World Animal Day, Dedicate it to Your Dog With These Ideas

Five ideal plans to celebrate World Animal Day with our dogs

 World Animal Day, dedicate it to your dog.

Go out to eat, a getaway or even a day worthy of a celebrity: get inspired with these ideas in the hands of Kiwoko

They are the most faithful friends, they make us happy in our saddest days and they are happy with us when we are happy, the love we feel for them is inexplicable and there are plenty of reasons for there to be a day to pay homage. In Kiwoko, the largest chain of animal stores in Spain and Portugal, they know that there are many animal lovers in this country and, for that reason, on the occasion of the World Animal Day that is celebrated on October 4, they have prepared a list with the most fun and original activities so that no one is left without celebrating.

Sportsmen, foodies or travel lovers, what's your plan ?:

A plan of 5 'feeders': ] When we want to go out and we do not know what to do, going to eat is the option that never fails. Bars, restaurants, cafes … the variety is very large and there are more and more establishments that we can go with our four-legged friends. On the terraces or in the interior of the premises, you can be quiet at our side and there are even restaurants that go a step further and prepare special menus tailored to the tastes of our pets. Bon appétit!

Sit or fit?: Are you one of those who bores you to stay at home? Do you prefer to go out to play sports when you have a free time? Did you know that there are many options to do it accompanied by your pet? Sport not only benefits us but also our animals, you just have to choose which one, say goodbye to laziness and get going:

Doga, which, as the name implies, consists in practicing yoga with dogs . His practice comes phenomenal to reduce the problems of stress, anxiety and hyperactivity.

Another relaxed way to move the body with your dog is the dog dancing that is, choreographing between 3 and 5 minutes in which your pet will learn skills and you will be his guide. You will enjoy and exercise to the rhythm of the music.

For those who dare to risk a little more, they will have agility their preferred option. This is a sport more and more frequent and suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It will help you maintain a good physical condition, in addition to developing the skill, discipline, concentration and level of obedience.

If you are a born sportsman, opt for the canicross a sport that consists of running over land or snow with racket and with our friend tied to the waist, so you both need to be in good physical shape. To develop this activity it is important to acquire a special harness to be able to practice this activity in the safest way for both of us.

We are going to end: if your thing is to relax on the weekend, then what better than a getaway, to celebrate and rest at the same time. A farmhouse in the mountains or a hotel can be two good options for this time of year, there are no excuses to leave them at home! Remember to notify when you make your reservation so they can prepare the right space for your pet and take the necessary precautions so that your friend does not suffer during the trip and make it comfortable and safe, either with blankets or transport if you go by car, boat , train or plane.

Celebrities for a day: if you follow the latest trends, do not stop buying your fashion magazine every month and renew your pet's wardrobe every season, this is the perfect plan for you . Put on your prettiest belt, your formal dress and go out together from stores, a reality now possible. After making your purchases, it will be your partner's turn and thanks to the increasing number of specialized stores for them, you will be able to update your "wardrobe". Also, to end the day as an authentic "celebrity", you can take your pet to one of the beauty salons Mimo, collaborating center of Kiwoko, to put it as handsome.

Get your best smile: All of us who share life with a pet have a thousand and one pictures of them, either to share them on our social networks or with our friends and family. But why not immortalize your friendship with a professional? Today there are photographers specialized in making photo sessions with pets. So, now you can start practicing your best smile.

Because they deserve it too, choose the plan that goes with you the most and go out to celebrate World Animal Day with your best friend, which always has plenty of reasons. [19659016] Other articles recommended by doogweb …