5 of the Friendliest Dog Breeds in the World
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5 of the Friendliest Dog Breeds in the World

In search of a friendly dog breed for your family? Explore our top 5 picks, known for their love, loyalty, and affectionate personalities!

Looking for your next member of the family? Have you been considering getting a dog for a while? It’s time to get serious about finding the friendliest dog breeds

With so many breeds out there, it’s difficult to decide which will make the best addition to your family. Here are 5 suggestions of dog breeds that would make that perfect pet. 

1. Labrador Retriever 

That dopy image of a retriever laying beside a child is often used. When portraying the family dog, a retriever is typically the first choice. This is because as far as family friendly dog breeds go, a Labrador retriever is right at the top.

This large breed is loyal to its family members. Their eagerness to please their owner makes them easy to train. Think of how many of their portraits will soon be lovingly displayed on your walls. 

A retriever is a lovable goofball of a breed. They will play for hours at a time and bring smiles to all willing partners in play. 

2. Beagle 

Beagles are typically one of the easiest breeds. As far as best family dog breeds, these pups are right there on top. 

They have very affectionate temperaments that leave them showing love to their owners. Yet, beagles are also fiercely independent. They enjoy their alone time as well. 

3. Havanese

Looking for a fun-loving family dog to capture the heart of your entire family? A Havanese may be a great choice for you. These dogs have a great history of being affectionate. 

These pups are on the small side. They also happen to energetic and warm with everyone. A Havanese is the type of dog that is kid-friendly and all-around good-natured.

4. Shih Tzu

Talk about a breed that has peaked in popularity! Shih Tzu dogs have a wonderful docile temperament. They are highly affectionate with their owners. 

This makes them a perfect choice for families and older individuals alike. This breed makes a lovely companion for all ages. 

They are also an allergy-friendly breed too! These dog breeds make a great companion even for those who suffer from the worst allergies. 

5. Bichon Frise

Playful and gentle are two of the best ways to describe a Bichon Frise. These long-haired pups make for the perfect play pals. Bichon Frise as a breed are known to be entertainers. 

These dogs love to have attention. They do a wonderful job when it comes to putting their energy on full display. If you’re looking for a small breed with high energy, this is the dog for your family. 

The Friendliest Dog Breeds Give You Many Options 

It all depends on what type of pup you’re looking to make your pet. From large breeds to small breeds, there are options for all families. That friendly dog is waiting to be added to your family. 

The friendliest dog breeds are the breeds that you bring home to love. The list goes far beyond just these 5. This is a small list of options to bring into your home.

Looking for more pet advice? We’ve got you covered. Our blog has plenty of reading material for all pet lovers. 

These Are 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds

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