Himalayan Cats

With their bright, clear blue eyes and pug-like face, who would not love to have Himalayan cats as pets? These cute, cuddly, and long-haired felines are probably the most adored breed of cats and are revered by cat lovers.

You are probably wondering why they look like a mixture of a Persian cat with their long, thick fur and fat bodies and a Siamese cat with their clear blue eyes and color-points. The reason for this mixture in traits is because Himalayan cats are originally hybrids of Persian and Siamese cats. However, there has been some controversy related to the status of the cats’ breed—whether they should be included under the Persian cats’ breed group or whether Himalayans should just remain as a separate breed. The former prevails today and breeders can only use Persians or Himalayans as parents, not Siamese.

These cats have darker coloring on the ears, face, legs and tail and they come in a variety of “color points” —seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, tortie, blue-cream, cream, and lynx. Breeders worked with more than one color to create other striking colors for the Himalayans. The Color-points refer to the coloration or tinge on the face, feet or legs, tail, and sex organs. The bodies are usually white, fawn, or other colors in the same shade.

Himalayan cats either have thick, medium-length or long, flowing fur. Because of this, Himalayan owners should groom their pets regularly to prevent parasites and an unkempt look. Grooming your pet Himalayan regularly means grooming him everyday. Daily brushing will insure your cat doesn’t end up with a tangled mess of hair. Moreover, they have to be given a bath every week, and if they join competitions or pet shows, it is mandatory to give them a bath every other day. Unlike most cats, Himalyan cats are not afraid of water. While they might not look forward to their bath, they won’t claw you in terror like some cats do!

Due to the characteristics of this breed and they way their faces are so flat, they sometimes cannot breathe well and their eyes tear regularly. These are not serious problems but as a pet owner, you need to be responsible enough to keep your pet in good health by cleaning their noses and eyes regularly.

Himalayan cats are very easy to take care of. Compared to their short-haired counterparts, these chubby felines do not usually run around the house and accidentally break things. True, they sometimes throw “cat fits” without any reasons. They will run very fast like something’s chasing them but they do not get themselves involved in fights just to create chaos. They are not lazy; they just want to take things in stride. They are very easy-going and laid back and are keen observers.

Himalayans have a sweet disposition and like to be involved in your activities. They will usually guard you with those soft-looking blue eyes and always get themselves smack in the middle of what you are doing. They like to be with people. And this makes them a favourite among cat lovers and pet owners alike.

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