Why Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain Is Better Than Other Fountains?

Why Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain Is Better Than Other Fountains?

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Keeping your pet healthy requires that you stay keen on what he or she needs then go ahead to provide for those needs appropriately. Water is one of the essentials for your pet. 

You need to find a simple way to persuade your cat or dog to drink more of it, and the Petlibro automatic water fountain is just the perfect option for that. This is one of the most popular products of its kind, and it enjoys the privilege of the Petlibro brand. 

It will save your pet from dehydration while making the drinking process interesting and attractive. Here is why Petlibro automatic water fountain is better than other fountains.

  • Attracts Pet’s Attention

While you can use pet bowls, a cat water fountain works best to meet your pet’s hydration needs.

Some pets have a poor static vision and therefore rarely notice motionless objects. And for that, water in a bowl may go unnoticed by such pet. That explains why pets like cats drink water from running faucets more than they do from a bowl. 

The good news is that Petlibro automatic water fountain is innovatively designed to solve this problem. The flow of water in its fountain is designed to resemble a natural spring so that it attracts your pets’ attention. That way, this product entices them to drink more to stay hydrated and healthy. 

  • Adjustable Height 

Making it adjustable is one of the smartest things Petlibro did on this automatic water fountain. With the adjustable height of the fountain, you can customize it to suit various types of pets, breeds, and sizes. Isn’t that convenient? Even smaller pets get the chance to reach clean water whenever they develop the urge for it. 

Many animals or pets, to be specific, suffer from dehydration-related diseases and urinary tract infections. This is because they do not have access to clean water, adjustable height helps you pay more attention to the more detailed needs of your pet. 

  • Low-Noise Operation

You have to appreciate it for its quiet operation. Its patented conduit design enables an extremely low noise operation, making it excellent for the house environment. You can keep it in almost any room, including the bedroom. 

No matter where you put it, you will still get a serene environment that makes even a peaceful sleep possible. Regardless of the mode of choice, flowing stream or gentle bubble, a silicone conduit ensures a smooth and silent flow of water. This is one of the areas that innovation and technology are in a great play. 

  • Mode Options

As you have seen, the Petlibro automatic water fountain comes in mode options from which you can choose. This makes it possible to choose according to your preference or style. The two most common modes include the flowing stream fountain mode and the gentle bubbles. The main difference lies in how the water moves. The quality of and technology used to make each of these modes are superiors, which makes this water fountain better than other fountains. 

Besides, Petlibro uses materials that support water flow. So you can own fountains from both modes and enjoy the variety. 

  • 5-Layer Filtration System

Pets deserve pure water, which is exactly what Petlibro automatic water fountain provides. The fountain boasts a 5 layer filtration system that stops at nothing to provide the purest water for your pet. This feature was inspired by the need to keep pets hydrated and healthy as much as possible. 

With a full-coverage fine foam filter incorporated into the system, the fountain removes all debris, hair, heavy metals, and mold. Therefore, you will not have to worry about living in a dusty area or the fur that the pets shed of. Besides, the fountain has four replacement filters.

  • Safer For Your Pet
Safer For Your Pet

The Petlibro automatic water fountain is without a doubt safer and easier to clean than many other fountains. Every detail is meant to offer optimal safety to your pet. From the sleek round edges and corners to the rest of its mechanical structure, it is designed with your pet’s safety in mind. 

Whether the pet comes aggressively into contact with the structure or routinely comes to drink, it is exposed to no risk. The pet will not be bruised, neither will it be accidentally choked while drinking. 

  • Easy To Clean

If you know how much some products are difficult to clean, you will appreciate the Petlibro automatic water fountain for something as ‘little’ as easy to clean. The design helps you clean it easily, which makes it possible to prevent mold in the reservoir. 

Also, you can remove the water pump to replace it whenever is necessary to keep water in the fountain fresh at all times. If you love your pet, one way to protect and keep him healthy is by maintaining a high level of hygiene. The Petlibro automatic water fountain makes that possible and easy. 

  • Aesthetics

This is a very nice-looking water fountain. Since it will likely be placed in a visible part of your home, its good looks will add beauty to your home. In addition, it is an elegant piece of innovation that people will admire when they set their eyes on it. 

Unlike some models that often look off-putting, this model does not. Instead, it has the bonus of being cute. It comes in fun colors and therefore appears aesthetically pleasing. 

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are so many reasons why Petlibro automatic water fountain is better than other fountains. It may share certain features with some of its competitions, but it still outshines them by offering a better quality of such features. 

Another important strength of this water fountain is that it is easy to maintain. You can dismantle or put it back together without stress. All these qualities combine to give you a product that will improve your pet’s life and yours as a pet owner. 

There is no better way to show love to a pet than to take good care of him. This product will make that task possible and easier with just a little effort to apply daily.