How do You Know What Your Cat Thinks of You?

If ever you wondered what to think to your pussycat you, know that the mysterious nature of the cat makes this task difficult. Therefore, treat us as equals. In this post, we tell you more curious details on the subject.

An ancient love story

Our love affair with cats began about 9,000 years ago and, although they say that touch makes affection, we have not yet come to know with certainty what is around their cute little head in general and, above all, in relation to humans.

Cunning, kind, indifferent, hostile, playful, arrogant, intrepid, agile, affectionate … they are like that and with their qualities and defects they have conquered our hearts for millennia. A reciprocal love story, as we explained in detail in our post “ How do I know if my cat loves me? ”.

cat thinks of you

Origin of our relationship with cats

We assume that with infinite patience, the brit researcher to nico John Bradshaw, has been able to reach their conclusions lucid, after more than three of decades of study and observation of cats.

For Bradshaw, an expert on feline behavior at the University of Bristol and author of the book Cat Sense, cats don’t understand us in the same way that dogs do. One of the key ideas of this expert is based precisely on the origin of our relationship with cats.

If we consider that the domestication of dogs dates back some 32,000 years in time, we will see that we have been with dogs for 23,000 years more than with cats , and this, in some way, has to be noticed. And it is not only a matter of years, since it is considered that, in reality, there has not been an effective feline domestication like that of dogs. The fact is that our ancestors chose the most meek and obedient wolves to help them survive.

But with cats, it was the other way around, since it has been the felines who have approached us for “considering” us excellent food providers. It is evident that cats are closer to their origin than dogs and are guided fundamentally by that wild instinct that they still preserve. For all this, It is understandable that our cats spend the day thinking about playing hunting , even if it is just a stuffed bird.

They may be our friends, if we deserve it, but they will never see us as their superiors. Is it true that dogs have masters and cats slaves?

What Cats Think About Humans

Given that, in the world, three cats are counted for each dog, it is no wonder the concern that has so many people know what é think their cats adorable. In reference to the felines we cannot say “if my cat spoke”, or “he only needs to speak”, because we are not so similar, but we do not have to undermine the expressiveness they have “in their own way “.

Based on the latest studies on this subject, we reveal in 9 points, some of the thoughts and idiosyncrasies of the enigmatic feline:

  1. Cats perceive their human as a generous and friendly being.
  2. The communication between cat and human is similar to that of cats with each other; Therefore, even if they love their caregivers, according to their instincts, they tend to walk away and disobey when they feel like being alone.
  3. Although they do not speak, their gestures are very expressive: rubbing or kneading evokes their maternal relationship; they meow to order food or purr to request caresses.
  4. It is curious that various cat diseases are very similar to human diseases , such as Alzheimer’s.
  5. Cats don’t understand us like dogs do. They see us as something different from them, and change their behavior in our presence; even the way they play with a human is different from what they have when they interact with each other.
  6. For cats we are something like their equals, only bigger , with very strange and somewhat clumsy habits , because we easily trip over obstacles that for kittens are easily overcome.
  7. In our presence, they stand, as if they were with their cat colleagues, rubbing against our leg, raising their tails or staring at us.
  8. Cats are smarter than hunger, and they tend to treat humans according to their interests, taking as favorites those who pamper them in a special way.
  9. Cats are not affected too much if you go in or out , they will not greet you when you return, they are that autonomous.

What should the human know about their cat?

This is the question the pussycat would ask if it could speak. We put ourselves in the shoes of the feline and, following the expert’s opinion, we point out that the cat is sociable, but up to a certain limit.

This must be taken into account, for example, when deciding to have a second cat at home , with the idea that this way they will keep each other company and be happier. But, on many occasions what is achieved is that cats become more stressed than necessary , because there is no harmony between them.

We must also try not to “bother” our cat by cranking at it at the wrong time, or trying to play when it is calm in its bed. If your cat spoke, on more than one occasion it would tell you: please, friend, don’t stress me, I’m going to get sick; On the other hand, if you respect me, I will do the same with you .