Types Of Cats – Which One Is Right For You?

There are many types of cats but in general they are widely known for their sweetness, intelligence and ability to become a good companion. They are also recognized for their astonishing hunting abilities due to their highly sophisticated hearing and eyesight (especially at night) receptors despite of their petite in size. Their senses are exceptionally advanced compared with the humans. The cat’s sense of smell is actually fourteen times stronger than ours. Although cats are usually portrayed as pets of the dark side on the big screen and the boob tube, cats are in reality – independent, playful and affectionate. Even if they are associated with witches, evil queens and dark Lords, they are still considered as one of the most popular pets in the world. Cats’ association with humans started almost nine thousand years ago. These felines come in different types, breed and colors. From the numerous types of cats available, there is surely a breed that is perfect for you.

While they can cater to any age group, cats are mostly admired by adults. Maybe because of its easier to manage personality and domestication. Still, there are cats that are easier to manage than other types. Some cats are more playful and or affectionate. Abyssinians for example are not considered as “lap cats”. They love to explore and are always preoccupied with play. The Abysses are naturally attention grabbers and would feel distressed when not given much love and affection by the host family. They typically get on well with other cats so it is okay to mix them up with other breed.

Another playful breed is the Ragdoll. Though Ragdolls are predominantly gentle and relaxed, their sense of play never fades even if they grow older. Just like the Abyses they also love being noticed. They simply enjoy human companionship, are attentive and affectionate to their owners. In fact, they are also known as “puppy cats”. They can easily adjust to children and forgiving. But they must not be let loose alone and unattended outdoors due to its non-defensive nature.

The Turkish Angora on the other hand are intelligent and curious breed of cats. Although they love being around humans its more playful and curious nature is stronger. Just like the Abyses and the Ragdolls, these types of cats love being the center of attention and enjoys playing for hours. The Turkish Angora is also known for its intelligence so it is likely to be capable of learning new tricks. If you are a type of person who happens to be active, playful and affectionate these cats may be your best companion while watching TV or attending a friend’s pet birthday party.

If you are the type of person who prefers to slouch on your couch and eat chips while watching TV, a Persian or a British Shorthair or a Himalayan cat might be right for you. The Persians are very sweet and gentle. They like being cuddled and they are looking for the feel of security. The British Shorthairs are easy going cats which is ideal for apartment living. This breed is very observant and would love to sit next to you as you watch your favorite TV show. The British Shorthairs are also well known for its intelligence and have been featured to several TV commercials. The Himalayan actually has a Persian ancestry. Just like the Persians they love being cuddled and their favorite past time is observing the household while sitting on your sofa. These cats prefer staying indoor. So if you are a home buddy, these cats might be perfect for you.

Now if you like training animals and enjoy showing off your pet’s intelligence, the Maine Coon, the Savannah and the Sphynx are the best breeds of cats for you. The Maine Coons are famous for being the easiest to train among the other breed of cats. They enjoy using their front paws excessively and so they easily learn opening doors, cabinets and faucets. They don’t like water that much but they have tendencies to play with water a bit. The Maine Coon’s favorite game is fetch and they also like accompanying their owners outdoors, much like dogs. Savannahs are playful, active, friendly and assertive. They are very social and playful. They like learning and are not afraid of strangers. Unlike the Maine Coons, Savannahs like playing with water. The Spynx is a hairless cat. They love being cuddled by their masters and are tabby in appearance. They are famous for sporting extrovert behavior, high level of intelligence, curiosity and affection.

No matter which types of cats you choose for you pets, you’re sure to have interesting, fun and loyal companions for years to come!

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