3 Original Toy Ideas to Make For Your Cat

Who said that cats need sophisticated toys that are full of pet stores? You can make your cat’s own toys yourself. For that, you can begin to please your cat with these three simple and quick to realize Cat Toy, which will save you from spending money unnecessarily!

1. The ice ball

The ice ball

What you need:

  • a balloon
  • a freezer
  • a dish


Fill a balloon with water, close it well and put it in the freezer for a whole day. When frozen, tear the ball off the ice ball so that the ice ball remains. Put it in a dish and put it at your cat’s disposal.

Very curious, the latter will not hesitate to play with her. This game is particularly recommended during periods of high temperatures. Indeed, it can help refresh your cat while having fun.

2. The croquettes puzzle

The croquettes puzzle

What you need:

  • a rectangular tissue box
  • empty toilet paper rolls
  • glue
  • croquettes


Cut out the upper part of the tissue box. In the box, stick a maximum of rolls of toilet paper in a vertical position. Once the glue is dry, put some kibble in some holes. Straighten the box on the side so that your cat can have fun looking for and catch the kibble with his little paws.

This game can keep your pet busy for a while. So do not hesitate to fill the box of croquettes at the time of your departure to work for example. Your cat will not see the time pass!

3. A cat cane

A cat cane

What you need:

  • a woolen thread
  • a thin branch (or a small plastic wand)


Tie a piece of wool to the branch; do not hesitate to make several knots. Then it’s very simple, you just need to stir the wool yarn in front of your cat with the stem so that he tries to catch it.

To make it even more fun for your cat, do not hesitate to add a little bell at the end of your yarn!