5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Family Pet

Puppies are really cute and fluffy, but although they are hard to resist, they still need to be taken care of in the long term. Many people get a puppy before they are ready or prepared for one. So, if you’re an animal lover and want to get a pet soon, then you are in the right place to learn a bit more before committing.

Knowing a little before adopting will make it easier to decide on the breed, health insurance, and many other things that are important to consider. Below are some tips that might help you before committing to a cute little family pet.

Pet healthcare

A lot of people don’t pay attention to one of the most important things when having a pet, and that is pet insurance. We cannot know what the future holds and whether our furry companion will always be healthy. Remember that accidents and injuries happen, and this can lead to more serious health problems.

Find out how pet insurance works before getting a pet, and make sure it covers things like accidents and illnesses. Bear in mind that getting insurance while your pet is still a puppy is the smartest thing to do because it usually doesn’t work with pre-existing health conditions.   


Pets need veterinarians to take care of them in case of injuries, illnesses, and other medical conditions that might occur throughout their life. It’s best to find the right vet before getting a pet, so try to ask for friends’ recommendations and read reviews of local vet clinics.

Your new puppy should visit the vet for the first time within a few days of coming home, because it’s very important to have a physical examination, even if they are fully vaccinated. This would be a chance to make sure there are no health issues, so you can get a good insurance plan.

Dog breed

Puppies are always cute but bear in mind that they will grow up, and knowing how much is very important. Imagine living in a small apartment and getting a Retriever. Yes, they are extremely cute and loyal, and one of the best dogs, but they grow to medium size, and having them in a small apartment will be inconvenient for you and them.

Make a list of breeds you like and find what’s right for you and your household, whether it’s an active dog or one that calms down after a year or two, and think about how much exercise you can handle. Another very important thing is the hair coat type. Know that shedding is inevitable, and so is having dog hair all over your house. You might need to make regular appointments with the groomer, so think about whether you will be able to afford it. 

Dog breed
Photo by Alvan Nee from Unsplash

Commitment and affordability  

As much as they are irresistible and will make your life happier and healthier, you still need to think about your lifestyle and if you can commit to a pet. No doubt they are time-consuming, and if you never had a pet before, you might want to do a little research of everything you’ll have to provide to make sure they have a safe and healthy life.

The same goes with knowing whether you can afford to have a family pet. They will cost you more than you think because they also need food, regular checkups, and puppy supplies. Depending on the breed, you might also want to hire a trainer to help you with discipline if you are not able to do it yourself.


You may not know you have allergies once you get a new puppy and it settles down, and then you start sneezing and scratching, and you end up utterly sad you have to give it up. So, first, make sure you and your family don’t have allergies to animals and fur.

If you are not sure about this, you might want to spend some more time with your friends’ pets. Keep in mind that many people are allergic to cat fur, but not dog fur. Consider doing all this before bringing it home, because emotionally it’s not good for anyone if you’ll have to give it up.

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Final thoughts

Your dog will be a part of your family, so remember to treat them as such. They give us unconditional love and affection, and they ask for the same in return. There are many decisions to make and factors to consider, so do your research right before bringing home a new puppy. Make sure you commit and shower it with love and cuddles because that’s all they will ask of you.