Winter Care Tips for Dogs
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7 Must-Know Winter Care Tips for Dogs

The winter is coming! What are your arrangements to protect your dog from getting down with a cough and cold, or any other health problem that this wintry season brings along? Many dog caretakers are often unaware of the fact that despite having thick fur, their dogs can get under the weather in chilly seasons.  On the contrary, like the human body, these coatings of fur get customized to the indoor cozy ambiance, and the outside cold can be harsh on them. Whatever preparations you may or may not have for this upcoming cold weather, taking extra care of your pets should be among your priorities.

Here are the best ways you can take care of your pup and give some of their unconditional love, back:

Dog clothing

dog clothing

It is always in good health to make your pet wear a sweater or a coat before taking him for a walk on the snow-covered streets. A high-quality woolen sweater reaching from neck to the bottom of the tail, and also encircling the belly will keep your dog warm and protected from the harsh, cold winds.

Say no to over feeding

Yes, it is logical that dogs need an extra layer to manage harsh chilly weather condition; but make sure that comes from a sweater, and not from the belly fat. Unless, your dog is overactive, he usually won’t require any extra calories!

Protect your dog from heaters

Dogs often have the tendency of getting warm by seating too close to the heat sources. Therefore, to avoid your best pal from getting burned, it is crucial that you have baseboard radiators installed in your house, instead of heaters. The fireplace in the hall also poses a major threat to the most loved member of your family – to keep your naughty pet from landing in trouble, have a pet proof system for your hearth.

Keep your pet dehydrated

Like humans, dogs require the same amount of water in both winter and summer to keep their bodies hydrated, and to carry out their customary routine. Even though your dog may be swallowing snow outside, but that’s not a substitute for water.

Dog Diaper

female dog diaper

It is necessary to groom your dog daily irrespective of the weather condition outside, whether it’s snowing or sun rays spreading its warmth? After bathing, dry up the dog thoroughly, put on a female dog diaper (or male dog diaper) to ensure his hygiene.

Not just for his good health, but also to protect your lavish furnishings from getting disfigured with the hideous muddle of your pup.  And, this becomes even more crucial, if your best pal is suffering from urinary incontinence when energized, when there are scent marks inside the dwelling, or your female furbaby is having her ‘that time of the month’.

Paw care

Just like we humans develop foot cracks due to dryness in winter, dog paws suffer the same!  If your pet has hairy feet, then trim that down to prevent the buildup of ice between the pads causing cracked pads.

Keep your dog away from Antifreeze

During winter, we usually keep antifreeze in our garage or any other unused captivity in the house. And, these antifreeze tastes sweets, so dogs find it hard resisting the lick.  Antifreeze is extremely toxic, or one lick can prove to be fatal for your pet!

At last, winterizing your dog is mostly common intelligence, if you are feeling cold, your pet will most likely to feel the same.  So snug up, and keep your buddy warm and safe in winter!

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