How to Choose The Best Dog Breed For You

How to Choose the Best Dog Breed for You

If you’re looking to add a new pet to your family, a dog should be one of your top choices. After all, they don’t get called man’s best friend for nothing! A dog can provide endless love, loyalty, and companionship. 

However, not all dogs are the same. There are 354 breeds recognized globally, and each one has its own unique characteristics.

So, how can you choose the best dog breed for you? In this article, you’ll learn some factors worth considering.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Before you adopt or buy a dog, think about your living space. How much do you have indoors and out? Depending on the breed size, most dogs need enough room to wander and play.

If you have a decent-sized house and a backyard, you could be able to accommodate popular dog breeds, like a Labrador retriever or German shepherd. But, if you have an apartment, a smaller dog, such as a pug or dachshund, might be better.

How Active Are You?

Be honest with yourself with this question.

Some dog breeds, like border collies, are full of energy! That means you have to get active with them to keep them happy and athletic. You may consider a blue heeler vs red heeler or a Siberian husky if you’re into that.

If you’d rather lounge around with your new dog, though, consider a low-energy breed. They won’t need as much playtime and won’t get too rowdy. A Shih Tzu or basset hound, for example, make great choices!

Do You Have or Want Kids?

If you’ve started a family — or want to — you must consider each breed’s temperament. Some dogs have more attitudes than others, and you don’t want your kids to get hurt accidentally. For you, the best dog breed will be a family-friendly one.

Some choices to consider are Bernese mountain dogs or golden retrievers. Chihuahuas and greyhounds, however, do best in homes without any small children around.

Are You Allergic to Pet Dander?

Some people have allergies to pet dander, which is made up of dead skin cells and other proteins. When a dog sheds fur, dander often falls off with it. If you have this allergy, furry dog breeds are probably out of the question.

Instead, you can opt for hypoallergic breeds. While no dog is 100% allergen-free, some are less triggering than others. Think American hairless terriers or poodles to keep your allergies at bay.

What Can You Afford?

Before you get a new puppy, you can’t forget to think about the costs. Besides initial adoption fees, you’ll also have routine vet care bills to pay. Plus, some breeds are predisposed to certain health conditions as they get older.

For example, boxers are susceptible to heart disease, and English bulldogs are at risk of breathing problems. Make sure you’ll be able to afford whatever comes your dog’s way.

Pick the Best Dog Breed

So, what is the best dog breed? That all depends on your specific needs and lifestyle choices. Remember to follow this guide to help you narrow down your options and pick the best dog breed for you!

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