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5 Reasons That Can Stress Your Dog

There are many situations, which we can perhaps take for granted or even non-existent, which can stress your dog. It is possible that your dog needs things that even you have not thought you should give him and that, therefore, you are not paying attention to them, and this can stress your dog.

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Stress in dogs

You may be wondering: But do dogs get stressed? Of course! Like humans, dogs have emotions and needs. When these are disturbed, it is easy for a dog to become stressed.

In fact, they show signs that can let us know if there is any situation that has come to stress them.

These signs can be licking your nose too fast and too many times, sniffing the whole house with excessive anxiety, not being in the mood for anything, and many more.

A veterinarian can guide you and help you if you see some of these signs, although, nevertheless, we are going to help you prevent your dog from becoming stressed.

Causes of stress

1. Lack of physical exercise

Lack of physical exercise

It is true that dogs need to go out and do their little things outside the home. But it is also true that we must carry them tied, so the animal cannot release the adrenaline contained by having been at home all day.

All dogs need to play, run and get tired, so it is not enough to go out tied up for a walk around the block three times a day.

What to do? If you live in a small apartment, it is unlikely that your dog will be able to do any type of exercise.

Thus, if you want to avoid one of the main causes that can stress your dog, you should find a park, the beach, a parking lot, a closed street without traffic, some place where you can release it safely and that the animal can run to its wide.

Sometimes there are places that are not dangerous for your dog or for you in the early morning.

2. Boredom

Does the routine bore you? Go for a walk in the same places, the way to work, see the same people…? Your dog too! Boredom can greatly stress you out.

He will get tired if your walks are always in the same place, at the same times, of the same duration, seeing the same dogs and the same people. Try to change the places and the duration of your walks.

3. Loneliness

It has been said that dogs have no notion of time and therefore do not care if you leave for eight hours or if you leave for five minutes. Well, none of that is proven, but what is proven is that loneliness can stress your dog and he may be aware of how much time he spends alone.

So that your dog doesn’t get stressed, try not to leave him alone for more than five or six hours a day.

You can take him to a kennel, perhaps with a family member, or at least try to spend as much time as you can with him in your spare time, such as weekends, perhaps taking him on a getaway.

4. Not being able to enter the house

Not being able to enter the house

We know that if you have a large terrace you will want to take advantage of it so that your dog can spend time there but, if you prohibit entry to the house, the animal will feel excluded and may become stressed.

Why do we say this? Very simple, the dog is created to live in a herd, it is a companion animal, which needs to love and feel loved. If you don’t feel like part of a pack, you can get stressed and even misbehave.

We are not telling you that he has to sleep in your bed, but perhaps you could set times when you could allow him to be inside the house and be clothed and part of a family.

5. Stress at home

If there are children in the house, they will probably want to be with the dog at all times. This can stress him out, so we advise you to teach children when and how they can be with the dog and what they can and cannot do with it.

There are many causes why a dog can get stressed, but if you are observant and willing to make small sacrifices for your animal, you will achieve a happy and stress-free dog.

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