The ‘No Fear Way’ To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Humans understand that dogs are our best friends. They are reliable, loving, caring, supportive, loyal and almost impossible to resist their puppy faces. Even if they could change your daily routine by giving you unconditional love, there are some things you cannot manage like trimming its nails. Just like humans, your dogs need to cut off their nails carefully. Without any fear, you can cut your dog’s nails gently and nicely.

Why is it necessary to trim your pet’s nails from time to time?

Most of the dog owners think that trimming dog’s nails is not required. In fact, the friction with the tarmac or any other street surface can get the job done for you. On the contrary, if your dog lives in the city, cutting his nails is mandatory. You know why? It is because your dog feels pain with his or her long and sharp nails.

A dog’s nail comes from two parts: the nail bed, a pink area where the vein flows, which is very sensitive, and a white part, which is hard and durable. While the foot hits the ground, the dog’s nail is pushed back up into the nail bed. As a result, this causes pain and pressure in the dog’s leg that leads to psoriatic arthritis. It is one reason why every two weeks to a month, trimming your dog’s nails is mandatory for his overall health.

Cutting your dog’s nails is necessary while he or she undergoes training.

Before you train your dog, always check its nails to ensure the safety of his or her paws. When training your dog, rewards are essential, and it means a lot to him to her. You can choose rewards such as biscuits, toys, or anything that your dog can chew or play. Trimming nails could be fun and a very significant quality time to spend with your pet.

Whenever it is time for action, your dog will be thinking about those trophies and will not be worried too much. Choose the perfect time when your dog is relaxed or tired after a long outdoor running session. The dog will become cooperative once you’re giving rewards to the pet for a job well done. Use a calm tone voice, sit down and start playing with the dog’s feet. In this way, he will not see the difference when you grab those clippers.

How to choose the best tools for trimming your pet’s nails?

There are three different and shared types of tools that you can decide to cut your dog’s nails: a Dremel rotary tool, a Guillotine style clipper, or a “scissor” type clipper. Three of these tools are essential, but the Guillotine style clipper is much preferable. The Dremel tool and the Guillotine style clipper are creating too much noise and it less accurate. As a result, trimming your dog’s nails can be painful and severe. For dog owners, you do not want your pet to experience this kind of pain. You may find a lot of dog nail clippers reviews around the corner, but you should be careful of choosing the best one for your pet.

What is the painless and ‘No Fear Technique’ for trimming your pet’s nails?

Your dog is relaxed and ready for his trimming session. Take his feet with your hand, one at a time, starting from the back legs that are less sensitive. Grab your clipper and cut one nail at a time. In particular, cut inside the white area and not in the pick one, where you can see the vein. With the dog nail clipper, you can do some little shaving cuts and make sure the nails do not bleed. If your dog has black nails, where you cannot see the vein, be careful and do even tinier little cuts one at a time.

What happens if the dog’s nails are bleeding while trimming it?

Sometimes, even if you are careful, you can accidentally hit the dog’s veins with the consequence of blood flowing. First of all, do not panic. It sometimes happens when you are cutting the pet’s nails. Make sure to have the right extra tools to face the problem immediately. Kwik Stop Styptic Powder is an excellent example of an additional dog trimming tool. If you do not have it at home, you can use flours or corn starch. The technique is almost the same by putting some portion of the powder inside your hand and dip the nail in it. The nail will quickly stop bleeding, and you and your dog can start to relax for a while!

Don’t forget to cuddle your dog after trimming its nails.

Once you finish cutting your dog’s, comfort your pet through cuddling. Try playing with your pet for a while, so that it will be comfortable and may ease the pain after nail cutting. After all, dog owners should be relieved from stress when playing with their pets

About the author

Alice Sparkle is a practicing veterinary nurse for 12 years and also looking out for her dog, Mercy. She uses blogging as a way of connecting with other dog owners around the world. You can visit her blog at Love Your Woof to learn more about dog tips, health, products, training and more.

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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy At All Times


Just like humans, it is essential for dogs to be healthy for most of the time. However, the problem for most of the dogs is that they don’t get enough nutrition that could keep them healthy on a daily basis. Most of the dog owners think that it is okay for them to provide anything as long the dog has something to eat. They never realized that not all foods are created equal. It is one reason why your pets are starting to feel something strange in their body. If not treated early, there are chances that your dog will be suffering various diseases like the Parvovirus, diabetes, kidney damage, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, and so on.

