A Guide to Understanding How CBD Can Help Pets

A Guide to Understanding How CBD Can Help Pets

People all around the world are waking up and starting to use CBD products on a daily basis to improve both their mental and physical health.

What many people do not realize is that the benefits of CBD are not limited to humans. Conclusion: Many studies are showing that many household pets can benefit from CBD supplements in a similar way to humans.

Because of this, there is a growing demand for products that provide CBD for pets, allowing them to experience the purported benefits of CBD. Some of the most popular and interesting CBD brands are now offering a range of CBD pet products, including CBD treats and CBD oils. Several brands also specialize in CBD pet products.

Here is everything you need to know about CBD and pets to help you decide the best options for your pets.

Different Types of CBD Pet Products

A growing range of CBD pet products is available, giving pet owners the freedom to decide on the best ways to incorporate CBD into their pet’s diet.

One of the most popular options is to use CBD oil tinctures. Oils are often sought-after because of their flexible usage; they are commonly available in both flavored and unflavored options.

For pets that struggle with new additions to their diets, CBD oils can also be added to foods. This method is excellent for discreetness and ensuring they get their daily dose of CBD. 

Unflavored oils are generally better when used in this way as they are less noticeable.

Another common way to give pets CBD is in the form of treats. Most brands offer CBD for dogs and cats in products that look and taste just like regular pet treats. CBD pet treats are a fun way to reward pets while also working CBD into their regular diet.

CBD pet topicals can also be a handy option for treating external health issues. Products like CBD shampoo or creams may help rashes, inflammation, and other skin-related issues.

How CBD Supplements Can Benefit Pet’s Overall Health

Just like with humans, pets can benefit from taking a small amount of CBD each day as a supplement. Even pets that do not have any underlying health conditions or injuries are able to help from CBD in this way.

CBD pet products are packed with a range of hemp plant compounds that support the body’s immune system and defenses. Depending on the product, CBD or cannabidiol is the most prominent compound found within hemp-based pet products. The cannabinoid works within the body to ensure that the endocannabinoid system can function to its full potential.

Many of the other compounds found within hemp plants are also beneficial to pets and contribute to their overall nutritional needs.

How CBD Supplements Can Improve Mental Health

CBD products for pets can also be used to treat specific health issues in pets. One popular reason for choosing to add CBD into a pet’s diet is to help manage tricky mental health conditions like anxiety.

A surprising number of pets struggle with anxiety. For some pets, anxiety only occurs in certain situations, for example, when meeting new people or around fireworks. For other pets, anxiety is a constant and can impact them daily.

CBD could be used to reduce the adverse effects of anxiety, whether dealing with temporary issues or chronic anxiety. However, it’s important to note that many studies are in preliminary phases.

How CBD Supplement Can Be Used to Treat Physical Health Conditions

Some owners use CBD products for pets to tackle physical health conditions such as chronic inflammation and pain.

Daily CBD supplements for pets may reduce levels of unnecessary inflammation within the body. Such inflammation can lead to more severe health issues of time, like arthritis. CBD could also help to alleviate the pain that is felt by such conditions temporarily.

Some brands even claim CBD products can benefit pets who are dealing with temporary aches and pains either caused by an injury or illness.

Is CBD Right for All Pets?

Not all pets react to CBD in the same way. While there are very few negative effects associated with CBD, it is always worth checking with your veterinarian before making dietary changes.

Talking to a vet will also help determine which products are likely to work best for the individual animal. Vets can advise on the correct dosage and how often CBD should be given to achieve optimal effects.

As with any new addition to a pet’s diet, monitoring how they react to a diet change is also a good idea for owners. It can sometimes be worth trying out different methods of giving pets CBD as well as different doses.