 22kg, but unlike Kima, it has an overflowing energy and suffers from anxiety and fear of shrill sounds. By weight, Dallas would have a lower dose than Kima, but since we intend to make a therapeutic use of CBD, Dallas and Kima ingest the same dose.

Some suggestions:

Always start with the minimum dose, to be able to have enough margins when increasing the dose. As natural products, cannabis extracts need a routine and a certain consumption time before perceiving their effects. CBD oil barely has immediate effects, so it is important the perseverance, patience and, above all, the observation of our dogs and cats to discover any positive change in their behavior or behavior. From Mimascota CBD we recommend the following scheme to follow when supplying our products to your pets:

Start with the minimum dose during the first week, divided into 2 or 3 doses (minimum dose / minimum dose / minimum dose), and observe.

To increase the doses, it is best to gradually increase by taking, allowing a week approximately between increases (minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose / minimum dose -> minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose -> minimum dose +1 / minimum dose + 1 / minimum dose + 1 … and so on), not neglecting to observe carefully the behaviors and sensations of our children.

We must respect the maximum doses; although an overdose will never mean any intoxication in our pets, as long as the products do not have high concentrations of THC (remember that it is the component that causes “colocones”).

Finally, the concentrations and amount of active ingredient (CBD) of each product must be taken into account. Sometimes the concentration (in%) or directly the amount in mg is specified. Here we are going to talk about quantity in mg, whose quantity should always appear in the container. According to our experience, for cats and small dogs, the maximum amount in mg that the product must provide is 350mg. In the case of medium and large dogs, between 350mg and 600mg is an adequate amount. If you want to use a product with more cannabidiol, it is interesting to consult the veterinarian first. Keep in mind that the higher the dose, the smaller the dose, so you spend less product, but also consider that you have less room to increase doses properly.

We hope that this explanation has been sufficient to clarify some doubts regarding the matter. With constancy, observation and a little common sense you will find the perfect CBD dose for your dog or cat.

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