For your dog to live a safe and healthy life, you should do whatever it takes to maximize your pet’s health. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the pet is healthy and active. However, providing your pet with incomplete nutrients is not sufficient. As what the humans need, they should provide their pets with the right amount of micronutrients that their cells need. It considers that the dog cells are their basic units of life. Chronic illnesses for dogs have no cure, but it prevents through maintaining its health in various measures.

Without further ado, here are the five ways for your dog to maintain its health at all times:

#1: Don’t settle for less, go for quality

If you are going for cheaper goods and medicines for your pet, it is not sufficient and may not be worth every cent. No matter if your budget is limited, it is not an excuse for not providing your dog with quality goods. If you think that saving money for cheaper products is a good idea, it is not. The lesser price you aim, the lower quality and value you get. It is just like you are throwing away your money for something that is not efficient and may not get all of the nutrients needed by your pet. Quality is always the best, and it is better to settle for something useful and valuable to your investment.

#2: Regular dental care and grooming is necessary

If you think grooming and basic care is not required, think again. Once you are not going to spend time grooming your dog for at least a week, he or she may have hairballs. It is annoying for a pet to have hairballs, and it may get thick and hard to remove them from time to time. It may lead your dog to suffer skin disease in the long term once you are not going to give time in grooming them. Dental care is essential for dogs. It is not best for dogs to remain to have a bad breath and not to get their teeth cleaned, which leads them to have gum and severe teeth problems later on. You should clean your pet’s teeth for at least a week with a small toothbrush and toothpaste that is specialized for them.

#3: Walk with your dog

Your dog needs to have regular activity by bringing him or her along with you. It is not good for a dog to stay at home and do nothing at all, especially if it’s alone. Walking with your dog is one of the best ways to keep your dog physically healthy. He or she needs to move outside of the house to exercise and have some fun. Not only that, the dog owner could interact and make friends with others.

#4: Play with your dog from time to time

Sometimes, you’ve got to pay attention to your dog. There are times that your dog may disturb you while working or doing some stuff. It is just that your pet wants to play with you. Even if you are busy at work, studies or other activities you have, try to spend at least a few minutes of your time to play and cuddle your dog. In this way, you would be relieved from stress or something that disturbs your focus on work or other activities. Dog owners consider their pets as “stress relievers” because of their presence.

#5: Do a regular check-up with your local veterinarian or animal doctor

Lastly, it is necessary for you to schedule your pet for a regular check-up. If you can do it for at least once a month, there is assurance of monitoring your dog’s health easily. The veterinarian or animal doctor can check if your pet has health problems, and may give professional advice on what you can do to fix that problem.

If you love your pet very much, do whatever it takes to keep or maintain their health. The lifespan of dogs are way shorter than humans, so try to make the most out of it for them to live a bit longer than you expect.

Are Human Supplements Safe For Dogs To Take?

It is essential for a dog owner to maintain the health of his or her pet. Lots of pets died early due to lack of health management. For sure, a dog owner is not investing money well to maximize the health of their pets. For the pet owner to maintain his or her dog’s health, it is time to be open-minded when it comes to alternative solutions.

There are some best dog foods for huskies and other breeds around the corner, but they are not enough to supply your dog with the right amount of nutrients that could maintain their cells healthy. It is essential for dogs to take nutritional supplements, but the quality is not that high compared to humans.

One of the possible alternative solutions for specific dog problems is no other than the human nutritional products. They are considered to be safe for humans, not totally for dogs. You know that dogs are different from humans. Some components are pet-friendly, but others are not.

One of the possible alternative solutions for specific dog problems is no other than the human nutritional products. They are considered to be safe for humans, not totally for dogs. You know that dogs are different from humans. Some components are pet-friendly, but others are not.

However, there are some cases that nutritional supplements for humans have helped dogs in their specific ailments such as liver damage, vision problems and so on. Even that they are safe, you cannot just buy and take risks without seeking professional advice from a doctor or veterinarian.

There are some things you need to know before letting your dog take a human supplement:

1 – Vitamins should be water-soluble like the fish oil gel capsule

One of the things you need to know before letting your pet take a dietary supplement is that the vitamins should be water-soluble. There is a chance that fat-soluble nutritional products are going to be stored in the pet’s body, especially if it contains components that are harmful and toxic to them. Fish oil gel capsules are ideal and safe for dogs. However, it is better for you to pick its gel cover and put the fish oil component in a syringe. However, not all fish oil gel capsules are safe because of heavy metal contaminants. Make sure that it is free from lead, mercury and other harmful metal components.

