5 Crystal Clear Signs The Depression Has Got The Better Of Your Dog

5 Crystal Clear Signs The Depression Has Got The Better Of Your Dog
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Just like humans have their problems and issues, the same goes for animals, especially dogs.

They can behave weirdly because of depression, and there are tons of reasons for a dog to be depressed. Maybe the owner isn’t giving enough time; perhaps there is a digestive disease, etc.

The worst thing is not to have a depressed dog; the worst will be if the owner doesn’t even know that man’s best friend is sad and upset.

Do you know about the signs that indicate the dog’s depression and frustration? No? hold your horses; we have got you covered here.

Listed below are the top 5 signs that let you know; the puppy is depressed. Let’s get off the ground: 

1.   Aggression

Being depressed doesn’t only mean that the dogs will start hiding or stop doing things they used to love; aggression may also get the better of them.

So, if your puppy has gone from a total softie to lunging almost all the time, you better take it to a vet to make sure the issue gets away sooner rather than later.

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However, depression and sadness are normally associated with dogs, so there’s nothing to worry about.

All you need to do is spend time with your pet, and Bob will be your uncle as far as dealing with sadness is concerned.

2.   Loss Of Appetite

Dogs that are stressed and sad may not eat or drink more often – that’s for sure.

It’s also possible that they start craving people’s food rather than eating dog foods, so keep an eye on their food habits and preferences all the time.

However, a slight change in eating pattern doesn’t necessarily mean that your puppy is depressed. It may be the result of something else.

We always recommend our readers take their dogs to walk more often than not to make sure they exercise appropriately.

When you take your depressed pet for a walk, always have a 2-in-1 dog collar and leash alongside to have full command over your puppy.

Loss Of Appetite

Taking your dog for a walk can help get rid of issues regarding the loss of appetite.

One more thing, dogs don’t like to stay inside for long, and if you aren’t taking them to a park, they’ll eventually start feeling sad and depressed.

3.   May Start Hiding

One of the many signs of depressed dogs is they start hiding more often than usual.

If you find your puppy sleeping underneath the bed or in a closet, it can be the result of sadness and depression.

May Start Hiding
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Other than that, if they try to disappear in an odd place in the home, it’s maybe because they aren’t feeling 100%.

As a dog owner, you need to spend time with your dog and provide all the attention in the world to make sure frustration and depression can be taken care of.

4.   Lack Of Interest

Do you have furry friends who used to play a lot and now treat the new toys like old ones? There’s a good enough possibility that the depression has got the better of them.

Obviously, there is no way you can force them for anything by any possible means; however, it will help them if you spend more time together.

Encourage them to go out for a walk because depressed dogs generally decrease their sense of excitement and happiness.  

Lack Of Interest
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First, it is your responsibility to provide things your puppy likes to play with, and if the problem persists, going to a pet is the obvious option.

Many people start avoiding their canines, and that’s the worst possible thing one can do to dogs who are already having troubles regarding sadness and depression.

5.   Sleeping More Than Usual

Every dog has a different sleep pattern, so there’s no one-size-fits-all whether a puppy is sleeping a lot because of depression or not.

However, make sure you pay attention if your doggies start sleeping more than they used to do.

Sleeping More Than Usual
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Let’s explain it with an example. If you have a furry friend who used to sleep 14 hours a day, and now, it has gone to 20 hours, that’s a clear indication that sadness is there.

One of the most ingenious ways of sorting such issues out somehow makes them play with you and the rest of the family members. That’s how they’ll have less time to sleep.

Final thoughts

Sadness, aggression, frustration, and depression are all associated with dogs for plenty of reasons. However, a pet owner can help a puppy significantly in all such situations by offering time and attention.  

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article, and it has helped you understand how to identify whether your doggy is depressed or not.