Hydrotherapy in Dogs

When your dog is suffering from an engine problem or has suffered a major fracture, it is important to rehabilitate his body. Hydrotherapy is an increasingly popular technique, and the pioneering veterinary clinic is located in Maison Alfort. What is hydrotherapy? Why does this technique work well? How to practice it?

Welcome to Loyalwill Canine Hydrotherapy Centre or Dog Hydrotherapy Centre where your pet comes first. We are a member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and proud to represent Canine Hydrotherapy in Northamptonshire.

What is hydrotherapy?

If we refer to linguistic origins, hydrotherapy refers to care with water. When your veterinarian prescribes hydrotherapy sessions to your best friend, he offers your pet a body work in the aquatic environment. This corresponds to a series of movements that the therapist imposes on your dog, either by mimicry or by play, but also, depending on the animal, by the word.

In the water, your companion is relieved of his weight and can put all his muscles and joints into action. This is how canine rehabilitation sessions show their effectiveness. Through gentle movements, the dog learns to move naturally.

Why is it particularly effective in dogs?

The dog is a good swimmer. In addition, he loves water. If you leave your animal near a lake or a river without forbidding it, it will invariably dive. Swimming is as beneficial for the dog as it is for the man. The physical exercises that are developed compensate for the defects that have been acquired over the years. For the dog, this helps to relearn the good movement, as well as muscle in case of muscle loss following an injury or an accident.

Where to practice it and at what cost?

Hydrotherapy is not practiced by your veterinarian. This is in a clinic where a veterinary research laboratory works. You can also find a good hydrotherapy service in a dog center.

In any case, ask your veterinarian for advice. In general, your dog will be entitled to a dozen sessions for the treatment to bear fruit. This can increase depending on your affection and ability to recover.

The session costs between 20 and 30 euros but is not always supported by a mutual specialized dog . Consult your contract beforehand.