Declawing Cats – Is it Necessary?

declawing cats

Declawing cats might seem necessary for some people, especially for those who hav expensive furniture and home furnishings and they do not want to see scratches on them. Other people are afraid of their cats scratching them or their children. Some veterinarians even include this in their packages which could make you think it is okay to have your cats declawed.

However, you might be subjecting your cat to unnecessary, even inhumane, pain if you decide to have him declawed. Just imagine this: what would you feel if your fingers were cut off, one by one, from the last knuckles in your hands? Could you function properly afterwards? Some say declawing is to a cat as cutting off the ends of your fingers is to you!

Declawing cats is not like manicure or trimming fingernails like in humans. What you are actually doing is you cut off the last bone from your cat’s claws. Does that sound like a trip to the salon to you?

No matter what kind of procedure you will use for declawing your cats—traditional surgery, laser surgery, or tendonectomy—they are all unnecessary. Do not let your beloved pets experience unnecessary pain and discomfort just because you want scratch-free furniture. Not only they will feel intense pains and it takes time for them to recover. They will not also be able to do what every cat can do. That is, to scratch.

Also, claws protect them from enemies or predators. Without claws, cats are very vulnerable so if your cat goes outdoors at all you must not have him declawed or he will not be able to protect himself against predators. Moreover, your cat may lose its grace, elegance, and agility and could become lame and clumsy because they no longer have the normal and natural designs for their bodies.

Now that you know what really happens when you declaw cats and the effects of it, you can now think of alternatives or other options that will prevent your cat from creating too much damage in your house. What you can do is to train your cat by getting him a scratching post. You can teach him to scratch it instead of scratching your home furnishings. It may take longer time but at least your cat will not suffer from pain they will get when you declaw them.

Moreover, you can trim the front claws of your cat. This is the one which is similar to trimming a person’s fingernails. Be careful when you do this though. You can also use nail caps for each of your cat’s pointy claws. These fit over the tips of the claws covering up the needle sharp points that can damage your furniture. These are replaceable and can last for up to 4 to 6 weeks. But keep in mind that you only trim and put claw caps on cats that are always indoors.

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Health Care For Cats – Pet Guide

pet guide

In contradiction to the saying that cats have nine lives, cats only possess one precious life just like every creature in the world. Our role as their masters and protectors is that we must learn the basics of caring for them. And we must be able to perform this health care for cats to the best of our abilities. We need to understand our cats. We have to learn what is normal to them and we should be keen in observing their behavior. Knowing what a healthy cat looks like should be a must in order to become a responsible cat owner.

One way and probably the best way to watch over our lovely felines is by performing a mini-physical examination to our cats on a regular basis. Plus seeing your friendly vet on regular check-ups. And we say performing a mini-physical examination on a regular basis, we mean an ideally once a week grooming session with your cat.

First of all we need to make ourselves and our cats to feel comfortable as we conduct our mini-physical examination.

  • The skin and the coat. – As you perform your grooming session with your cat, you will get the chance to examine your cat’s body. Let your hands pass over your cat’s body and feel if there are any irregularities or weirdness such as bumps, lumps or swelling. Take note of the cat’s fur. If you ever find some patches of hair loss or fleas or any unwanted creature like fleas for that matter, inform your vet right away in order proper medication may be provided for. You should also face your cat away from you and gently lift your cat’s tale. If you get to notice some tan colored rice shaped objects right there, you might be looking at tape-worm eggs. This must be taken into priority.
  • The eyes. – Your cat’s eyes can show if it is in good health or not. A healthy cat has bright eyes and equally sized pupils. Gently roll down your cat’s eyelids and see if the tissue lining the lid is pink. If it’s red or white something is wrong with your kitty.
  • The ears. – Flap your cat’s ear and see if it is clean. It is actually an important part of health care for cats to be sure their ears are not harboring ear mites. If it’s not, don’t clean it by yourself. Get a professional to do that for you. Probbing on your cat’s ear might cause irritation or infection. Your cat’s ear must be light pink in color, not swelling and not secreting any stenchy odor.
  • The mouth and the nose. – You also need to examine your cat’s gums and teeth. A cat’s healthy gums must not be swelling and must be pink in color, not red nor white. Your cat’s teeth should be clean free of brownish tartar. Smell your cat’s breath, although cat’s breath was never of heavenly scent, irregularity on this department might mean something bad. Too much drooling may also be an indication of a possible oral disease. The cat’s nose should be pink as well.
  • Your cat’s pulse rate. – The normal pulse rate of an adult cat is 140-220 beets per minute while on kittens range from 160-240 beats per minute. You can get your cat’s pulse rate on the inside of the hind leg near the groin.

Paying attention to your cats mood and habits as well as performing a little examination is all part of health care for cats that should be done by every cat owner. Keeping your cat in good health will insure that you have your furry companion with you for many years to come.

