10 Dog Life Hacks to Comfy Life of Dog Lovers

dog life hacks

To love with pets is a natural phenomenon, and thus you need some dog life hacks. But the people who are used to spending time with their puppies, need special caring tips and tricks. Do you also fond of having dogs. So, you will get here some astounding dog life hacks that seem comfy for all dog lovers. 

Let’s put a deep glance over them…

Make a DIY deodorizer to clean the surface and get off the odor

While cuddling the dogs, they cause a mess in your house in the form of bad odor and grim over the surface. Moreover, they pollute and befoul the whole place, where they live and play. So, you can make a DIY deodorizer even at your home. 

Mix a cup of 3% H2O2 and 2 tsp of liquid dishwashing soap. Pour it in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over the surface. You can use it to clean the dog’s urine too.  

Make a scratching post and use walnuts to smoothen the scratching surface

Dogs are considered pets for getting more attention and pampering. But while this, they move over your furniture too. Thus, it creates a mess in your house and scratches over the furniture. So, to wipe out the scratches over the furniture, you may use walnuts. It has essential oils that help smoothen the rough surface of any wooden furniture. Love this easy hack to get rid of all scratches. 

Additionally, you should make a scratching post and hang it in a specific corner of your house. And train your dogs to scratch at that place only, if required. Because not the whole house is open for abrasion.

Make a comfy bed for your puppy by sweatshirt as per your budget

Dogs also love to live in a comfort zone, like you. So, what are you thinking..? Would you like a comfortable bed for your dogs too? Why not! So, take a sweatshirt that you can easily afford, and make a comfy bed for your puppy. It is assumed as the most applauding dog life hack among others. Your dogs feel solace in their place and will make your life easy. 

Bring home an inflatable pool 

Do your dogs enjoy taking baths in warm seasons..? For this, you can bring home an inflatable pool. Fill it with cold water in the yard. Stock the pool with chew toys, balls, and rubber ducks. Thus, your dogs will enjoy bathing and have fun in the pool. Such practice will prove as one of the most admiring dog life hacks, especially in hot summers.  

Use parsley as a mouth freshener for your dogs

Do you annoy with the bad odor coming from your dog’s mouth? Definitely Yes! Hence, now your all concerns like that will be sorted out. Because “Parsley” is a secret of this. So, you can use parsley as a mouth freshener for your dogs. Usually, dogs have stinky breaths when they eat wet food or any food particles stuck in their teeth. To get rid of these issues, switch to dry food for your dogs. Mostly use parsley leaves to make the fresh breath for your dogs. 

Apply Vaseline will be the best option for your dog paws in winter

During winter, the dog’s skin may be dried enough to cause scratches. Moreover, if your dogs are not absurd with booties, then you can apply Vaseline over the paws of the dogs. It will protect the paws from freezing. But beware! Your dogs have to avoid licking the paws due to the layering off Vaseline. 

Learn about CPR for emergencies

The dogs can obdurate at any time. To cope with such situations, they need special care and attention. So, you have to already be prepared for CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). But it will only happen if you have learned about CPR to cater to such emergencies. For this, cover the mouth of the dog and allow to exhale until you see the pet’s chest rise. Then give a second rescue breath. Continue this process up to 30 cycles of CPR on average. 

Learn shampoo hacks for your dog

As you want silk hair by applying shampoo, your dogs are also fond of sleek and smooth fur. But you do have not to invest more in this regard. Just buy a shampoo of a good company for your dog, and make it dilute by adding some quantity of water to it. For this, take a plastic pitcher and add water to the shampoo with a 4 to 1 ratio. Thus, there will be no wastage of shampoo and less exposure to chemicals for your dog. Surely, this dog life hack assists you more to comfy your life.

Homemade pill pockets for obstinate dogs

If your dog shows any stubborn activity at any time, it will be problematic for you. This issue needs to fix at any cost. So, you can make pill pockets for your obstinate dogs even at your own home. Just follow the directions;

  • Mix the crunchy peanut butter (Xylitol-free) and flour in milk 
  • Once the whole ingredients mix well, make the small balls
  • Create small holes in them at one end by using a chopstick

Thus you can prepare various pill pockets depending on your mixture quantity. Moreover, you can freeze them to save for longer use. This will ensure your dog’s obstinate nature to get off. 

Use a squeegee to remove pet hair

Most dog lovers’ houses are brimful with dog hair, especially carpets. Do you have any concerns like that..? So, no more worry! You can use a squeegee to remove your pet hair from all surfaces and corners of your home. The blow of a squeegee acts like a vacuum pump. It will help you to get rid of any trash of dog’ fur or hair from your veneers.

Hopefully, you have gotten enough info about dog life hacks, being a dog lover. How to do your life will comfy with your favored pets at all..? Choose the most suitable hacks among them, that ensured your dog’s life would cozy along with you.