Best Dog Training Apps

Top 10 Best Dog Training Apps 2021

Unleash your pup’s potential with the Best Dog Training Apps of 2021! Discover top-rated apps for behavior, tricks, & more. Train your dog like a pro!

When you adopt a pet, one has to look after their overall activity. In which training is the most important task. It should be carried with an organized manner.

Better training will make your dog more friendly. As it is said, better dog training means better behavior. The apps here will help you in training your dog with essential commands along with several clever tricks. 

Below are the training applications that will guide you in training your beloved dog and puppy.

1. hundeo: Dog & Puppy Training

hundeo: Dog & Puppy Training

hundeo is a dog training app with which you can easily and effective train your dog.
Adequate dog training and interaction are some basics that every dog and puppy may require. Having dogs at your home, you will have to do more than the regular feeding and sheltering. You have to enhance your pet’s interaction skills by providing them with proper training.

“You can also teach an old dog new tricks” it is imperative that you introduce your dog to training. By doing this, you will be enhancing the dog’s confidence and the human-animal bond.

Training a dog is not an easy task, as it’s tough to develop suitable training ideas. hundeo Dog Training App is a digital application where you will get all types of training that can fit your dog. This app is gaining popularity among many dog owners, as it is elementary to use. As of now, over 100.000 dog owners are using this application.

For efficient usage of this app, there are some excellent features. Furthermore, it is not limited to dog training alone as you can join the dog community around, where you can get games and new ideas on your dog’s recipe.

Here are the pieces of training you get in the app

  • Basic command training
  • Clicker training
  • The tow leash training
  • Impulse control
  • Food courses
  • Health courses

hundeo is an app designed to maintain your dog’s daily motivation with gamification. You receive daily flames and trophies for the training. This app can be used even when you are offline. All required is you download the content, and you are free to switch to offline mode. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Download hundeo App iOS
Download hundeo App Android

2. GoodPup: Dog Training at Home

GoodPup: Dog Training at Home

GoodPup offers a one-on-one effective video call dog training program in today’s era. This dog training app is most popular in this pandemic period. 

This app gets you the best trainers from across the country. They will communicate with you via video call. 

All the trainers assigned are certified. They will guide the clients through a program that includes weekly video calls, daily training goals, and text check-ins.

This app will give you excellent training with fewer interruptions. It creates an environment where you and your pet feel comfortable.

The training used by the app is all positively strengthened practice. The exercise is backed up by the American Veterinary Association.

In weekly video calls, the client will work with the one-on-one trainer and 

learn commands and practice. The program consists of a daily goal that includes short and focused exercises for pets and the owners. 

The Text Check-in lets you ask any queries related to the training of your dog during the week. The client can send a message in the GoodPup chat. 

GoodPup is a well-known dog training app, though there may be reasons that one is not satisfied. If a client is not happy with the pieces of training in the first month, he will get a full refund.

The Training Includes:

  • Potty and Crate Training
  • Skills to avoid a bad behavior
  • Socialization
  • Preventing begging, barking, and jumping
  • 8 Basic commands – Dogs name, sit, lay down, stay, come, heel, leave it, and go to your spot. 

GoodPup provides better training for your dog these days. It has regular updates. The user interface is attractive and convenient.

Download GoodPup App

3. Doggy Time: Puppy Training and Potty Assistant

Doggy Time: Puppy Training and Potty Assistant

Doggy Time is a convenient app that makes it simple to track dogs’ all information for the dog owner, the vet, and other caregivers. It lets you trace your dog and puppies’ daily habits, training, and health. 

This app permits you to share all your experiences and your dog’s development with your friends and family. 

It manages all aspects. So you can enjoy every single joy with your dear puppies and dogs. 

This app gives an ad-free experience. It does not require log-in and internet to get work on. 

If you install this training app, it can be your daily activity tracker, dog training assistant, log, and diary. 

Using Doggy Time, you can create alerts and reminders for daily, weekly, and one-time events. 

