Does Your Cat Water Fountain Have a Sterilization Function?

Does Your Cat Water Fountain Have a Sterilization Function

Pets Need Clean Drinking Water

While we are always regular with our cat’s meals, we sometimes forget that they need clean drinking water.

Safe drinking water is absolutely the first and most important thing to have available to your pets. As often as we might see them drinking out of stagnant puddles or other less sanitary sources, they do need clean, filtered water to be at their best. 

Though we might think of water from the tap as ‘just water,’ you must remember that tap water is filtered for our own consumption. Cats are very different from us, and toxins in our water that might be harmless to us can be very harmful to them.

Water isn’t even just about hydration. Water is essential to all of your pet’s bodily functions, from digestion, proper function of organs and even movement of the joints. Without clean drinking water, these functions will begin to break down after only a short time. Pets need a constant supply of fresh drinking water every day.

We’ve got a fantastic solution to that in our cat water fountain UV. It’s a safe, affordable and effective water fountain that will provide a constant supply of fresh, clean water for your cat.

So how does our cat water fountain UV work? Read on to find out. 

How Does UV Light in the Cat Water Fountain Work?

LAIKA Aqua cat water fountain is an excellent way of keeping your cat’s drinking water safe and sterile. The LAIKA Aqua Pet Water Fountain features a large water capacity of 2.7 liters and is ultra-quiet. This means that you can leave it on even in the bedroom, and it won’t disturb you. It provides a constant stream of safe, clean water for your cat.

There are many potential contaminants in unfiltered tap water, and this is why it’s essential to provide sterilized water. LAIKA cat water fountain “UV Germicidal Light” continuously works every 4 hours, 30mins for each when the pet water fountain is in the NORMAL mode. While in ECO mode, the pet water fountain works every 4 hours, 15mins for each. Toxic substances or other harmful microbes are all common in tap water; with the UV light being set up, it helps to eliminate or inactivates any viruses, bacteria or other harmful substances.

So, all you need to do is fill the tank with water, turn it on, and your cat water fountain “UV Germicidal Light” will be on in hours and ready to guard your feline friends! Depending on the different needs, you can change the operation mode accordingly to make the UV light work long or short.

Is UV Light in The Cat Water Fountain Safe?

You might understandably be worried about a cat water fountain with a UV light. Is UV light dangerous? Well, it depends. Excessive exposure to the eyes of UV light can be a danger, but not from our fountain.

Our cat water fountain UV is perfectly safe and does not expose your pet directly to the light. The light is inside the tank, and while it is there, it is hidden from your cat’s view. It will just purify the water and won’t harm your cat. In fact, cats drinking from a fountain filtered with a UV light are at a much-lessened risk than those drinking unfiltered water.

You definitely have nothing to worry about. Your cat will have access to clean, filtered water, and LAIKA cat water fountain UV will not harm your cat in any way. 

Keep Drinking Water Safe for Pets

The great thing about our cat water fountain is that it simulates flowing water, which cats are drawn to. You’ve probably seen them drinking from your tap from time to time; instinctively, many animals associate flowing water with safety. This is one of the reasons our water fountain keeps drinking water safe for your pets. They are much more likely to feel comfortable drinking out of it since it is moving.

Providing clean drinking water for your cat has never been as easy as it is now. With our cat water fountain with UV germicidal light, your cat can have constant access to fresh, clean, sterilized water without the need to change it every single day. We still recommend changing the water every 2-3 days for best results.

It would be best if you also were sure to clean the fountain regularly. It is very easy to clean with a simple design, and no tools are needed for disassembly. Often, the problem with unclean water is not the water but the container it is held in. Again, it’s often quite natural for us to think that water bowls don’t need to be cleaned since they only hold water.

UV Germicidal Light plays an essential part in keeping water quality and safety, though, so be sure to do so regularly to keep your pet’s water clean.