4 Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

4 Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

New studies show up all the time showing the benefits of using cannabis. In fact, as more and more states legalize weed, it can seem like there’s no reason not to try it out.

But whether you’re already an avid cannabis user or you’re thinking about getting on the bandwagon, smoking weed isn’t attractive to everyone. If that’s what has been keeping you from taking advantage of marijuana, you’ll be glad to know there are other options.

Sure, smoking is the stereotypical method used by many cannabis consumers. It’s not the only way to consume your bud, and it’s definitely not the healthiest.

Since you’re burning the plant, you end up with the same type of carcinogens you’d inhale with a regular cigarette. It’s harmful to your health and to that of those around you.

However, a smoke-free alternative to cannabis consumption is possible! Check out these four ways to get your weed fix and the pros and cons of each.

1. Vaping

If you’re trying to cut your cigarette or weed smoking addiction, there are two major obstacles you need to overcome.

One is the reliance on tobacco that you’ve developed. This one is difficult, for sure, and you might need some strategies to get through the withdrawal.

The other hurdle is a little easier to overcome. Your body has a lot of muscle memory built up, and it wants something to put in your mouth and smoke. That’s when vaping is helpful.

Vapes have gotten a bad reputation since their introduction to the scene not too long ago. The problem is that the chemical concentrates used can be harmful to the lungs. In fact, many experts believe vaping concentrates is worse than smoking cigarettes.

However, vaping marijuana doesn’t have those chemicals. You’re inhaling the plant, and as long as it’s pure, it’s not as harmful to your respiratory system. Since it’s not burning, you don’t get the carcinogens, either.

What you do get are the benefits of CBD and THC and the satisfaction of using those smoking muscles.

2. Edibles

Consuming cannabis as an edible is quick, easy, and tasty! Best of all, it doesn’t hurt your lungs.

Cannabis recipes are everywhere. If you’re just getting started, you can buy your own pre-made edibles or learn how to do the basics.

Most recipes don’t require anything special other than cannabutter or cannabis-infused flours and oils. You can make a large batch of your canna-product, then use it in any meal you make when you want the benefits of CBD or THC.

Edibles can be tailored to your preferences, too. Make your recipe with cannabis that has THC in it, or go with the CBD-only kinds. How much you include is also your choice.

Keep in mind that you might not notice the results right away. The impact you get from ingesting edibles can take longer to feel.

Don’t eat more; wait until the effects kick in to decide if you can handle another bite. It’s easy to overload on cannabis edibles, especially if you’re enjoying them in a delicious treat, like gummies or brownies.

3. Sublinguals

Similar to edibles, sublinguals are ingested. The difference is that they’re not swallowed. You place your cannabis under the tongue and let it absorb into your bloodstream.

Because it’s being absorbed straight into the mucus membranes, you get to feel the effects almost immediately.

Sublinguals come in various options, such as tinctures, dissolvable tablets, and delicate films. Choose from the unflavored kinds, or pick from an assortment of flavors, depending on the brand.

4. Topicals

Is your weed-related goal therapeutic? If so, you’re one of the millions of people who could benefit from topical cannabis products.

The term “topical” is an umbrella word that includes everything from creams and salves to patches. The focus of the product is on relieving pain, not the mind-altering qualities.

Think of any of the typical over-the-counter pain-relieving creams. BenGay, Aspercreme, and Biofreeze are some of the most popular examples. Cannabis creams take a similar approach, but they add cannabinoids that target pain relief properties.

The ingredients absorb into the skin and interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body. You get fast pain relief without the worries that come with smoking weed or overeating your edibles.


Although blunts and joints are much healthier than tobacco smoking, they still have a lot of nasty side effects. The act of breathing in any kind of smoke, even from sitting around a fireplace, is harmful to your lungs.

Consuming your cannabis through smoking takes away many of the advantages you’d otherwise get.

Instead of loading up on carcinogens, try a smoke-free method of cannabis consumption. These four alternatives are still potent, so you’ll get all the benefits of CBD and THC without the deadly smoke.