Dog Waterers: Which One is The Best of 2021?

When you adopt a dog, it becomes a member of the family. Therefore, it is normal that you always want to give him the best. In this sense, keeping him well hydrated with one of the best drinkers for dogs of 2021 seems crucial. Much more if your pet is going to base his diet on commercial feed, that is, dry food.

Properly hydrated, your dog will maintain its health and vigor even in the hottest months. However, buying one of the best drinkers for dogs on the market is not easy. Due to its variety of materials, sizes and types, it is very possible that you feel lost. Therefore, we have decided to help you through the content of this article.

The most important

Dog waterers
  • The size of your dog is a key starting point for acquiring a suitable drinker. The bigger your furry companion, the more water it will need. Therefore, it will not serve you with an option that barely reaches half a liter or a liter. Especially if you spend many hours away from home.
  • The material of a dog waterer is very important. Some plastic drinkers can contain compounds that are harmful to your dog’s health. On the other hand, if your four-legged companion has a tendency to allergies, you should purchase a hypoallergenic dog drinker.
  • If your dog tends to drink little, and you have already ruled out a medical origin in it, the best automatic or fountain-type dog waterers may be the best option. This type of drinkers offer the liquid in continuous movement. In this way, the water will attract your attention, as well as being always fresh.

The best drinkers for dogs on the market: our favorites

So that you do not despair and the search for the right model does not become a breeding ground for frustrations, we begin this buying guide with those who, in our opinion, are at the forefront of today’s dog waterers.

  • The most economical drinker for dogs
  • The best automatic waterer for dogs
  • The most sophisticated drinking fountain for dogs
  • The most versatile drinking fountain for dogs
  • The best waterer for large dogs

The most economical drinker for dogs

We open this classification with one of the best cheap dog waterers. For less than € 15 it can be yours. Also useful for cats, this discreet-sized water dispenser uses the principles of gravity to ensure a constant flow of fresh water for your furry dog. Due to its capacity of up to 3.79 l, it can cater for one or more pets.

The holder and container are made of PP (polypropylene), while the bottle uses transparent PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This way, you can quickly check the water levels. The sides are finished with cutouts for easy handling. In addition, the non-slip rubber feet allow it to be securely attached to the ground.

The best automatic waterer for dogs

We continue with one of the best automatic dog waterers. Economical and sophisticated, this dog waterer has three modes of operation: infrared detection, continuous system and intermittent mode. Infrared detection is very interesting, since it only activates the water dispenser when your pet is 1.5 meters away.

Its unique compact design offers a recirculation system of up to 2.5 l without taking up a lot of space. When the water levels are low, the device alerts you with a red LED light. It incorporates a carbon water filter that helps keep the water fresh and free of impurities. This filter should be changed periodically.

The most sophisticated drinking fountain for dogs

This PetSafe Drinkwell model continues the maxim of the best dog waterers on the market: “running water is always better than stagnant water and is therefore more palatable.” The basis for this reasoning is scientific and is known as oxygenation. With this dog waterer you can get from one to five individual jets of fresh water.

Like other style models, this PetSafe Drinkwell fountain also works with a charcoal filter. Thanks to him, the water remains free of odors and bad tastes. Of course, remember to change it every two or four weeks. On the other hand, the product is offered with a design that includes an anti-splash ramp that also reduces the sound of water flowing.

The most versatile drinking fountain for dogs

If you do not want to invest in fountains with complex water circuits and prefer something basic, this model will delight you. It is one of the best drinkers for dogs on the current market and, in addition, it is multipurpose. With it you can not only hydrate your pet, whatever size it is, but it will also serve to feed it. All this with an excellent non-slip base.

It is available in two sizes (“S” with a capacity of 350 ml per bowl and “L” with a capacity of 700 ml per bowl). Made of highly corrosion resistant stainless steel, it has a long service life. The aforementioned anti-slip base is made from ecological and non-toxic materials, which will never endanger the health of your pet.

The best waterer for large dogs

This drinker is an excellent investment for the medium and long term, especially if your pet is large. Its 3.75 L (liter) capacity also makes it a great purchase if you have multiple dogs or even cats.

