How to Properly Train Your Dog

How to properly train your dog – Mascotalia

Dogs are adorable, furry beings that we all want to have at home, but living with them can become hell if the necessary measures are not taken. A good measure in terms of education is to establish certain rules for our four-legged friend. Here are a few tips for you and your dog to get along like a charm. In addition, we attach an infographic that summarizes what was said extraordinarily well.

Why is it important to educate our dog?

  • You will correct their behavior.
  • You will improve the affective bond.
  • You will understand your pet better.
  • You will achieve a happy family life.

Teach him to obey when you call him

  • Get 1 or 2 meters away, call him by his name and say “come here”.
  • Use loving words when calling.
  • When he comes to you, offer him a treat, like a croquette.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.

Avoid excessive barking

  • Take him out for a daily walk to avoid stress on the dog.
  • Don’t scold him excessively and create a calm environment for him.
  • When he barks, reach out and pet him to calm him down.
  • Distract him with something he likes, such as a toy.

You should walk your dog for a minimum of 30 minutes a day

Teach him to go to the bathroom

  • Set daily walk times for their needs and stick to them.
  • If he does his business indoors, don’t scold him, just clean him up and ignore him.
  • If he makes them outside, reward him with a croquette. This way you will understand that it is better to do it outside the home.
  • If you want him to use a specific place in the house you can buy a training tray.

Dogs usually relieve themselves after 10 – 30 minutes of eating

Teach him to stay alone

  • Repeat the typical actions we do before leaving home, but without going out.
  • Leave the house, going through the door, but right back inside.
  • Leave it alone for a few minutes, after a walk or game, and repeat this routine.
  • As he stays calm, you can only increase the time little by little.

Teach him not to bite

  • Raise your voice a bit and say his name accompanied by a ‘No’ if you see him destroying something he shouldn’t.
  • If he still doesn’t release it, tap it with your fingers at his hips.
  • If he does let go, put his chew toy in his mouth and praise him for chewing on the toy.

If your pet does not bite while playing, but out of aggression, go to a trainer

Remember to be patient and loving with your dog and you will see that everything will work out. He is everyone’s darling!

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