The Training Includes:

  • Walk and run
  • Crate training
  • Pees and Poops for Potty training
  • Paytime training
  • Dog/Puppy training

The app can track dog care activities like grooming, cleaning, medication, vaccination, weight, height, temperature, and medical conditions. You can schedule meal-time and sleep time.   

Download Doggy Time App

4. Pupford

Pupford is a free training app for adult dogs and puppies. This app is considered to be a much effective dog training app. 

The Pupford app is managed by the well-experienced Zak George and their team. They have provided positively reinforced training for every dog breeds of all ages. 

The trainer’s experience is very demanding that includes the #1 dog training book on Amazon, Youtubes’ the #1 dog trainer with 2 million subscribers, and has trained thousands of dogs.

With this dog training app, you will get a 30 days class. This program includes guided videos for new skills and basic behavior. This 30 days Perfect Pup class comprises above 200,000 members. This section has free access.

Pupford gives you daily tips that keep the client motivated with new learning ideas for your beloved dogs’ training.

Pupford gives step-by-step instructions videos to deal with certain behavior.

Read more about behavior of a dog

The Training Includes:

  • Leave it
  • Look at me
  • Basic training like sit, down, and up
  • Potty training 
  • Biting and chewing
  •  Walking on leash

Pupford dog training app is a great app to train your dogs. It contains several guided videos, which are very helpful. You will get a detailed and informative guide on behaviors that are tricky for your pup.

Download Pupford App

5. Puppr- Dog Training and Tricks

Puppr- Dog Training and Tricks

Puppr dog training app comes with step-by-step video instructions and a built-in clicker that teaches you all the basics tricks. This app works with both a new and experienced dog owner.

You will get 70 amazing dog training lessons. This program consists of everything you need to know about training your dog. When you finish the basic training, you can move to advanced techniques. 

The app will teach your dog to put away their toys and provides a jump-roping lesson. 

The videos are short and interesting. The videos are featured by the dog celebrity trainer Sara Carson. The app offers basic lesson courses for free. 

To get the most out of your training sessions, you have to purchase additional lesson packs.

The Training Includes:

  • Teach to sit, lay down, and stay
  • Jump roping
  • How to put away toys
  • Behavior lessons
  • 70 impressive training lesson videos

The Puppr dog training app will allow you to track progress and keep a record of all the tricks your pet has learned. The app is suitable for all dog breeds and of all ages.

Download Puppr App

6. DOGO: Dog and Puppy training app

DOGO: Dog and Puppy training app

If you are struggling with the potty, crate training, unwanted jumping, reactiveness, excessive barking, and digging then install the DOGO app.

DOGO dog training app is the most liked app. This application gives every training that your dog needs. This training includes from the basic commands to the advance like the heel or fetches the leash.

The DOGO trainers are certified and possess great experience. 

The app will make your dog learn about 11 dog tricks like open and close the doors or clean up within two weeks. 

The Training Includes:

  • Name, sit, stay, down
  • Recall, heel, fetch the leash
  • Potty and crate training
  • High-five, give a paw, rollover, peekaboo
  • Impulse control program

DOGO teaches you the exercise your dog needs that helps to stretch muscles. They will here learn to crawl, jump over, weave, and spin.

The impulse control program helps to teach dog good manners.

Download DOGO App

7. Pocket Puppy School

Pocket Puppy School

Dog training might be scary for new parents. That is why the Pocket Puppy School app was developed. 

If you are a new dog parent or thinking of adopting a dog pet then this app is a great choice. 

The Pocket Puppy School app comes with convenient features that hold a program for owning and training a puppy and dog. 

The home page of the application will greet you with information and courses that can be easily swiped through. It will start with the introduction of dog-owning. 

The next page contains tricks and lessons you need to teach your dog. 

Everyday tutorings guide the basics. This basic lesson includes – potty, fixing biting, feeding your dog, and making sure that puppies do not cause any difficulty.

The trick will help to teach commands like sit, walk, down, come, and other obedience styles.

The Training Includes:

  • Sit, walk, down, come
  • Obedience training
  • Crate and Potty training
  • Tricks to teach everyday life lessons
  • Pet owning 

The Pocket Puppy School app is designed simply to make the dog training experience easy and productive. 

