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Choosing the Right Training Pads for Your Furry Friend

Training pads are a valuable tool for housebreaking puppies and assisting senior dogs. They provide a designated potty spot indoors, promoting learning and minimizing accidents. But with so many options available, choosing the right pad can be overwhelming. To help you navigate the selection, let’s explore key factors and popular choices:

Top 10 Best Selling List for Training with Dog Pad

  1. COCOYO Best Value 22″x22″ Dog Training Pads 50 Count | Dog Pee Pads | Super Absorbent Puppy Pads,White
  2. Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Training Pads for Dogs, 23″ x 23″ – Super Absorbent & Odor Neutralizing Dog Potty Pads, Leak-Resistant Puppy Pee Pads, Pheromone Attractant for Easy Training, Pack of 100
  3. Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches, Pack of 100, Blue & White
  4. OUT! Heavy Duty XXL Dog Pads – Absorbent Pet Training and Puppy Pads – 26 x 30 in – 30 Count,White
  5. YUNIQUE 22″ x 22″ Disposable Puppy Dog Training Pads,Super Absorbent Dog Pee Pad for Indoor Dogs,100-Counts,Blue
  6. BV Puppy Pads Leak-Proof 100 Count 22″x 22″ | Pee Pads for Dogs Quick Absorb 6-Layer- Dog Pee Pads- Dog Pads 100 Pack- Potty Pads for Dogs- Puppy Pee Pads, Pee Pad Training Pads for Dogs, Pet Pee Pads
  7. Ultra Absorbent Odor Control Training Pads For Dogs Leak-proof Quick Dry Gel – Extra Large 30 x 28 Pee Pads – Fresh Scented – 50 Count, Pack of 1
  8. Ruffin’ It Lil’ Squirts Puppy Training Pads 100 Pk.
  9. HONEY CARE All-Absorb Puppy Training Pads | Doggie Potty Pads Absorb Eliminating Urine Odor, Ultra Charcoal Dog Pee Pad (Carbon, L 22×23 inch, 100ct)
  10. Super Absorbent Waterproof Dog and Puppy Pet Training Pad, Housebreaking Pet Pad, 50-Count Small-Size, 17.1’’X23.6’’, Blue

Understanding Your Needs

Dog size and breed: Consider your dog’s size and breed when choosing pad size. Smaller pads might not suffice for larger breeds, while extra-large pads offer ample space for bigger dogs.

Absorbency: Puppies and senior dogs may need pads with higher absorbency to handle their needs. Leak-proof features can prevent accidents and messes.

Odor control: Charcoal-lined pads or those with added scents help neutralize unpleasant odors, especially beneficial for indoor use.

Convenience and budget: Disposable pads offer ease of use, while washable pads are eco-friendly but require more cleaning. Consider your budget and preference.

Popular Training Pad Options:

1. Standard Pads: These offer basic absorbency and are suitable for smaller puppies or occasional use. Examples: Amazon Basics, Ruffin’ It Lil’ Squirts

2. Heavy-Duty Pads: Designed for larger breeds or heavy-wetting dogs, these pads feature enhanced absorbency and leak-proof construction. Examples: OUT! Heavy Duty XXL, Ultra Absorbent Odor Control

3. Odor-Control Pads: Charcoal lining or scented options help manage unpleasant odors, ideal for indoor training or senior dogs. Examples: Glad for Pets Black Charcoal, HONEY CARE All-Absorb

4. Disposable vs. Washable: Disposable pads offer convenience but generate waste. Washable pads are eco-friendly but require cleaning and drying. Choose based on your preference and lifestyle.

5. Size Options: Standard size (22″x22″) is common, but extra-large pads (30″x28″) cater to bigger dogs, while smaller sizes (17″x23″) suit toy breeds.


  • Training consistency: Regardless of the pad, consistent training is crucial for successful housebreaking.
  • Gradual transition: When transitioning to outdoor elimination, gradually move the pad closer to the door before phasing it out completely.
  • Consult your veterinarian: If you have concerns or questions about your dog’s potty habits, consult your veterinarian for guidance.

By understanding your needs and exploring various options, you can choose the best training pads to support your furry companion’s potty training journey and create a harmonious home environment for everyone.

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