Things To Consider Before Bringing Home A Cat
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Things To Consider Before Bringing Home A Cat

Getting to bring home a furry feline to love and play with is one of the most exciting things in life. However, when you adopt a cat you are responsible for it for the rest of its life. So, here are some things to consider before bringing home a cat.

Introductions Take Time

If you have kids, talk to them before you bring a new cat into your home. Explain that cats are fragile and need to rest and have their own space. Only introduce them to the cat when both the cat and your kids seem ready. Keep a close eye on them though when they play together. When introductions are done correctly, they can have a strong bond that will form a lifetime of amazing memories. You’ll surely get some laughs too when the cat does something cute like try to steal your child’s snack (which cats shouldn’t eat). This is why you need to pay close attention and teach your kids how to properly play with their new cat.

Animals should slowly be introduced by just scent with the safety of a door between them. Once they are comfortable with sniffing each other from underneath the doorway and aren’t hissing or scratching, you can introduce them face-to-face for a few minutes at a time. Make sure to keep a close eye on them though. You don’t want the alpha cat of the house terrorizing the new cat. To prevent this, be sure that the new kitten does not intrude on your existing cat’s territory. Be sure that sleeping spaces, food bowls, and their other items remain with the existing cat.

Find Out If Anyone In Your Home Is Allergic First

Before bringing home a new cat you should be absolutely sure that your new furry feline will be welcomed with open arms. If someone in your home has a severe allergy that they don’t know about, this could be a big problem. Cats can be territorial and get attached to their surroundings. So, you should not bring a cat home, only to discover a few weeks later that they can’t stay there forever.

Prepare Your Home Ready With Cat Toys And Cat Furniture

Get all the items you think you’ll need BEFORE bringing home your new cat. You should decide what food to buy and figure out where cat furniture will go. Cats usually like to have their own bed too. So, you should find an appropriate place for the cat bed. They’ll also need a large cat tower, a cat scratching post, a cat litter box, and a handful of toys. Cats love being high up too so think about adding cat wall furniture to save your floor space. This will give your cat a safe place of their own to go especially if there are kids or pets in the home. The Refined Feline designs unique cat furniture that you and your cat will both enjoy. 

Give Your Cat Their Own Space

Look for a place that your cat can call its own until it’s comfortable in its new home. It’s normal for the cat to be nervous at first and not come out right away. You’ll want to provide a nice hiding place for this reason as well. The space you provide should be secure and not super bright, and have food and water available nearby. When your kitten arrives home and is in the carrier, just put it down and open the door. Let the cat come out and explore when they’re ready. Just be sure that their food, water, and litter box is nearby. It’s only natural to want to be around your new cat all the time but follow your cat’s cues and body language to see what they want. If the cat wants to hide, let them have some space. The cat will come around and seek attention soon enough.

Provide A Quiet And Calm Environment For Your New Cat

You should interact with your new cat somewhere quiet and in a soft voice. Make sure to pet them gently and you can even try slow blinking with them. Your new furry feline will trust you soon enough and want to bond.

Read These Things To Consider Before Bringing Home A Cat

Your new cat will demand all of your attention while simultaneously ignoring you soon enough. You’ll be laughing and have your heart stolen at the same time. Bonding with a cat is one of the best things in life and they offer unconditional love. Just be sure to consider all of these things before bringing home a cat.

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