Curiosities of The Turtles That You Did Not Know And That You Will Like

In today’s post you will know many curiosities of the turtles that you did not know. If you want to learn more about these beautiful animals, keep reading because we tell you some of the curiosities of turtles in general.

Curiosities of turtles in general

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Did you know…?

  • The turtles have lived on earth for more than 250 million years: actually compared to other animals, turtles have been on Earth for many more years than you could imagine.
  • They have no vocal cords: turtles do not have vocal cords. The best thing is that despite this, they can also produce some sounds. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Turtles are able to detect the farthest smell thanks to his throat.
  • It is a very long-lived animal: although this depends a lot on the species we are talking about. You should know that some of the species can live more than 100 years. In general, land turtles are longer-lived than sea turtles.
  • There are predatory turtles: specifically a species called alligator turtle that can grow up to 75 centimeters long and weigh 90 kg. It has claws and a strong jaw. The shape of its head is somewhat different from that of a common tortoise and its tongue ends in a sharp shape, simulating the body of a worm.
  • The turtles cry: Yes, turtles can draw tears from their eyes, but it is not really because they are sad, but because in this way sea turtles expel excess salt by drinking sea water.
  • Sea turtles can breathe on the surface: However, depending on the activity they are doing, they can endure long periods under water. For example, when they are sleeping they remain for 8 hours without breathing.

Curiosities of turtles about their shell

Curiosities of the turtles
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Did you know…?

  • Its shell is made to protect your spine and your body.
  • The body of turtles is very different from other animals. His shell somehow is fused with your spine, can not be separated.
  • Its shell determines its origin: if it is clearer, it means that it comes from a place with a warm climate. On the other hand, if the shell is darker, the turtle in question comes from a colder place.
  • Its shell is fragile: It may actually seem that it is a very strong part of the turtle, but it is actually fragile too, as it is like an external rib cage. If you do something to its shell, the turtle will be able to feel the pain.
  • Its shell has approximately 50 bones: as we said in the previous points, its shell protects all its organs from the outside. It is as if it were your rib cage but it is visible and external.

Curiosities of male and female turtles

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  • The sex of the turtle is determined by the temperature: in the case of sea turtles, their sex is determined by the temperature of the sand where their nest is. If the weather is warm, it will be female; if it is cold, it will be male.
  • They reach sexuality according to their size: Unlike other animals, turtles do not reach sexual maturity with age but with their size. Sea turtles take longer to reach this stage, in fact it can take up to 50 years.
  • Females use the same duct to reproduce and defecate: They have their sexual organs inside a part of their body called the cloaca, which happens to be the same cavity through which they expel feces.

Why have a turtle as a pet?

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The truth is that turtles They are very exotic creatures, they are also quite calm, they do not have fur (so they do not leave it on the floor, sofas or clothes) and they are attractive, which is why many people prefer them as a pet.

Another advantage that turtles have is that they are not expensive per se, so it is easy to acquire one or more of them. This animal also they do not require much care so they are perfect for those who do not have much free time.

A great virtue is that to get hold of her and accustom her to her new home, turtles have a very long life. Also, it is very difficult for them to get sick or to transfer disease to humans.


Precisely due to its impressive longevity, they will need an owner willing to take care of them practically for life. Turtles are truly fascinating animals but they are not the kind of animal that you can be handling or hugging all day.

Most of the turtles that can be purchased are small, while they are young. but this does not mean that during the following years of his life they do not end up being enormous.

Turtles may look healthy and clean, but can carry bacteria like Salmonella in their droppings. These bacteria can spread relatively easily to the body of turtles, as well as to tank water and their habitats.

They may not be the most suitable pets for young children who want to constantly handle them. Also, you should keep in mind that turtles, although they are not the fastest, need large spaces.

What are the most suitable species of turtle to keep as pets?

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Water or semi-aquatic turtle

Aquatic turtles are divided into freshwater turtles and sea or saltwater turtles. The truth is that water turtles are pretty calm creatures. They can be more active during the day, when they take the opportunity to feed and swim. And furthermore, they tend to be quite territorial.

On the other hand, freshwater or semi-aquatic turtles are very popular as pets. Although probably the species you have heard or seen the most is the red-eared turtle, this is not the only one. Some examples are: Reeves Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Caspian Turtle or Map Turtle, among others.

Land turtle

Terrestrial turtles are also very popular in the pet world. They are attractive, interesting, and very peaceful creatures. You must bear in mind that most of them can live more than 50 years, so we are talking about a pet for life.

most of tortoises are docile and also shy, with the exception of males that are kept locked in the same space. Some examples of land tortoises are: Red-footed tortoise, Russian, Greek or sulcata tortoise, among others

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