Dog Poop Bags: Types, Consideration And Recommendations

When we have a dog at home as a pet, we must make sure to give it the necessary care for good hygiene, contributing to its well-being and comfort. One of our tasks is to take them out for a walk so they can do their basic needs. And as conscientious citizens it is our responsibility to collect their excrement, even if it does not seem pleasant to us, thus collaborating with a clean environment, streets and common areas.

And it is that in some countries not doing this task leads to fines . It is considered a crime to be with a dog in the street and not carry a waste bag with you, since it is assumed that you have no intention of picking up his poop.

However, today this task has become more bearable and it will no longer be a problem thanks to these innovative stool bags designed to collect the excrement of our faithful friends.

Types of Dog Poop Bags

The market offers various types of bags to remove the excrement of our dogs. Each model has its benefits and drawbacks.

  • Plastic: They are very common. Simple to acquire. They are light and come in different thickness. They take many years to biodegrade.
  • Bioplastic: They use plants that are generally grown in Asia and South America. They also carry oxo degradable plastic, which decompose with heat, ultraviolet light, and oxygen. However, this material is expected to be banned as it produces micro plastics that do not degrade and pollute the environment.
  • Biodegradable: Environmental awareness has been reflected when purchasing this product. Most of these types of bags are made of cornstarch, vegetable resins and plant parts. They end up degrading by action of nature in a time not greater than 2 years. They are ecological and decompose in any environment as long as there is oxygen.
  • Cardboard or paper: They are not so commercial. They are difficult bags to handle. The best known in this line is the Biopoop, which is a biodegradable bag that comes with a scoop to facilitate collection.
  • Compostable: Made from vegetable starch. They do not produce toxic agents. They are biodegradable. Its degradation process is biological, producing carbon dioxide, water and inorganic compounds.

Considerations for Dog Poop Bags

We recommend that you inquire about certain features before deciding which one to buy:

  • Material: They are made of various manufacturing materials as we saw above. The ones they recommend the most are biodegradable due to their contribution to the ecosystem.
  • Thickness: Even so, beyond the manufacturing material, let’s verify the thickness of it. There are very thin bags that usually cause problems when trying to separate them from the roll, causing cracks in them, ending up in the trash without using it. Additionally with these thin bags you will feel the texture of the stool when you pick it up, which is not pleasant at all. Choose to buy thick bags that provide greater resistance.
  • Aroma: There are scented or odorless, it is a matter of taste. Some people prefer the smell of lavender that slightly dulls the scent of our pet’s poop. But others think that the mixture of the smell of the bag and the excrement forms an unpleasant combination to their noses, leaning totally for the neutral or odorless bags.
  • Size: The ideal is to buy a model that is large enough to easily and comfortably collect the excrement, store it without jeopardizing the cleanliness of your hands and also that allows you to seal the bag with a knot.
  • Color: Buy dark or opaque colors. We don’t want the rest of the people around us to see what we’re wearing until we get rid of it.
  • With dispenser: There are promotions that in addition to the bags include the dispenser and clip to adjust it to the dog’s leash. This will avoid us having busy hands and it is very practical when walking our pet. These dispensers come in different sizes, easy to open to place or remove the roll.

Recommendations for Dog Waste Bags

  • Many companies claim that their bags are biodegradable when in fact they are not. We must know that biodegradable bags must have a certification process through reliable scientific tests using European and US standards such as Vincotte and BPI, which ensure that the decomposition time will be relatively short. In addition, it must have EPI technology, which supports the environmental benefits, because they are what accelerate the biodegradation process.
  • The size of the dog influences the size of the bag to buy. The magnitude of their stool will be heavier and in greater quantity. Therefore the size of the bag must be adjusted to this.
  • Discard the used bags in the containers designed for this purpose, thus preventing the dog from breaking them, creating poop leaks and disaster in the house.

Where to Buy Waste Bag for Dogs

This product has a wide variety of alternatives available. One of better quality than others. If you have questions, check the characteristics of the article and user comments before making your purchase. Poop and Tie, TiendAnimal, Amazon, Maskowe, are stores that offer them in different presentations in relation to the number of bags per package. Some promotions include the dispenser. Just check out the features that different brands have.