Tips on How to Attract Hummingbirds at Home
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Tips on How to Attract Hummingbirds at Home

Create a hummingbird haven with these tips. Attract these beautiful birds and enjoy nature’s magic at home. Read more now!

Springtime is the perfect season to experience nature’s wonders! For those in the eastern United States, ruby-throated hummingbirds may soon appear. Westerners can look forward to varieties such as black-chinned, Costa’s, and Allen’s hummingbirds flying by their yards. To encourage a close encounter with these tiny birds with incredible metabolic rates, consider hanging some feeders in your garden. If you want to upgrade your backyard, attract a buzzing crowd of hummingbirds with the right feeders. To ensure these feathered friends keep returning for more, here are tips on where and how to hang them.

Install more than one feeder

Hummingbirds are tiny but have big personalities. They love to swoop, swirl, and chatter. If you want more of them, hang your best hummingbird feeder so a dominant bird can defend its turf while allowing space for other visitors. For the best chance of having multiple guests, set out two or more feeders placed ten feet apart.

Set a nearby water source

Invite hummingbirds to your backyard for an indulgent spa-like experience. A special water feature like a mister fountain is the perfect addition. Place it near a feeder or shrub so they can bathe away sticky nectar residue while keeping pests at bay. With just one misting oasis in place, you may be treated to more of these buzzing beauties elegantly enjoying their dip daydreams.

Keep ants and bees at bay

Hummingbirds may be the only animals that enjoy a sweet sugar water treat, but ants and bees are quick to follow. To ensure uninvited guests don’t raid your feeders, consider protecting them with clever strategies. Hang your hummer’s haven from a sturdy fishing line to disrupt ant trails, or add an ant moat above each feeder. Fill it up with some water for a pest-proof nectar delight just for your feathered friends.

Clean feeders regularly

Keeping your hummingbird feeders clean is key to keeping our feathered friends healthy. Give them at least one thorough scrubbing every week, but more often when the weather gets hot. Look for dishwasher-safe models and pop those in. Otherwise, disassemble your feeder and soak it in soapy water before using a bottlebrush to remove mold or grunge from its body. Regularly tending to this chore ensures that all nectar sipped from now on will be safe and healthy for happy hummers everywhere.

Refresh hummingbird food frequently

For a healthy and happy hummingbird population, it’s essential to provide fresh food regularly. Swap out the nectar twice per week at a minimum during cooler weather. Aim to replace their meal every other day for hotter temperatures of 80 degrees or higher. To preserve the quality of your hummers’ meals further still, consider placing feeders in dappled shade away from direct sunlight. This will keep them well-nourished while ensuring they’re easy to spot.


If you want your backyard to become a hummingbird haven, follow these simple tips. Make sure that their nutritional needs are addressed by choosing healthy food sources. The little avian visitors will fly back to your home in no time.

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