 2 – It must not contain vitamin A, D, E and K

It is another reason why you should be careful in letting your dog take a human dietary supplement. Some vitamins should be avoided, like the vitamin A, D, E and K. They are considered toxic and dangerous to be taken for dogs, which may lead to severe organ complications that would threaten their life condition. Before you buy any human nutritional supplement in the market for your dog, check the label if there is no vitamin A, D, E and K. Once there is none, it is considered to be safe for your pet.

3 – The vitamin should be natural organic and not synthetic

Protecting your dog from kidney failure is essential. One of the common causes of kidney failure is synthetic medication. Even though that synthetic drugs prescribed to your dog is recommended, but the chemicals inside may harm your pet’s kidney in the long term. On the other hand, natural organic supplements have no chemicals or overdosage. Because of that, they are safe for humans and dogs to take.

4 – It must have high bioavailability rate

One of the reasons that nutritional supplements are not in excellent quality is due to its low availability rate. For you to know that the dietary supplement has high absorption rate, it should be in high-quality standards through its manufacturing process. Not only that, it should be approved by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) when it comes to safety and quality for public to take. Most of the nutrients should be fully absorbed into the dog’s bloodstream to become efficient and valuable in its body.

5 – Check the supplement’s content to your local veterinarian

Above everything else, this one is to ensure your pet’s safety. The dog owner must seek professional advice to a local doctor or veterinarian before letting your pet take a human nutritional supplement. You cannot just be sure that a human dietary supplement is totally safe for dogs. It is still better for you to make sure that it is safe for dogs in taking professional advice. Before you buy that supplement, take a screenshot of its label and content and show it to your local veterinarian or animal doctor.

If you think that dietary supplements for humans are safe for dogs, it is a yes or no. You have to do your in-depth research or seek professional advice from an animal physician or veterinarian before buying that product for your pet’s health.

About the author

Jeff Caceres is a pure dog lover who currently owns 7 dogs at home. During his spare time, he likes to play with his dogs. You can check out the dog website Life With Puppy for more stories, tips, and advice from different dog owners around the world.

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Interesting Facts About Tuxedo Cats And How They Are Best Among All Breeds

Interesting Facts About Tuxedo Cats And How They Are Best Among All Breeds

Do you love cats? Cats are generally attractive animals domesticated on wide scale just because of special behavioral characteristics. It is believed that they have a sense of affection for the people living at home. Cats are of various kinds. Technically, speaking cats have different breeds known for distinguishing features and characters. Among the most famous and well-known cat breeds the Tuxedo is very attractive for physical appearance and beauty.

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This is Why Cats Are More Awesome Than Dogs

Why Cats are More Awesome

One of the oldest battles in the world is the one between those who love cats and those who adore dogs. The truth is, there will probably never be a clear winner in this fight, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be personal preference involved in our own choices. According to both cat people and dog people, their respective choice of a pet makes them happy, stress-free and loved all day long.

There is no point in arguing about dogs, so here are some of the ways in which scientists have shown that cats are awesome.

Cat People are Smarter

A study conducted by students at Carroll University found out that cat people graded higher on basic intelligence tests than dog people. The testing was supposed to find out if there were any major differences in the personalities of the two groups of people, all of whom were self-identified as either one or the other.

No, cats don’t make you smarter. You shouldn’t go to the pet store to buy a cat because you have that test coming up in a week. It just means that there is a likelihood that people who are naturally drawn to felines are also a little smarter than one would expect. The same study also found that cat lovers keep themselves to themselves, are way more liberal with their views, and love “sticking it to the man”.

Cats Leave a Smaller Footprint

No, it isn’t because cats are smaller than dogs. The footprint in question here is the carbon footprint that the pet leaves on the earth each year. Cats have a far smaller footprint than their canine counterparts, who have one the same size as an SUV or more.

Cats aren’t as Messy

Cats are extremely clean animals by nature. They can’t stand smells, messes and spills. When drinking water, for example, they are very delicate indeed so that they don’t slobber all over the place like a St. Bernard.

They reduce messes in other ways too, such as in the litter box. However, since they can’t stand smells, you may have to vacuum up the litter regularly to keep them in the box and happy.

