How To Calm Down Your Overly Energetic Dog?

Like people, dogs have different personalities. Some of them are calm and relaxed almost all the time, relaxing on the couch and not giving a care, and others are just furry balls of energy. In fact, they might be energetic enough to make you think that there is no way to calm them down.

Energetic dogs may be a challenge for their owners. However, some dogs are just like this, depending on various factors like their breed, age, or personality. However, others may not be getting enough stimulation throughout the day. Here, you will find some tips on what you can do if your dog won’t stop running around and barking at everything it sees.

CBD Treats

CBD treats for dogs may help your pet calm down. Many people like to use oil and treats to deal with their pet’s anxiety and reduce stress, but it can also help if your four-legged friend is too excited and doesn’t know how to calm itself down.

Unlike oil, treats won’t cause your dog to appear sedated, but they will help it relax and calm down. If your dog’s energetic state comes from stress or anxiety, it may be the best solution you have.


It should come as no surprise to most dog owners, but it is a lot easier to keep your dog relaxed if it doesn’t have the energy to run around. Make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise.

Unfortunately, just letting it run around your backyard might not be sufficient, and in many cases, it can often leave your pet more excited than it was before you let it out of the house.

If you have a larger, more muscular dog, you can add some weight to walks. Having it wear a pack when you walk, or even better, pull a cart (which takes significant training) or have it follow you while you are riding a bicycle may be the best options for using up its excess energy.

However, long walks may not be sufficient for some breeds. In that case, you can always take your pup to a dog park, where it can run around with other dogs. Spending some time with other animals can help them blow off some steam and help your pet meet their social needs.

If you don’t have any dog parks around you, but you live in a home with a big yard, you can go out and help your dog have fun. Fetching is the most common game people play with their pets, and it can really help them stay physically active. Visit observer for more information.


Sometimes your pups won’t have any idea that they are overly energetic and that they should calm down. These dogs can jump all over people, furniture, get overly excited in inappropriate situations and invade your personal space when they want something. Ideally, you should train your dog to sit peacefully before getting food or before and after playtime to avoid having to deal with such behavior.

Mental Stimulation

Besides physical stimulation, dogs also need to have their minds stimulated throughout the day. A dog can quickly get bored if it doesn’t have anything interesting to see or think about. It should come as no surprise.

After all, being stuck inside the house all day long is not as interesting for animals as it can be for their owners. Likewise, going out for a walk and choosing the same route multiple times a day can be incredibly boring as well, as it is not stimulating enough.

In order to solve this issue, you can try teaching your dog new tricks, playing puzzle games, or exploring new paths on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time, you can buy interactive toys that will allow your dog to play by itself.

Engage the Nose

The smell is the dog’s primary sense. Because of that, you might want to try having it smell essential oils, such as vanilla or lavender. It can have a very calming effect on your pup. You can try associating smells with a particular atmosphere, like when everyone in the house is calm.

You can put the air freshener with your chosen scent near your dog’s bed and turn it on every time you want your pet to be quiet. However, you have to ensure that your dog isn’t allergic to any particular scents, as well as ask your veterinarian for recommendations on the scents that work best when it comes to calming dogs down.

The Bottom Line

Having a dog is a challenging but rewarding task. If your dog is naturally high-energy and gets excited very easily, seeing the effects of the techniques mentioned above might take you a while. Nevertheless, the important thing is to remain consistent in your methods and not give up. Soon enough, you should be able to see at least a little bit of progress!

Remember that a happy dog is a calm and tired dog. If you have trouble training your pooch by yourself, you can always ask for professional help. Every behaviorist knows how to deal with these kinds of problems and will be glad to help you out and show you various techniques that will make both you and your dog happier.