How to Choose The Right Cat Tree?

Topeakmart Cat Tree

Scratching and climbing are some natural cat instincts. If your cat loves climbing on shelves and cabinets or scratching furniture, it is great to get a cat tree to protect your valuables.

Having a cat tree is important because it prevents them from destroying items in your house. They also feel fulfilled when they have a special place to climb and crawl safely.

Choosing the right cat tree can be daunting because there are so many options on the market. I will take you through some essential things you should consider when choosing the right cat tree.

Selecting the Right Cat tree

Below are some top tips you should consider when buying a cat tree.

  • Cats Age

Before you buy a cat tree, consider the age of your cat and its ability to use it. Do you have a senior cat or a kitten? Senior cats spend most of their time lounging so a simple cat tree can be great for them. For kittens, their curiosity is high so you can consider a more elaborate cat tree.

  • Safety

While you want to offer your cat a convenient place to climb and scratch, you should put safety first. The cat tree should be stable enough such that it doesn’t knock over. It should handle the force of jumping, clawing, and climbing.

  • Material

There are various types of cat tree material that you can pick depending on what your cat likes. For instance, you can choose materials like carpet, rope, fabric, and cardboard depending on your cat’s interest.

  • Available Space

The space in your house will determine the type of cat tree to choose. If you have a larger space, then you can choose a larger cat tree.

  • Appearance

Of course, you need an aesthetic-looking cat tree that matches your house décor. Some of the most common colors that blend well with many home and residential decorations include brown, gray, black, and blue.

Other considerations

  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Assembly

The Best Cat Tree- Topeakmart Cat Tree

If you are looking for top recommendations for cat trees, visit the Topeakmart store. There are plenty of cat trees and other essential products you can get for your pets.

One of their bestselling cat tree you can consider is the Topeakmart Cat Tree. Let’s find a detailed review of this cat tree to give you a deeper understanding.

Multi-level Design

This is a 79-inch cat tree that can accommodate 2-3 adults simultaneously. Its multi-level design allows room for more activity vertically and pets get enough space to climb and play.

Durable Materials

This cat tower is made of durable materials. The materials are eco-friendly for the health of your cats. It features a non-toxic particle board with a plush fabric cover and the post is covered with natural sisal. All this provides your cats with a healthy and safe playing area.

9 Scratching Posts

This cat tree provides many hours of fun for your cats. It is designed with 9 scratching posts of varying heights to encourage positive scratching behavior. The dangling sisal rope and the corrugated sisal ramp also provide other fun ways for your cats to scratch.

Comfortable Lounging Space

Your cats can enjoy a comfortable lounging environment since it has three perches. The top part of the cat tree offers ample room for many cats. Additionally, there are two fluffy condos and different-sized plush baskets that provide your pets with great relaxing options.

Final Words

Give your cars a comfortable place to play, relax, lounge, climb or scratch with the Topeakmart cat tree. This cat tree is great if you have multiple cats since it has enough space to accommodate them. You can place this cat tower in the corner or near a window and it works well for adult cats and kittens.