At the design level, it features an adjustable flow control, as well as an anti-splash ramp with which you prevent the surrounding area from filling with water. In addition, it has filters to eliminate odors, flavors and residues.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Waters

As you have seen through our classification, the world of the best drinkers for dogs on the market is more complex than it seems at first glance. There are many designs, materials and operating systems on offer. Therefore, it is normal that doubts arise. Here are some of the most common ones.

What is a dog waterer and what is it for?

A drinker for dogs is nothing more than a container or glass in which water is deposited for your pet to drink. Although there are drinkers that are advertised as specific for dogs, the vast majority of them are universal in nature.

Keeping your pet hydrated is essential to its health. For this reason, the best drinkers for dogs, cheap or not, are offered in various sizes. In this way, you can always buy the most suitable for the size of your furry or the number of animals you have. In addition, they are manufactured in different materials (which we analyze in the next section).

What materials can a dog drinker be made of?

Dog waterers

Broadly speaking, the best drinkers for dogs on the market today can have three different types of materials: plastic, metal (mainly stainless steel) and ceramic. It is important to understand what each material can contribute to your dog, as well as how it can affect you. Depending on this, you should choose one or the other:

  • Plastic – Dog waterers made of plastic are usually the cheapest. Without a doubt, a point in its favor. In addition, they are the most comfortable for when you want one for travel. Despite this, you must make sure that the plastic drinker you buy is of high quality and is free of BPA (a long-term harmful compound).

    On the other hand, cleaning these drinkers can become a real martyrdom. This is because plastic products tend to get scratches that become the perfect indentations for all kinds of bacteria to grow. In this way, they can demand daily maintenance.
  • Metal – The best metal dog waterers are usually made from stainless steel. This type of option stands out for its ease of cleaning. Stainless steel, unlike plastic, is not porous, so the presence of bacteria drops to minimal levels. On the other hand, they tend to have a longer useful life.
    In addition to hygiene and durability, the best stainless steel dog waterers are slightly more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but not that much. Many are offered with non-slip or anti-tip bases. This is a great advantage if your dog is somewhat naughty or restless.
  • Ceramic: The best ceramic dog waterers often have an aesthetic advantage. Many of them, like the feeders made with this material, present details or reasons that do not usually go unnoticed. On the other hand, they tend to be heavy, making it difficult to move or tip them over.

As a counterpoint, some experts indicate that ceramic presents a porosity that brings them closer to plastic dog drinkers in terms of hygiene. Furthermore, if they are not of high quality, they can break relatively easily. So its lower resistance to the metal or plastic options is a handicap that you should value.

How should an optimal drinker for dogs be?

Once you choose the material that best suits you and your pet, it is time to analyze the rest of the aspects that make up the idiosyncrasy of a good drinking fountain for dogs.

  • The first of them is related to the material that, above all, must be hypoallergenic to avoid potential dislikes.
  • The other is that its design allows you a quick and easy cleaning.
  • In addition, as for the finish, it must adapt in conditions to your dog.

If you buy a very good dog drinker, but that your pet is not able to use correctly, you may take away the desire to drink, which will only cause problems. As for the base, make sure it is non-slip, otherwise your furry will tend to displace the drinker.

What type of dog waterers are there?

First of all, among the best drinkers for dogs, we find the classic containers that can be placed on the floor (thanks to a non-slip base) or at a certain height. This type of drinkers are sometimes sold in double format, something that allows water and food to be placed at the same time. They are the cheapest and have no additional costs.

On the other hand, you have automatic fountains or drinkers. Some of them based on multi-liter tanks (ideal for large dogs), others, focused on closed and attractive circuits that encourage the dog to drink.

What are the advantages of automatic or tank drinkers?