Cat Owners are Less Likely to Have Heart Attacks

This was the result of another university study which concluded that people with cats were nearly 40% less likely than others to suffer from a catastrophic heart attack. This is mainly due to the reduction in stress that you experience when you live with a pet. They are the perfect form of therapy, and are now recommended by psychiatrists as a first line of defense against anxiety and depression.

While dogs can reduce the effects of high blood pressure and stress in their human owners too, they aren’t nearly as good as cats at it.

Cats Save You Money

This is probably one of the best parts of owning a cat. They are the cheapest pets in the world to maintain (other than a tortoise). You could save up to $1000 a year by owning a cat instead of a dog. The reason for this is probably that cats are smaller than dogs and therefore don’t need as much food to survive.

They also are more independent than canines which mean that they don’t need as many toys and entertainment products as dogs do. You won’t need to get them leashes, collars and other paraphernalia either. Training sessions with professional trainers are also unnecessary. Keeping a cat safe while on holiday? Far less expensive than a dog watcher. Cats are simply more awesome. Accept it and move on!

The Ultimate Dog Bed Buying Guide

Dog Bed Buying Guide

Dog beds are not a fancy thing anymore for posh people. It’s a necessity nowadays. A dog bed can be beneficial to your dog in many ways. It can protect your dog from extreme weather, can provide a comfortable sleep throughout the night and you can collect all the pet hair from one place.

Now there are couple of things that you need to keep consider while buying a bed for your loved dog. Those are given below. And once you have learned all things regarding a dog bed, you can check out where the best dog beds are reviewed.

  1. Types of Bed

There are 5 types of dog beds that you can find in the market. The first and the most common one is Standard bed. These types of beds are usually cut from a large piece of foam and put a cover on it. These beds are good for large dogs and old dogs. If your dog has arthritis then a memory foam bed would be the best option.

Then come the bagel bed which is a dog bed with high edges. Dogs that like to cuddle inside a bed, will find this type of bed to be the most comfortable.  Elevated or lifted beds are another type that is good for dogs with long thick far. These beds are very good at passing air so that you dog won’t get very hot.

Then there is corner or space server beds that you can put in the corner of your house where you couldn’t put any other stuff. These beds are very fashionable and will increase the beauty of your house. The last bed type is the crate bed. These beds are suitable for create use.

  1. Bed Sizes

The size of the dog bed is another thing that you need to find out before you start shopping. Measure your dog and then buy a bed that is at least 4 to 6 inches longer that your dog so that it will have some space for stretching. You also need to keep in mind that beds that are made for large dogs won’t be comfortable for smaller dogs as those beds will be stiffer to support the large dog. On the other hand, a bed made for small dogs won’t be good for large dogs that they will easily sink in which may cause joint pains and uncomfortable sleep.

  1. Materials

The filling of a dog bed can vary from bed to bed. Polyester, feather, cotton and foam filings are the most common. Foam beds are the best filling for most types of dogs and especially large dogs. Feather and cotton beds will be comfortable for smaller and thin dogs. Feather beds are very warm as they trap air inside. These beds are suitable for colder climates. Now you need to keep in mind if your dog is a chewer or not. If it is, then you should get a chew proof dog bed. These beds are usually a wooden or metal frame bed with a rug in the middle that supports the dog. They can’t chew the fabric because of the frame.

Dogs spend a lot of their time sleeping and providing a good quality bed is an essential. If you keep the above things in mind while buying a dog bed, you will surely end up with the best bed for your canine.

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Can Cats Eat Cheese?

Can cats eat cheese

One of the most common diary product for people all around the world is cheese. As a cat owner, if you have ever come across your cat eating cheese or if you often find yourself wondering if it is alright to share some cheese with your cat. This post is for you.

Cats are naturally curious and this leads them to try and lick every food item and cheese is something they most definitely will eat. So if you notice your cat trying to lick or eat some cheese than you might end up asking yourself can cats eat cheese?

Can Cats Eat Cheese?

Yes, cats can eat cheese, but only in small portions and only occasionally. But I suggest you avoid giving them any cheese because of the reasons we will discuss below.


Most cats are lactose intolerant and since cheese is made of milk, too much of it can give them an upset stomach.

It can also lead to diarrhea and this results in the loss of bodily fluids and it also makes the cat ill.

Cats with diarrhea can also cause “accidents” in the house as the cat won’t be able to make it to the litter box every time.

Most of you already know that there is a difference in the amount of lactose found in cheese and even though lactose is less in cheese than in milk, it is still better to avoid it.