The training techniques used are at the top of multiple proven training methods. It mainly focuses on positively reinforced training and the non-physical form of correction. 

Download Pocket Puppy School App

8. Dog Training App

Dog Training App

The Dog Training app follows all the basic rules to train your dog and puppies every day. It guides you with step-by-step instructions. 

Puppy socialization is the much important step you need to take. This app will help you by introducing various ways of socialization. 

Through this application, one can teach their dog primary obedience. These basic manners will make your household a more enjoyable place for you and your pet.

The Training Includes:

  • Top ten training tips
  • Dog whisperer training methods
  • Training a puppy to walk on a leash
  • Recall exercises – straight, Hidden, Chase
  • Biting, barking, reactiveness, jumping
  • Potty and Crate training

Dog training app also contains easy and healthy homemade dog food recipes. With the app, you can make an old dog learn new tricks.

You can teach your dog to stay, fun, easy way. The methods used in this application are positively reinforced. 

Download Dog Training App

9. GoDog: Dog & Puppy Training App

GoDog: Dog & Puppy Training App

The GoDog training app allows you to train your dog and the puppies with all basic instructions. Training and taking good care of a dog are essential when one adopts a pet.

With this application, you can train your dogs to behave well wherever they accompany you. The course in the apps is easy to follow. The instructions are simple and understandable. 

GoDog dog training app assists with a certified trainer. They will build a good relationship between you and your pet. 

The methods of training used to train your dogs are proven by top dog trainers. The lessons were formulated by the canine experts. 

The app will track the length of the walks as per the need of your dog. What you do for this is to carry your phone along with you, when you are on a walk with your dog.  

The Training Includes:

  • Sit, down, stay, no, paw
  • Good behavior
  • Potty and crate training
  • Dog tricks and games
  • Puppy and adult dog training programs

You can create reminders and alerts for your dogs’ vaccination, medications, vet visits, important events of your dogs’ life, and historical events.

The build-in clicker and whistle feature is used to improve and extend the exercise. These features are in trend as they are easy to use and have a positive effect. You can use 3 built-in pet clicker different sounds with this app.

Download GoDog App

10. Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training

The dog clicker training app is getting popular nowadays. The reason behind this is its ease. This type of training is easy and very much effective.

You can use your smartphone as a clicker device. Through this app, you will be able to train your dog in all tricks and commands.

Generally, the clicker is the device that makes clicking sound – this is the way of communication with animals.

It is correlated with a treat. This click allows the owner to sign the moment. You can catch your dog in the desired manner, such as sitting or lying down.

Once such a treat is given, the dog will learn to repeat similar behavior for their favorite treat. 

This trick is scientifically proven. It is an easy way to train your pet the manners and good behavior. 

Clicker uses positively reinforced training methods. This program is considered an effective method of training.

Features Included:

  • 3D Clicker
  • High definition audio
  • beautiful skins
  • sound effects
  • stunning graphic design

This training can be fun-loving for you and your dog. It gives you quick and productive results.

Download Dog Clicker Training App

11. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

A question arises when reading the above topic. Does the whistle app work? 

The only aim is that the whistle sound will get the dog’s attention better than the human voice. Many trainers considered whistle training to be more useful. 

The app contains squeaky toy sounds alongside whistle and clicker. Other 50 sound effects captivate your pet’s attention.

Features Included:

  • Customizable frequency from 100hz to 35 kHz
  • 5 different clicker sound
  • 40+ entertaining sound
  • Can record your dogs favorite sound
  • A widget quick access to whistle, clicker, and squeaker sounds
  • Provides information on clicker training, whistle training, and positive obedience reinforcement training

The whistle training method uses high-frequency sound with a behavior you want your dog to do. This method is useful in training especially for working dogs, likewise shepherds or hunting dogs.

As this high frequency can travel a long distance, it is excellent in recall training. The clicker sound tells animals to understand that they are correct. 

This app is available for only iphone and Apple devices.

Download iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker App

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