You can read more about PET GUIDE here:

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Snuggle Buddies For Your Pet – Burrow Blanket

burrow blankets

Like human beings, pets also go through anxiety and instinctually crave enclosed and protected places. However, it is not always possible for you to have your pets sleep with you and for this purpose, BedHug have introduced burrow blankets which gives the comfort and protection which your pet needs.

These pet bed covers are fluffy and comfortable and allow your dog or cat to relax in when they are feeling anxious. This anxiety might occur when you leave the house, resulting in your pet creating havoc, hence, in your absence, the burrow blankets can serve as their cuddle buddies to soothe their nerves.

BedHug provides these pet bed covers in one size, which fits most pet beds, however, the three different colors lets you choose the one that your pet would love the most! The burrow blankets are extremely soft and would ensure that your pet sleeps peacefully throughout the night.

Due to the instincts of pets, especially small cats and dogs, to burrow, BedHug introduced these pet bed covers to ensure a place where your pet feels protected. Bed hug also ensures that they give back to the pet which is why with every purchase, they contribute for animal shelters and rescue which gives you all the more reason to go out and make your contribution for your pet and other animals too.

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Comfort For Your Cat

modern cat bed

Buying a cat is one of the most amazing experiences after which the owner sets out to buy organic food, little toys, and what not to make sure the new pet feels at home. The modern era, however, demands cat accessories to be available at a different level. Here we have the introduction of modern cat beds. These are not just ordinary pillows that your cat can laze around on all day. A wide range of collection is available at Ultra Modern Pet.

The different range of styles of the modern cat beds varies from contemporary to modern to minimalist, anything that you believe would suit your cats’ needs is offered. These beds even have attractive names to set themselves apart from each other. You have the ‘Kittibunk’, which is a shallow cylindrical bed with an additional place for resting on the top, like a bunk bed. The ‘TeePee’ is like a hut where your cat can go inside and close the door and rest.

These modern cat beds are crafted by designers from all over the world. The different designs, styles and colors along with the diverse use of materials, such as fur or leather and eye catching patterns is why you should buy your modern cat bed. Another appealing aspect of this brand is that 30% of the proceeds go to animal charity! So what are you waiting for? Get your cat and start shopping for its comfort by buying the most stylish and elegant bed to suit its needs.

How to Train Your Dog?


After the crucial process of selecting a dog that suits your lifestyle, there comes another process: how to train your dog? This course of action is not as simple as it seems and requires complete dedication from the owner along with the use of right equipment.

There are various kinds of training that are required for a newly bought dog. These include leash training, house training, crate training and obedience training. Each kind of training has a different set of procedure that needs to be followed.

The first step in training your dog is to give it a name that catches its attention when you call out for him to ensure an efficient training. The most vital part is to appoint a particular time daily for training and associate your dogs’ good actions with rewards to create a positive association. Similarly, bad habits should be punished to further stop your dog from carrying out such acts.

The mental state of the owner is highly important. Remaining calm and neutral is the key to carry out an effective training session. Agitation and aggression might result in a negative result of the training.

To train your dog, you also need the proper equipment. This includes leash or a collar to keep him within the boundaries of a certain place. A wireless dog fence can also be used to restrict your dog from leaving the premises of your property.

Your pet requires proper training to adjust in to your lifestyle and bring comfort instead of chaos. Moreover, with the right techniques and steps, the process to train your dog becomes relatively easier and faster.

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Best Dog Shock Collar: Things You Should Know Before Buying

dog shock collar reviews

Dog shock collars are commonly used when enforcing rules between you and your dog. It doesn’t matter if you want your dog to stop barking in the park where you walk it every day, or at home, where your neighbors are equally annoyed. Before buying the shock collar, you must read the article and check the top rated dog shock collar reviews and details guide from DogCollarZone.Com.

What is the best dog shock collar?

There are three types of dog collars available: shock collars, ultrasonic collars, and spray collars. The shock collars are also known as the static collars, because they release a harmless low volt electric shock to your dog’s neck as a result of its incessant barking. The ultrasonic collars sense when the dog barks, and so as a result of that, it sends an annoying noise that dogs don’t like, although people can’t hear it because it’s beyond the range of what we can hear. The last type of collar is the spray collar, which squirts out a liquid that is totally harmless to the dog, but it is totally irritating at the same time to the dog.

The most popular type of dog collar right now is the dog shock collar. These shock collars perform in two different ways, which you get to choose from. When you purchase a shock collar for your dog, you decide if you want to control whenever it shocks the dog, or if the collar itself automatically performs. If you want the collar to perform on its own, then no worries, because that is exactly what it will do when it senses that your dog is barking. If you want to make the collar shock your dog when it is misbehaving, then that is beyond simplicity. When you buy a dog shock collar, you can buy one with a remote control that has a button on it. When your dog is misbehaving, then just press the button, and it shocks your dog. These types of collars work with the remote up to 600 feet away!

