How to Remove Dogs During The Quarantine Period

Taking the dogs out is one of the displacements, even allowed, by the Government during the state of alarm. However, there are recommendations and standards that we must abide by. There are many people who still break the rules and from here we want everyone to become aware of their own good and that of others. If you still don’t know what the rules for taking out dogs are, take a look,

Can I take my dog ​​out during the coronavirus quarantine?

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Yes you can. One of the exceptions to this coronavirus quarantine is going outside to walk a pet.. However, it is essential to follow certain recommendations and rules.

According to experts “with the currently available scientific data, there is no evidence that pets can develop the disease, or even that they can become infected with the virus.” Even so, we have to take precautions since the humans that we remove them if we can approach other dog owners and have socialization conversations. This is very dangerous in the state of alarm and we have to control it.

Safety rules for removing dogs during alarm

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  • Limit outputs only what is strictly necessary these days.
  • Only one person can take the animal out.
  • We should go for low traffic areas and at times when there are few people on the street.
  • The walk should be short and close to home: only the time necessary for the animal to relieve itself.
  • We should not get close to other animals or people. If we meet someone, we keep the recommended distance of one meter.
  • There will always be bring a bottle of water with detergent to clean urine of the dog, as well as bags for feces.
  • It is recommended prioritize schedules with less traffic, in order to avoid that people have the least possible human contact.
  • Wash your hands well after touching them and before feeding them.
  • Once at home, calm the dog and pamper him. Play with him and strengthen ties during quarantine. Pay attention to your animal.
  • It’s very important be patient, since the animal will have to adapt to the new situation.

Quarantine Dogs: What NOT to do?

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  • It is not necessary to put masks on the animal. Veterinarians point out that it is totally contraindicated to put a mask on the animal.
  • Do not perform tests to check if they are sick with coronavirus.
  • Never take long walks.
  • Do not remove the obligated dog if it does not have needs. Taking the dogs for a walk is not allowed as an excuse to go for a walk.
  • Rent your pet for others to walk around for you.

Remember that taking dogs out on the street, so that they can relieve themselves and move around a bit, falls within the exceptions of the confinement that the current situation requires, but this should not be taken as an excuse to be away from home.

It is also important to keep in mind that walking the pet has always been considered a way to socialize, but during the time that the state of alarm lasts we must put this aside and not socialize with anyone or at most from afar.

Hygiene rules after taking dogs out

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When we get home, after taking the dog out, it is very important to clean your dog’s pads well with soap and water or disinfectant. Remember that although animals are not at risk of catching this virus or transmitting it, they can leave it spread around the house. After this, it is essential that we wash our hands very well.

Quarantine Dogs: What to do if I am infected with coronavirus?

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“From the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) they recommend that if a person has symptoms, try not to be in contact with the animals because it is not known for sure what can happen to them,” said veterinarian Carolina Chavez regarding care to keep with pets. Although on the other hand, This virus has been found not to affect animals. But if you are infected, even if nothing happens to your animal, it can spread the virus throughout the rest of the house.

It is important to keep a certain distance from the pet and always wear a mask if you have the COVID-19. If you have a garden, patio or terrace in your house, you can let the animal do its things there and play a lot.

The affected person can look for some solution, to try to remove the animal. In this sense, you can try to coordinate with someone you trust to get your animal out of the house, taking the appropriate precautions. If this happens with a dog, it is a good idea to ask for help from family or other friends with or without a dog.

Things we can do at home to entertain our pet

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At home we must find ways to stimulate our pet. So let’s try to set aside some time for her, now we can’t make excuses since we have to stay home. We must compensate for the lack of exercise and outings, due to the reduction in walks.

We can spend time playing with them in many ways:

  • Throw him a toy down the hall several times.
  • Play throw with the force of a toy like a rope or something similar.
  • Hide some sweets dogs around the house and then release the dog to find them.
  • Choose toys designed for her mental stimulation.
  • Give all the love that you cannot normally give because you are working.

What can happen if I don’t respect these rules when removing dogs during quarantine?

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Not only is there an incredible irresponsibility and in capital letters, by people with dogs and without dogs, to spread the virus and / or contract it, but also Failure to comply with the rules is an economic sanction that people seem to ignore.

Compliance with these standards, during the alarm state, it is very important to prevent the coronavirus from spreading and, in this way, to ensure that the period of the alarm state is not extended and last as little as possible.

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