10 Keys to Photograph Your Pet

When you think you master the main photographic techniques, there comes a time when you discover that combining them quickly and with a good eye is not as simple as you thought. We are not talking about going as a reporter to areas of conflict or to capture the decisive goal in the final of a World Cup, we are talking about pet photography.

Pets, those small and endearing beings – usually hairy – that are as fun as they are complicated to photograph are the objective of this text. How to get good pictures of and with our pets?

To begin with, it must be made clear that photographing your pet can be very simple if it is obedient and is still at your command. But in general, this situation will occur a few times. The good news is that living with a pet provides countless situations in which it is not necessary to be posing. It is enough that we know how to be attentive. So, we will proceed with a series of tips that serve to succeed in almost all situations.

1. Camera always at hand
In a way, pets and babies share something in common: they are very cute in a few moments and change their position just as soon as the camera is in their hands. It is a universal law, so do not fight against it. It is better to adapt and have the camera at hand, as prepared as possible. Not stored in a closet.

2. Go ahead instantly
You must detect in advance the right situations for a good photo. The moments of the meal, the walk or the siesta are usually surrounded by potential situations. If on these occasions we play a bit with them and are receptive, it is very likely that we will capture some good picture. But beware; many scenes or expressions only last a few moments. Stay tuned and keep the camera on even if you are not framing it.

3. There is no second chance
Shoot as soon as you are focused – that is, ensure the first photo – do not wait half an hour for the expression to improve or do the grace, you may get bored and you may even get bored. The good thing is that at least you already have a good photo. Now you can wait for a better pose.

4. Speed in all the senses
Remember that, as it is most likely that it does not stop moving, it is convenient to use a fast exposure speed (from 1/125 up). With a fast exposure speed you will prevent blurry photos if you move. Activate the burst shooting mode – to ensure the decisive moment. Shoot several times – several from each position – while calling the animal.

5. Defocus the background
As in the portraits of people, the background bokeh can emphasize the expression and forms -with hair is much showier. If we can use an open diaphragm that enhances the background blur, then we will get a contest photo.

6. The environment
We have enough to control all the previous parameters as above to worry about the things that are around. But still you have to make a small effort. Just by moving half a meter to the right or to the left we can change the background of the image between a garbage can or a tree.

7. Nothing flash, please
Deactivate the flash, and the flash not only breaks the magic of the moment, it is also likely to scare or change the attitude of the animal. And that’s not to mention the very high probability that they will come out like dogs and cats possessed with blood-red eyes.

8. What objective?
With a good telephoto lens you can hunt your pet at a distance without realizing it, playing with other animals or even with someone in the family. They maintain a better proportion of the traits. If you prefer an angle, you can get more sympathetic perspectives, especially if the pet is close to optics and, of course, you can include a more vibrant environment with other characters.

9. Candies
As it is unlikely that the animal looks directly at the camera, you can always put some kind of “candy” attached to the camera to call the attention of the pet. Hopefully it can lead to your curiosity offering us nice images.

10. At your height
Once you have mastered the first points we go with the extra ball. Duck down to your height. It is not good for you to bend and keep the camera less inclined. It will continue to be a pitted perspective and you will lose much of the expressiveness, in addition to having a horrible framing. Drop to the ground if necessary (or use a camera with a folding screen) to put the objective at the same height as your eyes.

With all these tricks we will take a few perfect photos to make us a SmartDeco , a picture formed by a mosaic of photos, which we can define in number, size and format. So we can enjoy the funny poses of our pet without having to give a cookie before.

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