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6 Important Things to Remember While Training Your Cockapoo

Train your Cockapoo with confidence! Learn 6 crucial tips for successful dog training and enjoy a loving, obedient companion.

Teaching your dog is an important part of ownership. Once you purchased the puppy or a dog, it would be necessary to attend the training sessions. This will offer the puppy important skills of socialization while owners learn helpful training techniques.  Training sessions also provide an opportunity to share your problems with other puppy owners.

Training your Cockerpoo would be very interesting because of its special learning skills. However, experts recommend whistle training, clicker training and treatment for this purpose. It is recommended to check the recommendations given by Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). We are going to share some interesting training points and tips with the dog owners.

Major skills to be taught:

According to the dog experts, it is important to train the puppy from the day first. This helps him to get familiar with things early. Following are the things owners must teach to their puppies.

  • Introduce family members: This is important for a friendly environment. It is not necessary to introduce family members one by one or by standing in a line. Puppies generally have excellent ability to identify and remember their friends. Call the names of family members in front of puppy and he will freeze it.
  • Bite inhibition: Your dog will become a sign of danger if he starts to bark and bite. It is very important to give training about bite inhibition. Just start a game and let the puppy bite because they love to do it when playing. This is a normal behavior. However, you must whistle and stop the game whenever the puppy bites hard. This will teach him to avoid biting as it stops his favorite play.
  • Etiquettes at house: Remember, Cockapoo is always a keen searcher. They love to find things whenever alone. It would be better to tell them about good and bad activities. For example, chew toy learning and toilet training are some great things to do. Tell your puppy what to whenever he needs to poop.
  • Leaving at home alone: Dogs usually don’t like loneliness. They prefer to stay with family members all the time. However, it is not possible in most cases. This is why you should keep him alone in a room for a few minutes but don’t forget to call his name. You can also turn on TV or radio to make him feeling accompanied.
  • Dog to dog socialization: Most dog owners ignore dog to dog socialization. This is a terrible mistake. It is recommended to let the puppy play with other puppies whenever out of home. This will develop a sense of socialization.
  • Command recognition and follow up: Your puppy must learn about your orders and moods. Cockapoo has excellent ability to recognize the mood of his owner. Puppies can learn about sit & settle down training very quickly.

Training a Cockapoo dog sounds difficult but it is interesting and easy. Using expert’s suggestions can help the owners to make their dogs intelligent and brave in all aspects.

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