What to Know When You Buy a Top-Rated Dog Leash For Your Puppy

If you own a dog, then, you should own a dog leash. While every dog owner is aware of the fact that they need to own a dog leash, not many people are sure of the best leash for their dog.

When looking to buy a dog leash, there is a lot you should know. Some of these things include the various styles of leashes, as well as how they function. In addition to this, you should be aware of the different types of dog leashes.

That being said, below are various types of dog leashes. A knowledge of this will help you make the right choice when shopping for a dog leash.

Eco-Friendly Chic Leash

This dog leash features a bottle opener, is antimicrobial, and makes it easy to move around with your dog’s poop bags without feeling like you are moving around with too much. It is made from recycled bicycle tire tubes which are coated with a material with great reflective ability.

Hands-Free Leash

This dog leash is one that is guaranteed to give you and your dog the level of mobility you seek. If you own a trained dog that you hike and run with, you will need to keep your hands free as this will help you concentrate while running or hiking. One way to ensure that your hands stay free even when you are with a dog is to make use of the hands-free leash. In addition to being perfect for people that have to run with their dogs, you can also make use of this dog leash if you have to carry groceries while walking your dog.

While this type of dog leash gives you a lot of flexibility. It can make it difficult for you to properly direct your dog.

This dog leash has a tape that glows in the dark. It is, therefore, one that is perfect for walking your dog at night.

Old School Leather Leash

Just as its name states, this dog leash has been in existence for a long time. It is made of leather and is “military-grade”. Old school leather leash is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and utility and gives your dog the freedom to move about for up to six feet.

This dog leash can be used for both puppies and grown dogs. When it is used for puppies, there is always a temptation for puppies to chew it. Due to this, when they are not in leash, this leash should be kept far from the reach of puppies.

If you need this leash to train your dog, you might not want to make use of one that is up to six feet long.

Retractable Leash

A retractable leash is one that you should consider purchasing if you want to offer your dog all the freedom in the world. When this leash is being used to hold dogs, it does not hold them so tightly. Due to this, they can always enjoy a level of freedom and roam about the environment while they are not absolutely free.

 In addition to giving your dog some freedom, the brake button that comes with this leash always feels nice in the hand.

A retractable leash is ideal for dogs that have good recall skills. It, however, should not be used for dogs that are strong pullers or will always yield to the temptation of chasing a squirrel. When used with dogs that pull very strongly, the retracting mechanism, as well as the lock might end up being broken.

LED Glow Leash

This is a perfect dog leash for people that always have to move around in the night. Its name is an explanation of what it is really about. It glows in the dark and makes it very easy for motorists to notice you even if they do not have their lights on.

This dog leash is a blend of reflective fabric and a rechargeable LED light that comes with 3 light settings.

Traffic Leash

This type of leash is one you should consider buying if you own a large dog. It is short and gives little room for dog movement.

Do you have to walk your big dog down the road and do not want it to cause any harm to people around? If yes, then the traffic leash is one you need to give a lot of consideration. It is under one foot and can help you stay in perfect control of your dog.

If you do not want to make use of this leash alone and want to get more freedom from its use, you can always get it attached to a regular dog leash that is up to 6 feet in length. This way, you can make use of it in training situations.

Drag Line

This dog leash is not like the average dog leash. It is a special dog leash for people taking their dogs through recall training exercises. Its length ranges from 25 to 60 feet. Due to its very long length, it is just apt for training dogs.

If you always take your dog through distance command training, there is a possibility of it getting missing in the process. So, to keep your dog from getting missing while taking it through distance command exercises, you can always rely on Drag Line. This way, your dog can practice different behaviors without you having to deal with the possibility of it getting missing.

Thunderleash No-Pull Dog Leash

This leash is quite like every other leash that you need to keep your dog in check. It, however, has a major feature that helps it to stand out. It comes with a special clip. This clip makes it possible to attach the leash to your dog’s torso. It is a leash that you should take advantage of if you own a big dog that might be a little difficult to keep in check.

Slip Leash

Does your dog need light corrections while you go for walks occasionally? If yes, then the slip leash is one you should consider purchasing. When used in walking your dog, you can easily keep your dog in check without it feeling too restricted.