Ifor Williams Horse Trailer

A Detailed Guide About Ifor Williams Horse Trailer

Discover everything you need to know about Ifor Williams horse trailers with our comprehensive guide. Learn more to choose the right trailer.

UK-based Ifor Williams Trailers is the leader in trailer manufacturing. The company has manufactured over 500 thousand trailers since 1958.

With over ten years experience, Universal Trailers has a wide range of products to offer: livestock, horse, general goods and plant trailers, horseboxes, pick-up canopies, and pick-up canopies – well over 1000 standard variations!

Originally, the Ifor Williams range of horse trailers for sale consisted of 5 models – HB403, HB506, HB511, and larger HB510XL & HB610. You can choose from five colour options for the Ifor Williams 403, 506 & 511 horse trailers, as well as colour matched top doors for the rear. For those who need larger horse trailers, the HB510XL is available exclusively in black and can carry 2 horses up to 17hh or 4 ponies; the HB610 is currently only available in black & silver and will carry up to 2 horses or 4 or 5 ponies.

Ifor Williams 505 vs 510 Differences

If you regularly use front unload (as I do), the 510’s ramp is wider and more angled, which is very handy.

Although its extra length makes towing and entering/exiting tight spaces a bit more challenging, I think the 510 is a much superior tow vehicle.

There is no sense in hauling around what is essentially empty space and unnecessary weight/height/length on a small, single horse. I suppose that if you plan to get a pony larger that would be a benefit, but I’ve regularly hauled two 16.2s in my 505 with no problem. A 17.1hh horse also traveled fine in my 510 while my horses ranged between 17.1 and 18hh. It is up to the individual to decide how the front ramp should be oriented. It is separate and big from normal livestock trailers and trucks.

I found the 510 a lot bigger and wider to tow down country lanes, and seemed a waste when I had only one horse in it. Having a slightly lighter trailer must make a difference since good towing vehicles consume enough fuel as it is!

Ifor williams horse trailer Review

Since moving to Wiltshire last autumn, we’ve been deciding between getting a big car and a trailer combination or a small 3.5t horsebox. While initially we were considering a small horsebox (both mum and I are able to drive it, and we both like horseboxes), in the end we’ve decided to stick with the long-tested four-wheel-drive setup.

Ifor Williams was our previous trailer, and since every single horse rode well in it, we were keen to stay with the brand. As soon as we started looking at the options, my dad stated there was little point in getting a used old style 511, and suggested we check out the new HBX style! I was so excited to see the demo trailer on our way there. I was not disappointed when I saw it. It’s SO light and I love the look of the new sleek and aerodynamic style, and the new features in it just look so nice.

All in all, it is a really bright and very airy trailer! All of the horses who traveled in our old 511 trailer loaded and travelled well in it, so we knew choosing another 511 would be a good choice because there is nothing worse than unhappy horses who don’t like to travel in the trailer! It has the front unloading door, which I couldn’t live without anymore; it’s so much safer and easier for the horses.I Rented a few times earlier by excellent suggestions from equine desire about cost and usage.

The sides, floor, and ramps of the HBX range are made entirely from aluminum planking. This lightweight structure makes the horsebox easy to tow, and since it’s lighter than our older trailer, it’s great for our car! In addition, the rear of the horsebox opens as a ramp as well as a side-hinged door, so cleaning out the horsebox is much easier and nothing gets stuck in the ramp.

Furthermore, there’s easy forklift access to the rear of the horse box, so if you’re buying feed or shavings on a pallet, you can easily load it onto the trailer.

With the push bracket, you can also open the front windows fully or just a little (I like this option). Furthermore, we have the high level brake light at the back, so everyone behind us can see the brake light. The padded breast bars, which are so much softer, are an additional feature that we’ve added to increase the horses’ comfort.

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