Dog waterers

New technologies have made it possible to develop automatic or tank drinkers for dogs. On the other hand, the imagination of the different brands has opened a path in terms of very wide and variable designs. In addition, these models have a series of very clear advantages compared to the more traditional drinkers:


  • Some models allow you to configure and manage them from anywhere and through a mobile device.
  • Its storage capacity is very varied, so there are options for all types of dogs (size or frequency with which it drinks).
  • By presenting tanks or closed circuits, the dog cannot dump or spill the water, so even if you leave the house without your furry, you will know that he will always have access to water.
  • Many present water through jets or through continuous movement of the water. This is very attractive to the animal, which will make it drink more.
  • They offer filters to avoid bad smells or bad tastes in the water. Some models incorporate additional filters to eliminate debris that may fall into it.
  • That the liquid leaks or is present in movement is magnificent, since it improves the quality of this. In this way, you will know that your furry can always access fresh water.
  • The best automatic or tank drinkers for dogs usually have solid designs, but without sacrificing pragmatism (easy to clean).


  • In general, the best options are not exactly cheap (although they pay off in the long run).
  • The filters must be changed every two or four weeks with the consequent extra expense (although it must be said that they are not very expensive).

Are Two Container Dog Drinkers Helpful?

It depends. Initially, they can be, as you can offer more water or a combination of food and drink. However, your dog may not like them as much. What’s more, it is possible that in his impetus he will stain the water container with some food. Although dogs are not as scrupulous as cats, this may make them less likely to drink.

Where is it better to place a drinker for dogs?

Fortunately, dogs are not as fickle as cats, at least as a general rule. In this way, placing the dog drinker you buy should not be complicated. Generally, it is best to put it in a quiet place that invites the dog to drink. In addition, it is preferable that it is not near the food so that the water does not become contaminated.

What are dog drinker filters and what are they for?

One of the advantages of the best automatic or tank drinkers for dogs is that they usually incorporate one or more filters. The main one is the carbon water filter. With it, possible bad smells or bad tastes in food are avoided. This is important, since if your furry detects a bad smell in the water, they may stop drinking.

On the other hand, there are other filters that help remove waste and unwanted agents. For example, dust or food (especially if it is near the drinking fountain), as well as other elements, can fall into the water, contaminating it. Obviously, you don’t want this for your dog. These types of filters help keep the water always clean.

Can a dog drinker cause an allergic reaction in my furry dog?

The drinking fountain itself, no, but the material from which it is made. Today, the vast majority of drinkers for dogs are hypoallergenic. That is, they are made of materials that do not produce allergies. However, the model you want may be made of potentially harmful elements. It is rare, but the best thing is that before releasing the money you make sure.

Purchase criteria

At this point, we hope we have resolved your possible questions about the best dog waterers of 2021. However, we are not done yet. Now that you know these accessories thoroughly, you should focus on the criteria you must follow to buy the one that best suits your needs and those of your furry friend.

  • Kind
  • Dog size
  • Ease of cleaning and durability
  • Design and functionality


Clearly, the dog is not a cat. It is convenient to take it out for a walk frequently. However, during the workday you are forced to spend long hours outside. Even if you have your dogs on an outdoor farm, they will need a guarantee of access to water during your absence. In this sense, fountains or drinkers with tanks are the best option.

Dog size

It is not the same to have a Chihuahua as a Great Dane or German Bulldog. On the other hand, you won’t need the same drinking fountain if you have one, two, or more dogs. The bigger the dog, or the more you have, the more water you should offer. To do this, look at the storage volume of the drinker that you are going to buy. Its capacity usually ranges from ½ L to 8 or more.

Design and functionality

Regardless of the material of the dog bowl you want, or the money you plan to spend on it, something very important is the design and, of course, the functionality of it. The product must first and foremost be easy to install or activate. In addition, it has to be attractive and accessible to your dog. If not, your furry will not drink and the purchase will be a failure.


Popular culture says that the dog is man’s best friend. Not surprisingly, the relationship we have had with dogs throughout our history as a species has been, since its inception, collaborative and close. That is why if you have a dog in your care you should always provide access to fresh water, without forgetting a good diet and moments of play.

But if we focus on drinking fountains for dogs, something fundamental, you must buy one based on certain criteria. The best drinking fountain for your dog will depend on the material it is made of, its functionality, its size (and that of your dog) or its mechanism of action. In this guide we wanted to delve into everything related to this indispensable product.