Cat Litter Boxes: Which is The Best of 2021?

For a cat, a litter box is sacred, and for people who have a feline this utensil is a source of odors in their home or garden. Therefore, the good choice of a litter box, which is convenient for the animals and their owners, is key. There are a wide variety of models, so it is good to know the market to choose the ideal one.

With the fame that cats have gained, as cute as they are independent, or at least, in many cases, the market for products created for the day-to-day life of these animals has also increased. And that translates to a wide range of options. Also when we talk about litter boxes where cats can urinate.

The most important

  • Taking into account the smell that a sandbox can give off, even if it has been used only once, the most popular on the market are those that are covered.
  • When choosing a litter box, we must not only think about our needs and tastes, but it is also important to decide based on the personality of our cat.
  • If you do not have a self-cleaning litter box, be sure to rigorously maintain its cleanliness, since cats are very scrupulous animals and will not accept to relieve themselves in a dirty space.

The best litter boxes for cats on the market: our favorites

Litter boxes are not the most beautiful utensil to have at home, but they are essential for hygiene when you have a cat. There is a wide variety of prices and styles. From simple trays to boxes designed to be comfortable, both for the animal and its owners, preventing the smell from escaping. Here a selection:

  • The favorite cat litter for online users
  • The most functional litter box for cats
  • The cheapest litter box for cats
  • The best open litter box for cats
  • The most practical cat litter box

The favorite cat litter for online users

Measuring 51.3 x 36.7 x 31.3 centimeters and covered with a lid, this sandbox is Amazon’s best-selling product in its category. The main feature it presents is that it is closed, and that it has a swing door and a filter to prevent any odor from coming out of the toilet box.

This sandpit comes equipped with a drawer system and a shovel to change the sand and the people who have bought it emphasize that its design is very fine, so it does not look ugly in a house. The price is much higher than other products, but users say it is worth it.

The most functional litter box for cats

This model is available in combinations of white with gray, with black and green. The front is hinged and features a carbon filter. Users say that this litter box, despite not having a grid, is easy to clean and that its design makes it difficult for cats to fill everything with sand around them.

Buyers say that cats adapt easily to this design and that it is very clean for them. They also emphasize that its size is ideal, since it does not occupy much, while cats can comfortably fit inside to relieve themselves. For a closed sandbox, users say, it has a very affordable price.

The cheapest litter box for cats

This sandbox, also closed like the previous two and at an affordable price, does not come with a pallet or grid, which means that it must be purchased separately. Its design, together with the carbon filter that it has, makes this litter box not allow the bad smells that create the cat’s stools to come out.

The front end is high, thus preventing the sand from spilling onto the ground. Buyers highlight that this product is beautiful and stylish, although some have received a model that does not close properly. Two cats fit perfectly inside this litter box, even if they are large, according to consumers.

The best open litter box for cats

This litter box consists of an open sanitary tray, made of plastic and that comes with an external frame to make it difficult for the sand to escape. This product is unopened and its price is lower than other items on this list. It is sold available in two sizes, depending on the size of the cat that is going to use it.

Buyers point out that the height is fine, with the protector measurements being about 13 cm on the lower side and about 20 cm on the higher side, which prevents sand from escaping. The material of the tray is quite resistant, according to users who have bought this product within Amazon.

The most practical cat litter box

Another closed sandbox, which measures 40 x 42.5 x 56 centimeters and comes in pink. It has 2 compartments: one for the shovel and one for storing, for example, bags; buyers note that it comes with another spare door, in case the main one breaks, and a pack of bags for the tray as very positive.

When closed, odors do not come out and, at the same time, the surroundings of the sandbox are not filled with sand. And the buyers of this object emphasize that it is convenient to clean, since the drawer is simply opened and the sand is removed. You have the option of putting a bag to remove all the sand at once. It works for big cats.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Litter Boxes

Cats are one of the most beautiful companions of people since we have learned to understand their character. But they do not go out to stool like dogs and it is mandatory to have a litter box at home where they can do it. Next, we solve the most frequent doubts among cat owners.

Is it important for cats to have a litter box?

One of the aspects that stand out the most about the personality of cats is that they are clean animals. Although it is also said that they are very independent and there are kittens that are always attached to their owners. But really, cats don’t even need you to wash them with water because they clean themselves.

And, for that very reason that they love cleaning, a litter box for a cat is very important. There they can have their stools collected. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a cat doing its things far from this place.

How often should the sand be changed?

Solid excrement must be removed daily, but the frequency of changing the sand in the tray will depend, above all, on the type of sand chosen. If it is absorbent or non-clumping style, it is enough to change it once a week. If the smell is very strong within a week, then clean it first.

The sands known as binders can last up to a month, although it is recommended, when collecting the excrement and the most humid areas, to put a little more clean and dry sand. Vegetable beds must be renewed much more often. Every three days is a good indicator or, at most, five.

Is it enough to just change the litter to maintain hygiene?

Usually not. Every time the litter is completely replaced, it is advisable to wash the entire tray and use a disinfectant that is not harmful to the cat. A tip at home in this regard: you can include a thin layer of baking soda under the sand, which helps to collect odors from your stools.

Some people recommend that people use gloves to clean the sandboxes. It is very useful, although another option is to wash your hands well after this process. It should be remembered that it is also important to remove the most humid parts every day for the welfare of the animals and for the people themselves.

