5 Activities to Have Fun at Home With Your Cat

Because of the confinement, the Spanish are spending more time than usual at home. Many take advantage of it to spend it with their pets, playing with them. The problem is that after more than 30 days locked up, the monotony gives way to boredom. So that this does not happen to you, today we want to leave you some activities that you can do with your cats so that they are active and you so that you can have a fun time with them, while reinforcing the bond with them.


Cats are animals that have a lot of fun catching things that are above their head, a fun that goes on, if it has a reward in the form of food. A good idea is to design a piñata. If you wonder how, the answer is very simple. Take a container like a bottle of water or a glass of yogurt, make a small hole in the bottom and add a handful of feed inside. Hang it where the cat reaches.

Large family

While dogs show great interest in playing with their owners and enjoy their company, cats tend to be more reluctant to participate in these types of games and tend to enjoy the company of other cats more. It may be a good time to consider whether it is time to add a new member to the family. For cats that get along there is nothing they like more than chasing and playing with each other, so they will exercise while being entertained.

Level up

Cats especially like heights, so with a cat tower they will have plenty of room to play, jump, hang and climb. And the more floors and shelves, the more challenges and fun. They also love to hunt and play hide and seek, finding a prize will entertain you and test your detective skills.

Agility test

An obstacle course can provide a lot of exercise and fun. It is best to start with something simple and incorporate more challenging tasks. One idea to get started is to cut the bottom of a bag and twist it to the side, place a prize on one end and encourage it to go through. To make it more difficult you can use a hoop instead of a bag, place a prize or toy on the far side and train him to go through it. Over time, you will be able to move the ring and the award higher and higher.

The classic laser

A cat chasing a laser is a classic on the Internet. And it is not for less, a laser pointer offers hours and hours of entertainment, both to the cat and its owner. It is essential that cats are satisfied with their hunting, which means that it is important that they catch and feel the prey under their paws. To do this, instead of letting the red dot disappear, follow the game with a tangible toy. For example, encourage him to “catch” the laser by stopping the light on a stuffed toy. And of course the light should never hit you directly in the eyes.

If a cat does not like to play with its owner, they will let you know, they may want more to enjoy a little love or a prize. An owner knows their cat better than anyone, so they can adapt each of these games to their way of being or their needs. And lastly, it’s important for cats to stay hydrated, and since cats have a hard time drinking water, rewarding them with a delicious Edgard & Cooper tub of wet food will help them rehydrate while being rewarded for the exercise performed.