How to Choose Your German Shepherd Puppy

If you are considering acquiring a German Shepherd Puppies, this is the most delicate step. You will find yourself in front of a delicate problem to solve.

Indeed, once the choice of the breeder carried out, which puppy to choose in the range? Which of these little balls of hair, all more adorable than each other, will you keep?

Many factors come into play and we will try to give you some tips for maximum guarantees.

The choice of breeding is essential

First of all, check with the club to get selected addresses.

Most often, you will be directed to amateur farms that produce dogs for the sole purpose of improving the breed, and for their own pleasure.

In these cases, it is not a question of profitable business; many are barely recovering their expenses.

But they have the pleasure of producing “seed of champion”, from adults selected with rigor and already awarded.

Almost always, it is in these small farms that we meet the most beautiful subjects.

Do not rush and go see many people. The current must pass between you and the other party. You will be confident and he will be sure that his dog will find in you the ideal master.

Inspect all the photo books that will be presented to you, look at the awards, you will see the quality of breeding and the dominant trait of the animal you will acquire.

Some produce lighter subjects than others, or larger animals with greater aggression. Proportionality criteria may also come into play.

In an amateur breeding, you can be almost certain that the litters will not be pushed and that the breeder will be careful not to overload the mother by immediately eliminating the weakest puppies.

German Shepherd Puppy

The selection of the puppy

Do not expect to find an available staff on the spot (or you will only have what others did not want).

On the best farms, they are held several months in advance (this is already a guarantee of quality and seriousness). You will have to wait your turn.

At the time of birth of your litter, try to quickly see the puppies. It is still early to make a selection, but you can get an idea.

The most vigorous , lively, mischievous, and resourceful animal must be preferred . It is the guarantee of a healthy temperament and a great love of life. It is also a sign of good health.

If you can, bring a friend who knows the dogs well or a specialist that you can compensate. He may eventually discover a hidden defect or anomaly, although it is difficult.

It’s more than a question of flair.

If you want to make your German Shepherd a good guard dog, try a little experiment. As you approach the brood, strike sharply and loudly in your hands.

Choose preferably those who do not fear and instead show curiosity, trying to pitch ears.

Also check that the lugs have been removed at birth and that the tail does not move too much. It could mean a bad attachment.

The German shepherd does not complete his development until around 2 years old. It is therefore very difficult to choose, for sure, the best of the range.

But these different tips should allow you to avoid many setbacks.

The quarrels of sex

There is still an important point to define before the purchase. Are you going to buy a male or a female? There is not one sex better than another.

Just know that a female will need more attention. It will be necessary to watch it during the heat, to take care of the maternity, to feed the little ones, etc.

On the other hand, she is often more graceful, more affectionate and calm than the male, fighter, proud warrior and always ready to “run the girls”.

More asocial, the male is better able to be the only dog ​​in the house and to live in a quiet and withdrawn family.

As for physical qualities and guard instinct, there is no difference. The female compensates for her lower height with an iron will and extraordinary nerve impulse.

It is essentially a matter of taste and capacity. Indeed, does not turn into a breeder (even casual) who wants!

Baby care and education requires time, patience and skills that not everyone has.