At first, your dog may not notice that it was actually ‘shocked,’ but after a while, as the collar, or you, keep shocking it, your pooch will notice a pattern there, and eventually your dog will know that you are shocking it because of its annoying barking that drives everyone around crazy.

If your dog starts to bark even more as a result of the shocking, then level it down, as in, don’t shock it so often. You aren’t supposed to shock in order to give your dog a panic attack. You are supposed to be shocking your dog to stop the habit. In fact, dog shock collars don’t just come in just one action. It can do three actions: shock the dog, vibrate the dog’s neck, and also send a sound that it does not like, even though it is not an ultrasonic collar.

Dog shock collars don’t have to be used only when the dog barks. If your dog doesn’t have a barking problem, then buy the remote kind, so you can control anything you don’t want your dog doing. For example, if your dog has aggression problems, and your dog is growing at a guest that came over, then shock the dog. This method can be used on a dog that is 6 months old, or a dog that is at the least 8 pounds.

As your dog gets better accustomed to the shocking, and stops barking so much, then I would first of all recommend using the collar less and less. When your dog only barks occasionally, I would take that as a signal and I would stop using the shock function, and stick with the vibrating and sound function.

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Check Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

wireless dog fence reviews

A wireless dog fence is less of a fence and more of a collar for your dog which allows your pet to remain within the confines of your house without disturbing the neighbors. Wireless dog fence reviews allows you to buy the quality dog fence to set up a perimeter within which your dog is supposed to stay and if the dog approaches an area further than that then it beeps which alerts the dog and it does not proceed further.

Good wireless dog fence includes features that keep your dog safe and contained in the area that you desire. The number one product on the list of best wireless dog fence is the PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300. It creates a security zone of up to 90 feet and comes with safe equipment for your dog.

A quick and easy setup, along with an instruction manual is highly important in a good wireless dog fence. The top five wireless dog fences come with these features along with a good alert system for when your dog leaves the boundary and a comfortable collar that does not cause any harm to your pet. Before considering buying a wireless dog fence, it is essential for you to consider all the features of the product, check wireless dog fence reviews and ensure that the static connection that your dog receives when leaving the marked territory does not hurt him.

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Shield Your Pet by Reliable Pet Insurance Company

pet insurance information


Are you facing confusion related with the decision of getting pet insurance? If the answer is yes, then it is recommended by experts that you have to be very much careful because a proper decision can only be made after getting knowledge related with even minor details. For those who are new to this concept the best source of guidance can be none other than

Why us?

You will find many people providing their own suggestions and giving their point of views related with pet insurance, but it is best that you should not trust these kinds of sources and only try to seek information from experts who have extensive knowledge as well as experience and is an ideal destination in this regard.

Get answers to your questions

We are the best providers of information as far as pet insurance is concerned. You can trust us because we have done extensive research on this topic hence we are in a better position of guiding you on every topic. It doesn’t matters that either you want information related with the best insurance companies or simply want to know about the basics is never going to disappoint you.  We want to make everything easy and simplified because of this reason people find the information provided by extremely useful.

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Check Here For Best Dog Boots at Affordable Rate

dog boots

Do you like to take a walk around with your puppy dog even on snow terrain, hot pavement and others? Are you thinking that your lovely pet dog is not feeling the effect of snow or hotness of the pavement on the leg while moving around with you? It is important for you to understand that your dog feels irritated with snowing terrain just like yourself. So, while buying your own boot you should consider your dog also. This site is the right place where you can buy top quality and best dog boots designed to suit your dog in particular.

Buy Dog Boots Here At Affordable Rate

You are going to find all designs, quality and sizes of dog boots on this site. The boots are designed in different ways and for different purposes. Some of the boots offered here include: Non slip boots, Snow boots, hot pavement boots, SPORTHOS Boots and others. With all these boots designed for dogs, you will find the one that will be match your dog without stress. The exciting thing here is that the entire boots irrespective of design, quality, size and others are sold at affordable rate. That means you can actually provide your dog beautiful boots that will protect the leg from harm without spending huge amount of money.

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Get The Best Medicine Made For Dog Ear Infection Here

dog ear infection

Do you have a bet dog you love so much and want to protect from diseases and infections? You are in the right place as this site is about to offer you information remedy for dog ear infection. The truth is that chronic ear infection is quite common in dog as the parasite that cause the infection can be transferable from one animal to another. Dogs that are suffering from ear infections are always restless and uncomfortable which normally show in their mood and reactions to people and things around them. So, if you want your lovely pet dog to still remain friendly with you and other members of your family you need to contact the experts here for dog ear infection medicine.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment You Need To Know

You are not to pass through hassle for you to find best dog ear infection treatment. The reliable veterinary doctor on this site will provide you with most potent medicine that will completely cure ear infection in your dog completely. These are the reasons why you have to go ahead and check out on this site for the treatment without need to waste time further.

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