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Future Cat Owners: Read Our 5 Basic Tips for Acquiring a Kitten

Preparing to welcome a kitten to your family? Check out our 5 basic tips for a smooth transition and a happy life with your new cat.

From choosing a breed to bringing your kitten home, our 5 basic tips will help you select the best option for you and help you keep your kitten healthy from the start.

You decided to have a kitten! Congratulations! There are many things to consider, from finding the right kitty for you to organizing her new play area. Before you bring your new fur ball home, make sure you have reviewed each item on the following list of essential kitten preparations.

1. Do you know what breed you want?

With so many cat breeds out there, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding which one is right for you. These are some aspects that you should consider when choosing a breed. How many hours a day can you spend time with your kitten? Will it be an indoor or outdoor cat? Will it live with other animals? How long would you like its coat to be? How often would you groom it? Having a clear list of requirements and preferences will make it easier for you to find a kitten that perfectly matches you and your lifestyle. It is advisable to seek advice (from a local veterinarian, for example) regarding health problems that certain breeds may present.

2. Is the kitten at least 12 weeks old?

Experts believe that a kitten should be with its mother for at least 12-13 weeks of age. At that age, he will have learned from his mother many of the skills that will serve him throughout his life, such as feeding himself and using his litter box.

3. Do you have all the necessary equipment?

You will need to adapt your home to be “cat-proof” before welcoming your new kitten: a warm box or basket in a quiet place to sleep, a feeder, a water trough and a litter box are essential items, as are A safe pet carrier for you to take home for the first time. Take your time and observe him to identify the toys and treats he prefers, and get enough food for cats his age and developmental level.

You should also keep in mind that kittens are incredibly curious, they get anywhere! Be sure to block her access to potential escape routes or hazards such as toxic cleaning products, exposed electrical wires, or any plant that she could get poisoned from. You may also want to consider using cat-safe cleaning products. Don’t forget that just as you protect your kitty from the dangers in your home, you also need to protect your home from your kitty! Start thinking about where to put a scratching post – you don’t want your new kitty to get too fond of your couch!

4. Do you have a trusted veterinary doctor in your area?

As soon as you welcome your new kitten, take him straight to the vet for an examination and treatment, if necessary, for fleas and worms. Antiparasitic control will be something that you should keep in mind throughout your cat’s life, so we suggest you speak with your vet about the best way to control parasites. You will also need to have a general health check in which their weight, eyes, ears and teeth are checked. Vaccinations are an important part of a kitten’s life; the first ones start around nine weeks and you will need complementary vaccines at least once a year. Your kitty may already be microchipped when you receive it. If not, take him in for one as soon as you can.

5. Have you already prepared yourself mentally to receive it?

Acquiring a kitten involves much more than cuddles and cute photos. It can be a stressful, difficult, and exhausting task, not unlike caring for a human baby! Be prepared to hear him meow some early mornings as you help him settle into his new home, and also to find a few “mishaps” as he learns to use his litter box and scratching post. Cats are curious and independent beings and love to explore, so it is important that you establish some ground rules from the beginning. Although there will surely be a few stumbles along the way, over time you will see that acquiring a kitten will have been one of your best decisions, with the reward of having endless purrs and happy meows!

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