How to make your home a happy place for your cat

These days more than ever it is a good idea to take note of some tips to make your house a happy home for your cat. Sometimes, in the small gestures is the secret to increase the well-being of our pets.

happy place for your cat

1- Take care of their basic needs

The first and most important thing for your cat to be happy is that it has all its basic needs well covered:


  • Place your feeder in a place away from walkways, where your cat can eat calmly without being disturbed by anyone.
  • Locate the feeder away from the litter tray.
  • If you can, place more than one feeder in different places around the house and at different heights to promote mental stimulation and physical exercise when fetching food.
  • Offer your cat small rations of food several times a day: remember that cats need to eat small amounts frequently since, in their natural habitat, they hunt several small prey throughout the day.
  • Respect the proper food ration to avoid overweight problems.


  • Always keep your drinking fountain clean and with fresh water. Change it frequently.
  • If you can, it is a good idea to place a source of water at home to promote good hydration.
  • Place the drinker away from the litter tray and walkways.


  • Always place it in a well ventilated area that is very accessible to your cat.
  • Locate the sandbox in a safe and quiet area.
  • Clean the litter daily and wash the tray once a week.
  • Choose the most suitable litter for your cat.
  • Choose a litter tray suitable for your cat’s size and physical condition. If your cat is elderly, a borderless tray is always preferable.

2- Provide your cat with a calm and safe environment

  • Avoid punishment, tension, and yelling, as these will only increase your cat’s stress and weaken your bond with him.
  • Use Feliway Classic Diffuser to help your cat manage stress. Remember that the change in routines these days may be affecting you.
  • Plug the pheromone diffuser in the room where your cat spends the most time.
  • Reserve a safe area of ​​the house to put your cat’s bed and toys, so that she can take shelter there whenever she needs to be quiet.
  • If you live with children, always supervise the interactions between the kittens and the cat to avoid being stressed or uncomfortable.

3- Make the environment richer in stimuli and fun

  • Place scratchers in various rooms of the house.
  • Use pheromones to encourage your cat to use the scratchers .
  • Use cardboard boxes, baskets, drawers, etc. to provide your cat with places to hide or materials to play with.
  • Clear out some shelves so he can climb and move at different heights.

4- Stimulate your mind

  • Increase play times with your cat.
  • Use juguetes interactivos que le planteen a tu gato retos mentales.
  • Rotate toys so you don’t always have them within reach – novelty is always a boost to the mind.

5- If you have more than one cat at home

  • Put a different litter tray for each one, and an extra one so they never have to fight over it.
  • Make each cat have their own feeder and drinker, and some extra so they don’t need to compete for those resources.

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