What Can I Use a Bird Food?

bird food

All birds do not eat the same food, so that you can try different foods. Different species attract different types of food. But there are some common foods that you can feed to any bird. We will provide you with some best bird food ideas; read the below to know about bird food.

1.     Sun Flower seeds

Sunflower seeds are popular bird food, and North American people serve their birds with sunflower seeds. It contains high energy and has thin shells that are easy to remove and can feed to many breeds of birds. It also provides enough essential nutrients to the birds; sunflower seeds are favorites for cardinals, sparrows, finches, chickadees, and many others.

2.     Wheat seeds

Wheat seeds are also one of the famous bird foods and serve as a food in many parts of the world. In all regions, especially in Asian countries, birds are feed with wheat seeds. They equip enough nutrition such as carbs, fibers that are best for birds.

3.     Apples

Apples are one of the popular fruit and are available everywhere. Most birds love to eat the apples, such as north flicker, eastern bluebird, cedar waxwing, woodpecker, American robin, and many other birds.

But before serving your bird with apples, slice the apples and remove their seeds; you can also chop the apples before serving them to birds. You can also dip them in sugar water to make them birds’ favorite.

4.     Banana

Banana is a rich nutrients food and is also a favorite food because it is soft, and when birds eat, it becomes smooth. Birds love to eat bananas, and many birds such as gray catbirds, scarlet tanager, cardinal, and many other birds eat apples.

5.     Bread and cereals

You can also feed your birds with feed and cereals that are a good source of nutrients and can use a healthy bird food option. Many birds like to eat plane cereals along with cheerios, corn flakes, toasted oats, nuts, and fruits. You can crush the grains to make them fine and can mix them with little water.

6.     Nuts

Nuts are rich sources of proteins, and you can feed them as bird food. You can serve nuts such as peanuts with other nuts such as walnuts, pecans, almonds for helping them as bird food. But before serving nuts to your bird’s crush, they well because whole nuts are tricky, especially for bird kids to swallow.

If you are serving with nuts, remove the nut covers or coatings; otherwise, the bird may not eat nuts well. If you want to serve your birds with roasted nuts, then never add salts or other seasonings.

7.     Commercial bird feeds

If you are confused about the choice of bird food, then you can also take commercial bird food for your bird. But make sure you have chosen the right bird food according to your bird-specific needs.


There are many seeds, fruits, and cereals for birds to serve as food. But always make sure you have chosen the right food for your bird. But if you feel confused, then commercial foods are better to choose than trying yourself.