If you really want to share some cheese with your cat, then please note the following:

  1. If you have noticed your cat having diarrhea while consuming milk, then please avoid cheese as your cat may be more lactose intolerant than other cats.
  1. The cheese must not be flavored at all.
  1. It must always be in small portions.

What happens if your cat eats cheese?

Suppose you are not aware of how much cheese your cat has consumed then do the following:

  1. Take away the remaining cheese.
  2. Stay with the cat and observe her moments.
  3. Check her litter tray once after she goes and look for diarrhea.

If your cat has diarrhea, provide plenty of water and resume regular diet.


While cheese may have a lot of nutritional value for humans, cats may not be able to experience the entire benefits of cheese, and apart from the protein, there won’t be any significant value.


As mentioned earlier, most cats are lactose intolerant and giving them cheese can sometimes cause an upset stomach or even diarrhea.

Cheese is also high in fat and eating cheese can cause fat to build up in the body which can cause your cat you become overweight.

That is not the only risk that cats face due to cheese.

Even though cats do love cheese and will definitely try to eat it when offered, please don’t offer too much cheese and when you do give cheese try and stick with cheddar cheese and along with it provide a clean bowl of drinking water.

If you feel like your cat is missing out on cheese, then you can offer her several different types of cat treats. In the end, it is important to realize that your cat’s health is in your hands.

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Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

One of the cutest things, I have ever seen was a Bernese Mountain puppy. It looks like a miniature teddy bear. However, this adorable puppy was not cheap with an $1800 purchase price. The demand is great and the supply is limited, therefore the high price. Also, there is often expensive screening for hereditary diseases. Many people are on a waiting list of 6-12 months to get a new puppy, so price must not be an issue. Most Bernese Mountain dogs go for $800 – $2,000, with most going from $800-$1500

This wonderful large dog was almost extinct at the end of the 19th century. The Bernese Mountain dog was first brought to the United States in 1926. They are tri-color and aristocratic in appearance with a bushy tail. Bernese Mountain dogs are slightly longer in body than they are tall. With all of their hair, they shed all the time. This is a dry mouth breeder and not a drooler. As you would expect, they thrive in cold weather.

They were originally working farm dogs. They have lots of heart and seek to please making them fantastic therapy dogs.

The bad news about the high price is a short lifespan for these 100 pound dogs. Many Bernese Mountain dogs fall to cancer and only live 6-7 years. Occasionally, some will live over 10 years. Also, hip and elbow disease is common in this breed.

They love to be around people especially children, but they are independent. Many people are concerned with Bernese Mountain dogs with children because they are herders. This behavior does not lead them to trying to herd kids. However, their intelligence is often using to manipulate their owners.

Bernese Mountain dogs are sensitive and impressionable. It is easy to train these dogs, but you must use only positive training techniques. They have excellent memories and bad and or scary experiences are hard to overcome. Keeping the training sessions short will prevent boredom.

Most puppies will adjust to other pets in the family. Bernese Mountain dogs are not prone to excessive barking, but they don’t do well isolated from people and activity. Like most large dogs, they need a job to do or they could be destructive. Playing with other dogs or themselves when they feel energetic is common for this large but agile dog.

Bernese Mountain Dogs take a considerable amount of time to make them a good family dog. If you are looking for a pet to stick in the back yard and leave alone, this is the wrong dog for you.

Make sure to check Dog related items (necklaces, rings, bracelets or pillows) on

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Read Through The Canna Pet CBD Review Here

Canna Pet CBD Review

If you have heard about CBD cannabinoid nutritional pet product but do not know what it is all about, you can read through the Canna Pet CBD Review here to learn more about. The product has been awarded with highest quality rating which made it recommendable to all those reading this post. Therefore, if you have pet you want to nourish more effectively, you can go ahead and start giving it this canna pet supplement without wasting time. There are some certain things you need to be aware of when it comes to buying Canna Pet CBD product.

Why You Need to Read through Canna Pet CBD Review

Due to the recent increase in the popularity of Canna Pet CBD product in the market today, most competitors have started selling the fake product in the name of original. You can easily fall victim of buying the fake product when you prioritize price over quality. This is because the companies selling the fake product usually do so at affordable rate. The only way to identify the real original Cannabinoid nutritional pet product is to read through the review provided on this site.

Find Out More about Cana Pet CBD through This Review

All the things you need to learn about this pet product are revealed on this Canna Pet CBD Review. So, before going ahead to make purchase, it is recommended that you read through the professionally organized review offered on this site.

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