10 “Superfoods” That You Should Include in Your Diet

The superfoods are nutritious meals perfect for your dog to have an iron health . These meals are part of a diet full of vitamins that will help your dog in his day to day. Know what is the ideal regimen for your pet to enjoy the best nutritional conditions!

There are foods, according to several scientific researches, that are wonderful when it comes to improving the health of our dog due to the amount of properties -in the form of nutrients- that they contain. Therefore, they are called SUPERALIMENTS . This type of natural ingredients – according to the conversation that the veterinarian Juan Fernandez has had with Wamiz – benefits the functioning of the immune system of dogs (to the point of preventing canine cancer).

However before showing the Complete list of foods, it is necessary to highlight that none of them is miraculous. “Many people think that superfoods are magical and, that’s not the case. The key is to give our dogs a balanced diet that does not exclude their feed. The only thing that the owners should do is to include these ingredients little by little in their pet’s meals “Fernández says.


This food is very special since it is able to stimulate the cellular enzymes that protect the canine organism in the same way that eliminates the cancerous toxins and prevents the growth of tumors. “We should not be obsessed with the possibility that our dog suffers from cancer. As with people, these foods are a routine of prevention. If it has to be the case, it will be given “emphasizes the specialist.


Yes, we are recommending you a seed! The reason is none other than its natural amount of omega 3, calcium, potassium, magnesium or iron. Very important elements so that the bones of your dog grow healthy and strong at the same time that their muscles develop in the best of ways. “Normally the taste of chia is not pleasant for dogs. Therefore, we must camouflage them at some food price. For example, inside a piece of meat “, says the veterinarian.


This vegetable is full of carotenoids, which eliminate toxins and cleanse the body . Following the instructions of the veterinarian, this food should be taken after a culinary binge.


When you have to reward your dog for something he has done well, he bets to give him a handful of these seeds that will contribute to the well-being of his prostate . At first you probably reject them but you must insist because they are a source of minerals, fiber and vitamin K, E and B.


You heard correctly! “When we recommend this type of fish, the owners of the dogs look at us with a funny face. However, at the moment we explain that this fish is rich in omega 3 oils, beneficial for their hair, nails and organism, their gesture changes completely “affirms Fernández. To which he adds: “You must always bet on canned sardines and a can must last for two or three meals. Nor should we abuse “.


We continue with the fish. Specifically this is packed with minerals, proteins and omega 3 acids that will help lower cholesterol levels of your dog. Do not hesitate to give it cooked and mix it with your food. Put on your boots!


Following the advice of the Asturian veterinarian, your dog should eat apples (without seeds) from time to time. This fruit will help clean the teeth of your dog. “If your pet has tartar problems, include apples in their diet” says Fernández


If we had to choose a source of protein that would be the egg! In addition, this food is full of amino acids, nutrients and vitamins several ideals to improve the eyesight and take care of the heart of your pet. “In addition, eggs are perfect for combating stomach problems in dogs” says the veterinarian.


In the case of choosing an ideal fruit for dogs that exercise a lot, you have to choose bananas. During the conversation we have had with Fernandez, the doctor has pointed out that bananas are perfect for active pets since they have a large amount of sugar r that gives them energy instantaneously.


This tuber is rich in antioxidants . “Every time an older dog comes to visit us, we recommend to their owners that they include this tuber in their diet since it is the best antioxidant that exists” says Fernández.