Dog parties are the cane and are increasingly popular. In this post we tell you what you should keep in mind to organize an epic party!

Although the most used excuse is usually the birthday of our furry, no special reason is needed to launch an event with our dog and his friends. Dog parties are the most fun for both owners and animals, although, let’s face it, your organization can be stressful. For that reason, we want to make your life easier and we have written our own list of tips to give you the ultimate dog party.

1. Costumes

Style comes first. What better way to give elegance to the event than to dress our pet properly for the occasion? A sweater, a sweatshirt or t-shirts for the more casual or vests and hats for the daring. We can go one level further if, for example, we ask attendees to bring their dogs with bow ties or bows. They are very cheap accessories that will give an adorable look to the whole troop of hairy.

2. The cake and the menu

Every dog event ​​or party worth its salt must have a menu adapted to the quadrupeds. There are establishments where homemade food for dogs is offered. Whether or not it is a birthday, we believe that a cake should never be missing, as it is one more detail and, as we will explain later, the details that make a party unforgettable.

In addition to this, we cannot forget the water. Most likely, dogs play with each other, get tired and need to hydrate. It is better to have a good amount of feeders so that the largest number of guests can be served at the same time.

3. Find the right place

Where to put a gang of dogs wanting to party? The venue for the celebration is key for our event to succeed. The pools for dogs are usually a good choice. In this post we show you a compilation of the best hairy pools of 2018.

In addition to the swimming pools, there is the possibility of renting premises to celebrate the party there, such as a brewery or a bar. Obviously, these places have to be dog friendly. This option only applies to small dog parties, since; imagine the one that a bulldog, a mastiff and a shepherd can bundle together in an enclosed space.

A low cost possibility is to meet in a park or in a field area, as long as the weather is good.

4. Gifts!

As dog owners, we know that nothing makes us more excited than an unexpected gift for our pets. Therefore, if you want to give yourself a hoot during the celebration of your dog party, give some kind of gift to the dogs that attend the event. There are very cheap accessories that will make you look fetish in front of the hairy and their owners. Think of handkerchiefs, some toys like balls, rubber bones … As far as your imagination goes.

There are other accessories that can disturb the animal, such as birthday hats. So it is best to opt for clothes that are easy to put on and that the hairy one practically does not feel, as is the case with the bow ties and bows that we indicated in point one. Another option would be to buy these accessories (bow ties for them, bows for them, for example) and give them away at the beginning of the event.

5. What if we do a theme?

There is only one way to make a dog party mole more, and that is achieved by making it a themed party. Harry Potter, Disney characters or anything you can think of. There are many of us who like to transform our pet into a fictional character because, in addition to being super fun, the puppies in disguise are hilarious. Of course, the event can be much more original if it is a dog themed party.

Another also very fun possibility would be to organize a costume contest with or without themes. Another way also to make dog owners gets involved in the event.

6. Be aware of dogs with anxiety

There are many dogs that do not feel comfortable in society. For whatever reason, it is common for some to experience stress as they are surrounded by their peers and unknown humans. Therefore, it is advisable to have a more relaxed area where these dogs can rest away from the tumult of the party. In addition to stress, there are races that may have respiratory problems when subjected to great physical activity, as is the case with the Carlinos or the French bulldogs. It doesn’t hurt them to relax for a while in “the relaxation room”.

7. Details are everything

As we anticipated before, the details are like mini-points on the molar marker. The gifts, custom feedlots, fotocol, decoration … A feast for dogs are a world of endless possibilities where you let your imagination. For example, not long ago I was at a dog party where all the owners took a picture with our pet in a photo taken by the hostess. A few days later, we all received at home an envelope with the photo, which I now have in the living room. For that reason, among others, I don’t think I forgot that party. These kinds of details make people have a good taste after having attended your party.

8. Don’t forget humans

As we try to create a great environment for dogs, where nothing is missing, the owners have to be equally entertained and cared for. A piscolabis with drinks cannot be missing. If you consider playing music, it is better not to be very loud, since dogs have a very sensitive ear and the loud sound would not suit them very well.

There are games for dogs that will entertain the furry and that also help us to entertain their owners. Something else to keep in mind would be to send personalized invitations (email or by mail, to the taste of the host).

The host of one of the dog parties I attended a couple of years ago organized a photo contest in which the owners had to take pictures of their pet while attending the party. The one who got the funniest snapshot won. I thought it was a good way to entertain the owners, in addition to giving us an excuse for something we love: photographing our furry ones!