How do I prepare the litter box if a cat has just arrived at my house?

If you have just bought or adopted a cat and want to put its litter box, it is better to choose a less crowded corner and in a place with ventilation, as it usually smells. You will have to be in a room where the door is always open, since cats like to have their things under their control and better away from their food, for hygiene.

On the other hand, in terms of the amount of sand to be thrown, it is convenient to fill the tray so that the cat can bury its feces without problems. Something they love to do. Normally, these animals are intuitive and they alone know how to use their sandboxes. You can stir the clean sand in front of him to show him where to use.

How can I avoid bad smells?

In addition to the possibility of including a small layer of bicarbonate that will help reduce the strong smell of your kitten’s urine, if it accepts it, it is better to use a covered litter box. There are also filters that can be purchased to retain the stench. There are scented sands, but you have to be careful that they are not too strong.

Anyway, you always have to maintain the aforementioned hygiene, also for the welfare of your pet. If you are going to be away for a few days, give the keys to your house to someone you trust so that they can keep the space just as clean. There are also self-cleaning sandboxes, very modern, although at a higher price.

What if my cat doesn’t use his litter box?

If your cat is small, make sure he can climb into the box. That is to say, that it is not too high. If size is not a problem, you can take your cat in your hand if you see him doing his things outside and put him on the sand. This way you will understand that this is the place to relieve yourself. They are intelligent animals.

If he is older and urinates or defecates on the outside, it may be that he has a health problem, that he cannot contain himself or that the litter box, for some reason, does not like it. It may be that it is not clean enough, that it is located in a place that is not convenient for you, or that you do not like sand because, for example, it is scented.

Why does my cat urine mark the house?

Another reason cats can urinate outside of their litter box is to mark the territory. It is something rare, but it can happen. All cats, male or female, sterilized or not, can do this. Sometimes the marking can be on your own bed or on the owners’ clothing and can be very annoying.

This usually happens when there are news that the cat does not accept, such as a new home, a new member of the family or pets that have just arrived at home. On top of all this, that misplaced urine can also be caused by a medical problem. Either way, if your cat urine marks your home, consider taking him to the vet.

What precautions should I take with a sandbox?

It is important to know that pregnant women should not go near these objects, since they would run the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that is transmitted through the excrement of cats.

It is better that the litter box is not near the cat’s food, for comfort for him, and that it is not in the kitchen, for the people; Even if it is closed, there are times when terrible smells can come out, not very convenient at mealtime. Avoid disturbing the cat when it does its business and better change the tray once a year.

What to do with the sandbox during the holidays?

Cats do not like to move around their habitat very much. Unlike dogs, they are more independent and give us more free time, but it is also more difficult to take them with us when we go away. Therefore, on vacation we can give the key to a trusted friend to clean the litter box and feed the cat.

And another option is to take the kitten with us to the vacation destination. That will depend a lot on the character of the animal. In that case, if you don’t want to carry the litter box you have at home, some have been created specifically for travel: there are folding waterproof material and there are cardboard, to use for a few days and throw away.

Purchase criteria

When choosing a litter box we do not only have to take into account our needs, but also those of our feline friend. Cats are animals of habit and they have their manias and that must be respected. In this section we present the most important criteria to assess for the purchase of a sandbox.

  • Style: Covered or Uncovered?
  • Sandbox sizes
  • Forms and colors
  • Accessories to sandboxes

Style: Covered or Uncovered?
Because of the smells, the cutlery is more recurrent, although the former are cheaper. For cats, they are sometimes more comfortable, because these animals like to have great control over what happens around them. Inside a sandbox, curious felines don’t have this easy task.

However, for many cats the cutlery may be more suitable, since that cover can provide security and peace of mind. In general, which suits one or the other, or both, depends a lot on the character of the kitten. With the closed ones it is also more difficult to get dirty on sandy ground.

Sandbox sizes
These objects should always be adapted to the size of your pet or be larger if you have more than one cat. Sometimes these animals like to imitate themselves and do their thing at the same time. There are those who say that a large litter box is enough for both of them and other experts say that it is better to have one for each of the kittens.

Cats like to scratch and have a habit of turning in their process, so the bigger the litter box, the better for them. However, for a small house this can be uncomfortable.

Forms and colors
The most common sandboxes are rectangular. But, the fact that these are the majority in the market, does not mean that you can innovate and try new ways. For example, a triangular one can fit well in certain parts of your house that may be more convenient for your cat. And a circular one can be prettier.

There are also sandboxes that look like other more beautiful objects so as not to break the decoration of a home too much. For example, in the shape of a flowerpot. As for colors, it is a matter that will concern the owner more than the animal and there are many options. It can be chosen based on the colors that predominate in the home.

Accessories to sandboxes
In addition to the box where an animal can make its stools inside the house, disturbing the minimum, there are other utensils that can be used to complement the litter boxes. Almost all related to maintaining the cleanliness of the object and also of the surrounding space.


A litter box is a very necessary object for a cat, although they don’t always look pretty inside a house. It is convenient, when choosing what to buy, take into account the personality of our cat and, at the same time, the style of our home and comfort for us, since the smells that a litter box can give off are annoying.

The good news is that, since cats are animals as beloved as companions, there is an increasing offer of products aimed at their well-being and that of their owners. Therefore, there is a wide selection of sandboxes to choose from: different colors, shapes, sizes or designs, to suit all tastes.