7 Reasons Fall Is The Best Time to Adopt a Dog

Thinking about getting a dog? As autumn quickly approaches, as the leaves begin to turn and fall, it’s the right time to adopt. But why, exactly?

For one, it’s no surprise that the ASPCA has made October it’s official “Adopt a Shelter Dog” month. Since 1991, the society has celebrated the adoption of dogs during this fall month, especially in the lead-up to winter hitting the United States. But why fall?

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There’s many more reasons to adopt a dog this fall than trying to get rescue dogs into homes before the winter hits, especially among northern states. Here are several reasons to adopt a dog this fall:

  1. Cooler weather prevails

First off, one of the best things about adopting a dog in the fall is that you’ve got cooler weather coming. The summer months can be brutal, with incessant heat and humidity making everyone and everything uncomfortable. While you may feel compelled to adopt a rescue dog in the summer, you may soon be cursing yourself, especially if you’ve got a dog who isn’t leash trained. Suddenly, every walk becomes a tugging event where you’re playing catch-up and sweating uncontrollably. That lunch-break walk now became a workout!

Rather, the fall makes for cooler weather, which will be ideal for long walks as the two of you continue getting to know one another. Furthermore, the two of you can enjoy a cozy night on the couch — you with popcorn and them with healthy dog chews. That’s a far better experience than sweating uncomfortably together inside your home.

  1. Help a dog find a comfortable home

Winter is coming — sorry if we reminded you about Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Our bad.

But on a serious note, this is potentially dangerous information for the millions of unhoused dogs out there. Estimates state that nearly 200 million dogs are unhoused around the globe; moreover, approximately 3.1 million dogs enter into shelters each year. While dogs can be taken care of in shelters, particularly better than if they were unhoused, many shelters are also at their limits. What can you do?

The best thing you can do is to adopt a rescue dog prior to the winter season. By giving them a comfortable, loving home, you’re providing them with a reliable place where they can escape the cold and snow, able to live out an ideal life.

  1. Enjoy the changes of nature

Now, what’s not to love about the fall, especially if you live in a northern state — New England most of all. Changing leaves, crisp weather, firm trails, and weather that everyone welcomes with open arms. Imagine how your dog will feel about it! Then, imagine how much they’ll love it, sitting in a field with you, gnawing on bully sticks for dogs while you take in the nature around you.

Adopt them and give them a fall they’ll never forget: one in which they were brought into their forever home and given the most comfortable life imaginable.

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  1. Less people out and about

Let’s get real: the summer months can be a real bummer with a new dog. Why? Your dog may feel nervous around people and new things. They might also be aggressive towards other dogs and people, born out of a wild life or out of past abuse. Whatever their behavior, the fact that more people and their pets will be outside can be overwhelming, especially for a new dog trying to get their bearings.

The fall is great as less people and their pets are going to be out and about. This might sound antithetical, especially if the weather is more ideal, but some people only like the summer! They get out to soak up the sun, and once the first frost hits, they’re back inside — like Punxsutawney Phil after seeing his shadow.

  1. Free from (most) bugs

Another benefit of autumnal months? Less bugs! A frustration to the summer months is that there are more bugs out and about. Why is that? Certain bugs enjoy the warm weather, as it allows them to more comfortably be outside throughout the entire year. Similarly, certain bugs are really attracted to warmth and humidity, which you get a lot of in certain states around the U.S. Those damp conditions suddenly lead to bugs appearing everywhere — in your home, outside of the home, and everywhere in-between. Take away those annoying flies, mosquitos, and gnats and you’ve got two comfortable, bug-free seasons ahead.

  1. Take them pumpkin and apple picking

Depending on where you live in America, there’s nothing that says fall quite like getting out to an orchard to go pumpkin and apple picking. If you can take your dog along, it’s all that much better.

Talk about time for an adoption photoshoot, too! You and your dog can get outside, enjoy the changing leaves, and bask in the sprawling orchards of apples and pumpkin patches. Take some home and keep that fall atmosphere going and going through the whole season.

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  1. Get out on a hike

Lastly, you and your dog should get out for a great fall hike. A downside to hiking in the summer is that more people have time off. Add in the clearer, warmer weather and you’ve suddenly got packed trails. That’s well and good, but it can be overwhelming for a new dog who doesn’t quite know you yet. Rather, if the two of you can get out in the fall, you can enjoy clearer trails, allowing you to take down a mountain without worrying about too many distractions.

Make the most of this autumn. Adopt a dog and start providing an ideal life right away. They’re going to love the fall explorations and experiences, especially for the fact that they get to be by your side throughout it.