Best Birds To Keep When You’re a Beginner

Best Birds To Keep When You’re a Beginner

According to the National Pet Owners survey, 14.3 million Americans keep a bird as a pet. Birds provide so many benefits to their owners, they are a companion and a comfort, and they are also relatively easy maintenance to keep. If you are a beginner to keeping birds, make sure that you choose a breed that is fairly hardy, and not susceptible to disease. You should also choose a bird that doesn’t grow too big if you have limited space. It is also worth considering that some common birds that are kept as pets, such as parrots, will live for 50 years, so could potentially be with you for a very long time. 

The Budgerigar

The Budgerigar, generally known as a Budgie, is a type of small parrot that comes from Australia. Budgies are the most popular type of bird to be kept as a pet, and loved for their happy chirping sounds. These birds have a special beak that makes it possible for them to climb and explore. The upper and lower beak are different in shape and size, giving Budgies the ability to grip onto things in their environment. The birds are easy to keep, but will require a suitable-sized cage in a warm room, and a varied diet with plenty of fruits and veg. You should also make sure that your Budgie has lots of stimulation – they are intelligent birds that are lots of fun. 

The Cockatiel

The Cockatiel is another low-maintenance bird that comes from Australia. They generally have grey or white plumage and beautiful yellow heads. Cockatiels really enjoy being let out of their cages and allowed to fly around the room, or to perch on a T-stand. They also love having a bath in a bowl of warm water. As long as a Cockatiel has a nice clean cage, and plenty of toys and stimulation, they will thrive and bring great amusement into your life.   

Little Canaries

Canaries are easy birds to keep as pets, however, they are not keen on being handled. They are delightful to watch though, and their cute chirps will fill your home with joy. Canaries are sociable, so best kept in pairs or small groups, and they like the company of people. Male Canaries are often known to sing to their owners. These cheerful birds just need a suitable cage, with fresh food and water. 

Keeping a pet bird can be very rewarding. They make good companions, and if you are a beginner bird owner, it is easy to learn how to look after them.