Why does my puppy cat chew on everything?

If your cat has a habit of chewing or scratching some clothes or objects in your home, it may be for different reasons.

When you decide to adopt a kitten with a few weeks or months of life, you have to bear in mind that the moment of separation between the mother and the kittens will determine their behavior in the future. Therefore, one of the instincts that the kitten has, when he and his brothers are separated from the mother before they finish breastfeeding, is to instinctively look for elements to be able to feed. For this reason, in some cases it is common for him to bite household objects, since he seeks to replace the figure of his mother and that of his littermates with something else. Although it may also be for a genetic reason associated with certain feline species that lead to this behavior.

Among the objects that are in a home, they are normally curious about our shoes, but be careful, since if we come from the street we can bring in the soles some eggs of worms or fleas among other types of pathogens, with which our pet it can be contagious.

Why does my adult cat bite everything?

Sometimes, due to stress, the kitten may look in the garbage at home, or it may naturally chew on everything around it. You may even eat things other than food due to anxiety. That is why we recommend that as much as possible you play with your pet until it becomes tired, in order to stop these unhealthy practices.

Another possibility is that your teeth are growing or you have sore gums.

For all these reasons, it is necessary that you find out what is the reason why your furry friend bites everything he finds: first to give him the best possible care, but also to deprive him of ingesting possible parasites that would affect his health if he is not well protected against them.

Why does my cat scratch everything?

When your cat scratches everything in front of him, it can be due to many factors. On the one hand, there is their instinct to keep their nails sharp, which are used both for hunting and for defense. Therefore, he always seeks to have them in perfect condition for what may happen.

Again, stress can be another reason you scratch objects. Therefore, once we detected this reason, we recommend you play with your cat and get items that may scratch, such as a scraper, especially for cats and prevent it Shred other things in your home.

It is important that you keep in mind that scratching is also a way to mark their territory. Through the sweat glands on their pads, located on their paws, they leave a trace that they can perfectly smell and that helps them identify what they have marked. So, possibly, even if you motivate him to play and buy the scratcher, he can leave you one of his famous brands.

The cats, a biting and scratching there are expressed. But this, it is important that they are protected inside and out against the most common parasites, since especially when biting, they are exposed to parasites that can pass into their digestive system and cause serious diseases.