CBD And Pets: Facts to Know

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a compound found in Hemp or Cannabis plant. Hemp plant and Marijuana are both from the Cannabis family. But CBD is extracted mostly from the Hemp plant because it contains high CBD concentration and less than 0.03% THC content.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol

CBD has already gained immense popularity among humans because of its therapeutic effects, but little did we know that CBD is effective on animals as well. Recent research states that CBD oil in pets is effective in the same way as humans. The only difference in CBD products for pets is that pet tinctures taste like bacon!

The reason for CBD being effective in pets is that it works on the Endocannabinoid System, found in all mammals. In the term Endocannabinoid, “endo” means within and “cannabinoid” refers to the body’s internal nervous system that interacts with cannabis. The ECS plays important role in regulating activities at the cellular level and maintaining homeostasis. These endocannabinoid receptors get activated by getting in touch with the external compound CBD. CBD in the animal body activates CB1 and CB2 receptors and this way maintains homeostasis at the cellular level.

Interesting facts about CBD and its effects on Pets

CBD is used in pets to treat various medical conditions such as sprains, bone injuries, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and loss of appetite. CBD also acts as an antioxidant, an analgesic, and is preventative towards the growth of the tumor.

Here are some interesting facts about CBD and pets:

CBD and Anxiety

Just like humans, pets also face bouts of anxiety. Pets undergo either behavioral or situational anxiety. Such as thunderstorms or car anxiety have a great impact on their health. According to vets, oral usage of CBD can eventually calm them down. It can also help you to control the aggressive behavior of your pets.

CBD and Anxiety

CBD in reducing inflammation and fighting an auto-immune disease

CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties which improve the health of your pets significantly. CBD decreases inflammation by decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines in domestic animals. Cytokines are responsible for causing allergies and autoimmunity diseases. CBD help injured pets heal faster. You can buy CBD oil for pets from a reputable online store like CBDFx which has a high reputation in the market and provide the best quality products at a very affordable price.

CBD and pain management

CBD acts as a very effective anti-pain agent. Pets experience a lot of body pain because of various factors such as fractures, age, etc. CBD oil has proven effective in reducing pain.

CBD and pain management

CBD and healthy skin

The skin of the pets needs care on daily basis. Factors like lack of nutrition, tick, and allergies damage the texture of their skin and coat. Application of CBD on pets shows promising results by improving the fur texture.

CBD tincture and its size needed for pets

Pet CBD tinctures come in three different concentrations i.e. 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Each concentration is formulated for animals of different sizes, from small breed dogs and cats to medium and large dogs. One can incorporate CBD consumption in pets by spreading few drops on their food.

CBD tincture and its size needed for pets

CBD and its work on pets

The ECS system plays a significant role in regulating sleep, mood, reproduction, pain, immunity, and much more. Thanks to the ECS system pets can enjoy the benefits of CBD.

CBD works well with the training system

 You can train your pets with intoxicating treats like CBD tincture; use it as calming rewards between commands.

CBD works well with the training system

Pets won’t experience a ‘High’

CBD does not contain enough THC content to allow dogs to get “high”. So, dogs won’t experience any intoxicating effects.